A recent post by Drew (Drew Duality) struck a chord with me. He wrote about a blogger who became a friend. There was just one problem: he only knew this man by his online name and contact information. Drew’s friend suddenly dropped off the Net. He didn’t respond to messages. Is he alive? Did he get hit by the coronavirus? There was no way to find out.

I have been thinking about this sort of thing for a while. What if something happens to Mrs. Lion and me? None of the people who know us here would have any way of discovering the issue. Did our Internet provider cut us off? Are we sick or worse? If I am the one struck down, will Mrs. Lion be able to manage the blog? I do all the technical stuff now. Will she even think about it? I suppose the same is true if something happened to her. I’m not sure I would be capable of letting you know.

it’s just the Internet

It’s too easy to simply decide that the Internet isn’t real and anybody who knows us there even considers us real people. To a large extent that’s probably true. Most of our readers don’t engage with us as people. We are a source of information and entertainment. If we go away, there are other blogs to read. Some of our readers have made us part of their lives. We love that. I think we owe them a way to know what happened if we suddenly disappear.

Mrs. Lion and I aren’t very social lions. She has some friends from work and prior jobs. I tend to lose contact with people. I was trying to come up with three references in case I find a new job. I’m having trouble doing it. That realization and Drew’s post is a wakeup call for me.

Drew’s solution is to provide social media contact information to people who know his real name and situation. That’s a great thought. My only social media outlet is Twitter (@TheCagedLion). I don’t trust Facebook. I don’t really communicate with folks on Twitter. I should. I have become way too isolated.

My original thought about letting people know if my world ends was to write a postdated post (future publication date). The idea being that I could keep changing the publication date. If anything happened to me/us, eventually the post would publish. It could give real names and other data so that people who cared would be able to figure out what happened to us.

I like Drew’s idea better. All I have to do is find a couple of bloggers who would be willing to become real-life friends. I hope I can do that. I also think I can keep the friendships alive and not withdraw into my comfortable isolation. I don’t think we are antisocial. We are both shy when it comes to people we don’t know well. It’s time that I get over this. I care about you. While our relationship may be one-way, it’s still real. I would like to think that you might want to know what happened if one dark night we are abducted by Republicans.

Since this is our 4000th post I guess I can do some reminiscing.  I never thought we’d still be at it this long. As I remember, I didn’t even know about the blog in the beginning. I think Lion got a comment that needed a woman’s touch so that’s when he invited me to post. 

[Lion — Actually, I started the blog with a female writer who turned out to be not what we needed. I asked Mrs. Lion if she would take over. I was very happy when she agreed. This would make our blog able to show both sides of our power exchange.]

As with most things, over the past few years, it’s become second nature to write a post. Sometimes I have nothing to say. I tend to do the play by play about our play. Lion did this. I did that. I should have done this. I forgot to do that. Sometimes my play by play is just venting about things that went wrong. It’s not always fair to Lion. When he writes something that he thinks might cast me in an unfavorable light he offers not to publish it. I always tell him if it’s how he feels, he should. Whether it makes me feel bad or not, it might help someone else dealing with a similar issue.

I wonder if our sex life has continued and developed the way it has because of the blog. Or, it’s possible the blog has continued because of the way our sex life has developed. In either case, they seem intertwined.

We have gone far beyond male chastity. Whether Lion is caged or not, we still practice enforced chastity. We’ve just branched out into other areas as well. If nothing else, it keeps our readers on their toes. Who knows what we’ll come up with next? That’s a question I ask myself too! What will Lion come up with next? He’s very fond of searching the web for new things.

Six years ago was the last time Lion jerked off. He isn’t allowed to ever do it again.

When Lion approached me with the idea of enforced male chastity, I really thought it was something that would last a week or two. Things we’ve tried in the past, and some even since then, tend to have short lifespans. Once I realized how neglected Lion felt, I knew we had to keep going. Even when I no longer cared about sex for myself, I still wanted to continue. Male chastity definitely brought us closer together.

If enforced male chastity doesn’t float your boat, it could be any type of play to jump-start your sex life. Lion could easily have started with rules and punishment. Anything that opens the lines of communication can work. However, I think it was the finality of locking the chastity device on him that did it for us. I would have (and do) forgotten to catch him breaking rules. If I did catch him, I would have (and do) forgotten to punish him. After a while, it would have fallen by the wayside.

Having something tangible locked on his cock meant that I had to do something. I needed to act. He was dependent on me to free him at least every other day. Of course, freeing him didn’t mean he’d get any relief. I might just tease him, slap the cage back on and go about my merry business. That’s all part of the game.

