I may be heading for a spanking. We are coming on two weeks of good behavior. This puts my bottom into “just because” spanking territory. Once we go more than ten days, Mrs. Lion starts to lose her edge spotting behavioral issues. “Just because” spankings are as much for her as for me. Of course, I’m the one who will have trouble sitting for a day or two.

It’s probably no shock that I read other blogs about spanking and orgasm control. I’ve noticed that other bloggers I read are writing much less frequently. I’ve heard that some are getting less traffic than they have in the recent past. Our traffic is steady, but not growing. I would suggest that more frequent writing would help. I don’t think that male chastity and domestic discipline are particularly good TikToK or Instagram topics., but what do I know.

Let’s face it; one male rear end is pretty much the same as another when it is bent over for a spanking. All penises don’t look alike, but they aren’t so different that you could identify a guy by a picture of his cock. The same is true of female parts. Pictures of my butt or penis are only interesting because of what’s been done to them., not their inherent good looks.

A big issue for sex bloggers like us is that we evolve, and the subject matter we discuss changes subtly. For example, at the beginning (2014), I wrote a lot about male chastity devices. I had a lot to say about fitting and living in one. It was new to me. Over time, I grew used to wearing my male chastity device, and it became less interesting to write about. We both accepted male orgasm control as a fact of life. It wasn’t special for me to be horny and wishing to come. Edging was my most common sexual activity.

As a result, my writing moved away from chastity devices and into the more internal realization that the devices trained me not to masturbate. It wasn’t remarkable that I had to wait for a release. I’ve had to wait for the last nine years. It’s no big deal. That’s the problem. If you are new to male chastity and are going through the same things I did in 2014, reading my 2022 adventures isn’t very useful or interesting. The blog evolved away from its initial audience.

Our traffic stays high because we have static pages about the basics of male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline. Google points interested readers to those articles, or they discover them independently by looking at the menu. A small number of people do a blog search for topics of interest.

I think that one reason bloggers I follow are writing less often is that they feel that they have said all that needs to be said on the subjects of their blogs. Mrs. Lion and I sometimes feel that way too. We are approaching our 6,000th post. There isn’t much to say about our kinks that we haven’t covered. Our approach is to report our current state of affairs. This is probably not interesting to a beginner but may be helpful to people further along in these kinks.

We started writing about how we got into male chastity and spanking. Then, we wrote about integrating it into our lives and marriage. Now, we talk about how we keep our interests alive and refine our understanding. I could have gone in another direction. I could have written about my current fantasies, no matter how impractical to implement. I think that would be hot reading, but it feels wrong to write about it here. I restrict my fantasy reporting to activities within the realm of possibility. Mrs. Lion usually tries any I propose. When she tries them, we both report on how we are doing.

Our blog was always meant to be a sexual journal. It’s our story. We write it for each other as much as we write it for you. I realize that most of our readers don’t follow the blog. They seek specific information. That’s fine. Most of our regular blog readers found us after searching for something of interest. I’m happy you are reading what we write.

I started a survey on Twitter asking what sort of stuff our followers would like to read on the blog. So far (the survey has a couple of days to run), 72 percent want orgasm control and male chastity device posts. Only seven percent want to read about spanking, and 20 percent about domestic discipline. Since the survey is on Twitter, it may indicate what tweets people want to see. Some never discover the tweets announcing each post are linked to the blog.

Our site stats tell a different story. Bear in mind that a large percentage of our readers come from searches for specific topics. Nevertheless, it’s all we have. The largest number (since 2021) of readers go to our first page, which is the current post. Next is “How to cage your man,” a page about chastity devices and male chastity. The next most popular is “Disciplinary Wives HandbookChapter 2: How To Punish Your Husband.” This is a spanking page and was generally reached via searches. It was a close second to the male chastity page. The next page is “Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next.”

Based on our site stats, it looks like there is a slight bias toward male chastity pages. Our most popular titles are static pages that can be reached via the menu on the top of our web page and in the mobile menu. This makes sense since these pages have been around for a while. Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of page views for our blog posts, but none as popular as some of the static content. Far and away, our home page is the most popular.

Based on all this, I think our Twitter followers are biased toward male chastity. That’s not too surprising. All of the survey responses come via my personal followers. I didn’t retweet the poll on the site’s Twitter feed. We have another audience that I can’t track, our podcast. Our posts are provided as podcasts on most podcast providers. You can hear our posts if you have an Amazon Alexa by saying, “Alexa, play the Male Chastity Journal podcast.” Amazing, huh? We are also on Apple, Google, and lots of others. We use a computer voice for our posts. It isn’t that we need to hide as much as the time it would take to record each post.

We realize that orgasm control and male chastity are why we started the blog. It’s hard to write endless posts about frustrating me. Ho, hum, it’s been six days since my last orgasm. Nope, not exciting. That’s not to say that there isn’t more to write. There is. I plan to write about some of the long-term effects of being under orgasm control. I also want to write more about aging and all this stuff. Yes, we will also be writing about spanking and domestic discipline.

Our site combines a blog and informational pages about topics that interest us. The blog is about our sexual journey that began with me asking Mrs. Lion to lock my penis in a male chastity device. That was a pretty kinky request but not too odd for me. Since that was nine years ago, we obviously liked it. The problem is that we evolved, and the need for hardware disappeared as we grew.

When we started, I thought that my penis would be locked in a male chastity device permanently. Well, not exactly permanently; it would come out for teasing and the occasional orgasm. For about three years, that was exactly what happened. Then we took a break. It was forced by shoulder surgery. After I recovered, the cage went back on. This time it didn’t stay. Mrs. Lion seemed to lose her taste for locking and unlocking a male chastity device. I was “wild” much of the time.

