It looks like the folks at have been attacking sexually-oriented blogs again. One blog, Denying Thumper has been around longer than us. Apparently, the folks at his hosting company ( suddenly decided his content is not suitable for them to carry. This is insane since his site is a well-respected male chastity blog with a long history of well-written posts. If you go to his URL (Link), you get a page from saying that the content was removed because it was unsuitable for their tender, right-wing minds.

Years ago, this blog was hosted by Automatic. I was threatened several times regarding our “adult” content. It cost us over $300 a year for their hosting services. I moved us to a less expensive and adult-friendly service provider. We moved again when the new provider got too expensive. We made another move for technical reasons. For the last couple of years, our blog lives in the cloud. It’s a bit more expensive, but then we’ve grown quite a bit. Most importantly, there aren’t any censors or technical limits.  I’m very happy with our hosting provider.

There are two big outfits that offer free hosting. Automatic ( is probably the largest. You can get a starter blog going for free. If you want any frills, expect to start paying. Blogger, a Google company, is the other main provider. A few years ago, Google decided to eliminate all adult blogs on its service. After a huge fuss by the online community, Google reversed itself and is happy to host adult content. Unlike, Google puts up an interstitial page with a warning in front of adult sites. I think that’s a fair way to do things. It’s possible to have an acceptable-if-basic blog for free on Blogger.

Of course, beggars can’t be choosers and there is very little selection when it comes to site design on the Google service. offers a lot more design flexibility. The tradeoff is that WordPress limits its free sites to very limited content and will start charging if too many people visit the sites. Blogger doesn’t do that.

Most hosting services censor their customers’ content. Sex-friendly hosting companies are rare. There are a few. One that I like is EasyWP, which is offered by Namecheap is one of the world’s largest domain name registrars. They are famous for their steadfast defense of their customer’s privacy. Other registrars like Godaddy have frequently caved to government pressure and revealed details about their customers. Anyway, Namecheap offers EasyWP which is an inexpensive, easy-to-use WordPress hosting service. We used it for a couple of years. We only left because they restricted the use of a plugin we like. It’s the one that shows links to the latest posts on blogs we follow.

Quite a few bloggers have no experience working with websites. There is a learning curve associated with starting any blog. Services like Blogger and make it a little easier. EasyWP is just as simple to use as It’s too bad that is so anti-sex. I hope that Thumper decides to move his site to a friendlier host.

We’ve been streaming “Restaurant Impossible,” a Food Network program that’s been on for over twenty seasons. In the show, a self-important, British self-styled celebrity chef visits bad restaurants and supposedly fixes them in just two days. Watching the show is like watching train wrecks. It’s obviously phony and according to the Food Network site, almost all of the restaurants fail shortly after the “chef” leaves.

We’re well past season ten. I’m amazed every time at how horrible the conditions are at these places. They are hemorrhaging money but still get people to eat there. It’s hard to believe that these places are allowed to remain open. Yuck! It makes me even less inclined to try new places to eat.

The reason I decided to bring this up is that much of the content I find on the Internet is like those bad restaurants. The content is horribly inaccurate, the writing is at a second-grade level, and the writers surprise me that they can work a keyboard at all. I won’t name names, but take a look at some other male chastity sites and forums. Yeesh! Maybe we need a new reality show, “Website Impossible.”

Each week a needy blogger would get two days of help with the design and content of their website. A self-styled blogging expert would expand his ego while pretending to help the hapless blogger. No, I’m not thinking of myself as either the host or a hapless blogger. I might qualify as the latter, but no thanks.

When Mozilla released the first web browser, critics were excited at the possibilities of this new medium. They claimed that the only problem with the concept of the web was the lack of content. Boy, were they wrong! There are over a billion websites available to misinform and bore the public. Blogs are free and easy to publish. Anyone with access to a computer (or phone) can become a journalist. Democracy at work!

The big question is, how many of these people have anything of value to say? The bigger question is, if they do have something important to say, how do they get an audience? Most non-commercial online bloggers never get more than a few readers. Bloggers so jealously guard their little fiefdoms that they won’t refer their handful of readers to other sites. It’s third grade all over again. Buried in the giant dung pile of the blogosphere are some wonderful gems; websites with verve, humor, and content of value. Finding them is the problem.

google is not your friend

Another sad fact is that Google is the primary way people find things to read on the Web. When it comes to blogs, Google is not your friend. Search results are manipulated by experts who are hired to get links high in Google searches for popular topics. Google searches almost always list places to buy things before sites with information. If you Google “Male Chastity,” you won’t find a single reference to this site. Odd, huh? We are in our tenth year with over 6,000 posts on the subject. Oh, wait! I don’t allow Google tracking links on our site. Could that be it? Maybe I’ll add one and see what happens.