The blog has become a means of communication between Lion and me. Sometimes there are things that are just more easily written than said face to face. We are, by no means, the king and queen of communication. We have many, many misunderstandings. However, I really think we communicate better through our posts. Of course, the written word does not capture nuances. Some misunderstandings come from the inability to hear sarcasm or other tones. When that happens, we have our daily emails to help when we’re at work and, obviously, actually talking when we’re home.

In the beginning, I threw Lion a few curves. First, I asked him to masturbate for me. I wanted to see how he turned himself on. It was also sort of a good-bye for him. He’d no longer be able to make himself come. I was taking away his favorite toy. The second curve was when I gave him an orgasm every night for a while. Several years earlier, he got sex every night and every night ended in an orgasm, as it should have in the “normal” world. Was I making up for all those orgasms he’d missed while I ignored him? I prefer to think of it as following orders. Lion said I had the power to give him an orgasm any time I wanted. Well, I wanted to do it every night. Problem? Eventually, Lion had had too much of a good thing. He said he couldn’t go on any longer. It may have been the first time I told him to be careful what he wished for.

On the flip side, he once had a 28 day wait for an orgasm. Some chaste males see it as a badge of honor to be made to wait extremely long times between orgasms. Neither Lion nor I care too much about long waits. I don’t think I’ll ever make him wait that long again. At a certain point, he loses interest in sex. It becomes almost impossible to arouse him. The bigger problem (because I’m the boss, that’s why) is that I love making Lion come. Making him wait makes me wait. We can’t have that!

Now the longest I make him wait is about ten days. Right now I think he’s been waiting longer but that’s because I’ve been playing with him differently. [Lion — Today is the tenth day] I don’t make it my life’s work to get him to the edge. If he can get there before I get tired then he gets his orgasm. If not, we try again the next night or the one after that. I’m not sure how long I’ll do this. It may just depend on when I want to take an orgasm from him. If I want the cream filling then I’m going to get the cream filling. Dammit!

The one thing I’m sure about is that we’re happier since we started enforced male chastity and all the rest that’s followed. I hope the blog reveals that. We’ll continue sharing our weirdness as long as you’ll have us. Thank you for following our journey!

This weekend is busy and tiring for both of us. We have to pack for our move next week and we have to take care of business at the new house as well. Unfortunately, we can’t divide and conquer. I can’t drive at this point so we have to be in the same place at the same time. I’m confident we’ll get everything done, but it’s wearing us to a nub. Friday night was full of surprises. Despite the stress she is under, Mrs. Lion found time and energy to give me one of the most severe spankings to date. Worse, for me, I managed to get some broth on my shirt at dinner Friday night. Mrs. Lion added four more spankings to the three I had coming.

We also snuggled and Mrs. Lion gave me a hand job all the way to orgasm. What a surprise! It’s only been three days since the last one. I’m not complaining. It felt great. When we woke up on Saturday, I woke up at the ungodly hour of 4 AM and Mrs. Lion woke up a couple of hours later, I could still feel the effects of that spanking. Lioness 3.0 is definitely in residence.

Yesterday, we moved our camper from the old house to the new one. This wasn’t as simple as hitching up for a vacation. We had to pull up a power cord we use to keep our batteries charged as well as hitch with me less able to help. Mrs. Lion’s knees were aching by the time we got the camper on the road. When we got to the new house it was very difficult for her to back it into our narrow driveway. She persevered and with a lot of skill managed to put it exactly where we needed it.

We also did some important shopping and explored a little, local market that features fruit and vegetables from nearby farms. It was fun. Because of my recent medical issues, the lion’s share of the work is being done by her. It’s difficult for me to avoid falling over right now. I am walking more steadily but I’m nowhere near capable of doing much on my own. The doctors say I will continue to improve but no one assure how much of my original balance I’ll get back.

I got a comment to my post yesterday from an apparently-steady reader and critic named Wayne. He can put together reasonably good sentences, but clearly lacks even basic understanding of what it means to read a blog dedicated to a specific subject. Check this out:

“As usual, your content makes no sense at all. I am constantly amazed that the only thing that interests you and your wife is sex and writing about sex. Your blog takes a great deal of time and effort. You post constantly. Such a shallow life. You, constantly thinking and writing about your dick and your perversions. Her constantly thinking of how to hurt you.and telling the world how much she enjoys hurting you. Such a waste of the life given to you. Here’s an idea. Try doing something for your community instead of constantly thinking and doing only for yourself.”

I usually put stuff like this directly into the trash. I don’t waste your time wading through mindless vitriol. I decided it might be amusing for you to see the kind of wackos who take time trying to school Mrs. Lion and I on improved life skills. It blows my mind that even a simpleton like Wayne can’t figure out that I don’t think constantly about sex and other “perversions”. Just because each of us writes a post every day, doesn’t mean we have no time for anything else.