Eventually, the male chastity device came off and stayed off. It wasn’t just that Mrs. Lion didn’t want to take the time to lock and unlock me. There was no reason to bother. Its original purpose was to assure that I wouldn’t cheat by jerking off. Mrs. Lion’s first rule was that I was not allowed to masturbate. She made that rule in December 2013 and enforced it with a male chastity device. By the time I needed shoulder surgery, I had lost interest in masturbating. It didn’t occur to me that I could do it.

I was trained not to jerk off. If you had asked me if that would result from wearing a male chastity device in 2013, I would have laughed. I knew that the cage would prevent me from getting myself off, but once I was unlocked, I was sure I could go back to jerking off. I was wrong. The only orgasms I’ve experienced since we started were produced by my lioness–almost always with her hand. I wasn’t trained away from hand-made orgasms, just the ones I could do myself. Here I am in 2022, blogging on Male Chastity Journal with a wild penis. I still can’t jerk off, and Mrs. Lion decides if and when I can orgasm. We don’t use hardware to enforce it. I’m pretty sure that I will never be allowed to decide when  I can come. Mrs. Lion is permanently in charge of that.

another big change in direction

It isn’t that we stopped doing kinky things. They’ve evolved. A few years ago, Mrs. Lion began punishing me if I broke the rules. So far, the punishment is spanking. She’s been evolving her ability to spank me until she’s reached the point that she blisters my bottom when I need punishment. It’s true domestic discipline. I almost never get away with breaking a rule. We’ve chronicled our disciplinary journey in our blog.

The name Male Chastity Journal doesn’t fit our spanking posts. They often outnumber our sexual writing. It makes no sense to change our name. Our brand is well established. We don’t need to go through years of building a new one. I suppose that if I had any idea that things would change so much, I would have tried to find a more generic blog name. I did update the current masthead. I’m not at all sure that it matters to anyone but me.

In a way, it’s a good thing we evolved. There’s nothing new in male chastity devices. I thought that 3D printing would open up new vistas in male chastity devices. It hasn’t so far. I’m not surprised. A male chastity device is pretty simple. Ideally, it’s a tamper-proof container for the flaccid penis that is comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. That’s it. Simple, right? Well, no. Our weenies are sensitive and easily injured. Any device that will be on it 24/7 has to fit perfectly. As far as I can see, nothing new has come along that is more comfortable.

Anyway, we aren’t writing much about male chastity nowadays. We write about male orgasm control and domestic discipline. We discuss what we’ve learned about effective adult spanking. As usual, you get both sides of the experience. Our name may be less accurate, but our kink is alive and well.

Visits to our blog nearly doubled in two days.

The past two days have been very odd for this blog. Our traffic climbed until it doubled our usual number of visitors on Friday. The stats our software predicts for Saturday (I’m writing the post-mid-day on Saturday) is a little lower than Friday. Usually, when there is a sudden increase in visits, we see that a search engine or another website refers the additional people. This time, almost all are “direct entries.” Those are visitors whose browsers don’t show that the people come from another site. It usually means that they type in our web address.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. There is nothing in our content that is very unusual. When I looked to see what the people first visited, the distribution of visits looked typical. A search engine may be removing the referring site name before sending people here. That would explain why there is no obvious bump in the stats. In the past, Google has experimented with tweaks to its search algorithm. When they did this, our traffic would suddenly go up or down. I suspect this is what happened now, along with wiping out the referring site field.

We aren’t complaining about the additional traffic. It’s nice to have new people find us. As far as I can tell, we can support a lot of visits without incurring additional costs from our cloud provider. We have no way to make money with our blog. It’s a pure expense to us, and we do it because we love sharing with you—enough blog stuff.

Oral sex is all that works for me right now.

It’s been nine days since my last orgasm. I’m horny. Mrs. Lion has been fondling my penis most nights lately with little result. I’m not trying to be difficult. I just can’t seem to respond to her hand under the covers. Her mouth is another story entirely. I’m not entirely sure why this is happening—well, not happening. It just is. I get the feeling that she believes that if I’m really interested, some under-the-covers fondling will get me hard. Maybe if she makes me wait long enough, I might.

My first sexual experience was an attempt to fuck when I was eighteen. The girl and I had no sexual experience. It was my first year in college, and my high school days (and nights) were spent at a boys’ boarding school. I never saw a naked woman before that day. I thought I penetrated her that first time. I had an orgasm, and so did she.

When we got together again a couple of weeks later, we were less rushed and more willing to explore together. I couldn’t get inside her. She had a very tough hyman. It didn’t occur to either of us to have her go to her gynecologist to get him to break it surgically. I probably could have gotten through, but it would have taken a lot of force and hurt her.

Anyway, we decided to look for a workaround. We bought a marriage manual (this was pre-Web days) and read it together. Oral sex looked like fun, so we tried it. It worked very well for both of us. I don’t remember how long we were together. It was months, at the least. We were very happy using our mouths each time we were together.

Maybe my earliest experience created my love of oral sex. It has always been my favorite. I wonder if that is partly to blame for my current need for oral attention. It’s also partly because for the last eight years or so, handjobs were my source of sex more than 99 percent of the time. I have no idea how I would do with vaginal sex. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want that. It’s been about five years since the last time we tried. For now, at least, it appears to be oral or nothing for me. It’s like I’m 18 again.