I’m using us as an example. Google actually has thousands of links to us, just none on the main topic of our site. Yet, if you search “male domestic discipline,” we are in the top five listings. Obviously, we could profit from some expert help in search optimization. My point is that there are two mutually exclusive issues facing the Web. The first is content quality. We’ll never see that fixed. Anyone can have a website. Anyone, even Donald Trump. Hey, I have one.

The second problem is that while it’s easy to have your own website, it’s very difficult to get it discovered. I’ve heard that most blogs are only read by other bloggers. That’s fine with me. I love bloggers who share their lives with me. I lean a lot. I share links to other blogs that I find interesting and on topic. I love discovering new gems. They’re hard to find. If you run across one that you think might be fun to read, let me know.

My point is that it’s hard to be a successful blogger. It’s even harder to find good reads. They’re out there. I wish there was an easier way to find them.

Mrs. Lion has been trying to give me an orgasm for the last few days. I don’t know why I’m not cooperating. Friday was the eleventh day since my last ejaculation. When she unlocked me, I was hard without any help. I wanted to come. I couldn’t. She worked very hard, but I couldn’t get up the hill. I worry that I’m broken. She gives brilliant blow jobs. I’m lucky that she isn’t giving up.

Our blog mostly talks about two things: male chastity and domestic discipline. My posts tend to occur in small groups on one or the other topic. Lately, I’ve been writing about male chastity. Usually, there’s a jump in our readership when I do. This time it fell off a little. Could it be that our readers are more interested in spanking and domestic discipline?

I’m not sure. The way search engines list us is a big factor in how many people visit. Google changes its search algorithms a few times a year. Each time it does, our readership grows or shrinks a little. This is due to how their programs analyze our content and choose to list us. If, for example, we are in the top five results for a search for “male chastity,” a lot more people will end up here. If we are thirtieth, very few find us. Fortunately, many loyal people come here without the help of a search engine. It’s those readers whose interest varies depending on what we write about.

Mrs. Lion usually writes about current events here in the Lions’ den. She faithfully records every detail of our sex and disciplinary lives. Every single orgasm, spanking, and BDSM activity since February 2014 is documented here. My erotic life is fully exposed in our blog.

I’m not sure how much value that delivers to you and our other readers. For my part, I’ve grown used to sharing these most intimate details here. I’m not sure how I would feel if a real-life person connected the dots and struck up a conversation about what we write. The cloak of anonymity makes it possible to share.

Saturday morning I was greeted with an email from my cloud provider. It informed me that my instance (virtual computer) that hosts this blog was unstable. It might be unreachable, and my provider said that it would be maintained. OK, good. Why bother me? It said that the computer would not be running and I would have to start it. Oh shit. In other words, the blog would go down until I discovered it was gone. They didn’t suggest the absolutely simplest way to deal with the problem I made a backup of everything and started a new virtual computer and loaded the backup on to it. Problem solved. We are now on the new instance.

That took the better part of an hour to do and test. I then went to the virtual server that hosts our statistics program. It had a big banner across the top informing me that the version of the programming language it uses was no longer supported. I was advised to update to a new version and reload the program. That was not so easy. I had to create a new instance and install the program. That also included configuring the web server and adding the maintenance programs I use. I also had to export the data from the old instance an set up a database for the new one. That took me until 7:30 on Saturday night.

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me, and I was in no mood for sex. Today is Sunday, and the technical work is done. We have a couple chores to do. We have to change the water in our hydroponic tomato and strawberry farms, and Mrs. Lion plans to wax me. She didn’t mention spanking. While we were eating breakfast, she suggested that I watch an opera while the wax melts. That takes a couple of hours. She bought me a year’s subscription to the Metropolitan Opera streaming service as a Christmas present. I’m thinking of watching “The Marriage of Figaro” today.

Blogging isn’t a matter of writing posts. I suppose that if you use Blogger or, you don’t have too much technical stuff to do. You can still get into trouble even on those services. Collared Michael’s blog has been down for weeks. I sent him an email, but he hasn’t replied. I hope he is OK.

It’s nearly 1:30, and we haven’t started anything. I better get off my ass and mix plant food.