Wayne, sex blogs are dedicated to posts about sex. No one forces you to read them. Not only do we not demand that you enjoy the kind of things we do, we don’t give a crap whether you like it or not. We write about what we do. We also throw stuff in about the non-sexual parts of our lives. I’m sure a portion of our readership thinks we’re a little bit off. Others get good information and even do the same things we do. Heaven forbid!

Being a sex blogger does cloister me from the minimus spewing of insults and generally meaningless diatribes. I can edit anything you see. Most of our readers are sympathetic to our way of life, if you aren’t. But the bottom line is the Internet is a self-selecting medium. People find and read what they’re interested in. A small number seek out things that offend them and then try to convince the writers of the errors of their ways.

Fortunately, idiots like Wayne rarely find their way to our blog. Even more rarely, do they take the energy and time to let us know just how wrong we are. That brings me to the reason I’m taking up our time talking about him. No matter what you think of what Mrs. Lion and I do, you have to believe that we are completely devoted to one another. In many ways these are times that would challenge any marriage.

Mrs. Lion is being challenged by the physical stress and emotional concern my condition causes her. What isn’t stressed is our marriage. No matter what happens physically, we both believe the most important thing in our lives is our relationship with one another. We will do whatever it takes to get through together. I don’t think Mrs. Lion has ever even considered for one second her life without me. I can say without any doubt that I have never even imagined not being with her.

You see, Wayne, our sexual practices work for us. We don’t fight, we don’t cheat, we do everything we possibly can to make each other happy. When I came home from the hospital last spring I could do almost nothing for myself. I couldn’t even sit up in bed. Mrs. Lion took complete care of me. By all rights I should’ve been in a nursing home. I didn’t want that. I wanted to be with her. And, she wanted to be with me.

Yes, this is a sex blog. Yes, some of the things we do are pretty far from mainstream. But if we are nothing else, we are a really good example of a couple completely in love and devoted to each other. I think that comes through in our writing. I hope it’s one of the reasons you read us. Next post, back to our nasty, perverted sex!

Valentine’s Day featured our first lubed wank in a very long time. Mrs. Lion gave me a full orgasm. It wasn’t the best. It took a very long time and my sensations weren’t as intense as I had hoped. When we discussed it, Mrs. Lion said that she thought we needed to use more lube. She felt more resistance than she wanted.

From my perspective, I felt less sensation. I suspect that part of the issue may be the sort of motion she was using. Essentially, she masturbated me with the standard up-and-down grip she uses when jerking me off dry. I don’t know. Maybe there needs to be a change in technique. Or, perhaps we just do better without the lubrication. Mrs. Lion is prepared to continue experimenting.

Now for something completely different. I’ve noticed that new bloggers, particularly in the area of male chastity and femdom, like to pontificate on the right way to practice their arts. I suppose there’s a temptation to translate newfound excitement into preaching. Sadly, the information they give is frequently quite flawed.

You can always tell when someone is doing this. They generalize and use the word “should” a lot. Those of us who have been at it for many years are past the advice stage. I know that I like to teach and will offer information and suggestions. But I don’t expect that what works for Mrs. Lion and I will necessarily work for you. I wonder why people with little or no information want to write about things they don’t yet know.

Anyway, it bothers me when I read stuff that I know moves people in the wrong direction. It’s hard for me to just shrug and move on to the next blog. I don’t leave comments because disagreement on the Internet is always wildly exaggerated. There must be something about this medium that makes any contradictions instantly contentious.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are blogs I eagerly read every time something new is posted. One of my favorites is strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com. Julie is a married woman who writes about her adventures in spanking and domination. She has an absolute flare for turning on her readers. She shamelessly admits that she enhances the events she writes about to provide maximum sexual titillation. She assures us that the events themselves are accurately depicted. She just adds a little extra seasoning to make sure we are hard and hopefully, stroking. She has a vast following of male readers who write her emails and comment on her writing. I am absolutely a fan.

Another blog I enjoy comes from a guy named Drew (thedrewduality.com). He’s a gay man who is exploring both domination and submission. He’s a very entertaining writer and has truly interesting perspectives on his power exchange. His lifestyle is very different from ours and I enjoy seeing how all this plays out through his eyes.

I read a bunch of other blogs as well. It’s always fun to understand how other people do the things we do. Mrs. Lion and I are unique in one respect: We work hard to write posts every single day. It means that what you read are not necessarily exciting highlights. Instead, it’s the continuing drama of our sexual lives. This is a true Journal. Along the way we’ve made some online friends. I value their input and enjoy reading about their lives as well.

Please don’t feel slighted if I didn’t mention your blog. I’m not attempting to do an encyclopedic review of all of the material I enjoy. Anyway, the weekend is upon us. Today, Saturday, is punishment day. Due to the snow and the power failure we haven’t had any spanking activity in a while. I imagine Mrs. Lion will correct that shortly. Stay tuned.