Mrs. Lion wrote that Saturday night might be an opportunity for some lion fun. That might be nice. If her headache goes away over the weekend, maybe she will try the restraints that she bought [hint, hint].

I’ve been working on a new, less expensive site stat system. We use a service provided by the people who provide a free program to be installed on a server. Since we haven’t had a server, we subscribed to the service. Now that our pandemic unemployment has ended, we need to save money. The paid service costs $200/year. Our current subscription goes until June 2022. I set up a very small cloud server that will cost about $60/year. It took me most of today to get it going, but now we have the free version of the same program running. It seems to be working well. It pays to put in the effort to save 2/3 of the costs.

Speaking of getting things working, it bothers me that Mrs. Lion hasn’t had any solid success giving me a handjob. Sure, 99% of my sex life until last spring was indeed in her hand–literally. Since then, it’s been in her mouth, which I much prefer. Maybe it’s worth a little time and experimentation to see if she can get her manual mojo back. My penis hasn’t been one other place in 3 1/2 years, her vagina. I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself. Maybe for my birthday…?

A little while ago, I surveyed Twitter. I asked women to choose the part of a naked man’s body that they found sexiest. They had four choices: face, legs, cock, and ass. I figured most women would prefer a man’s face. Ha! Face and legs were tied at 10% each. Cock and ass were tied at 40% each! The sample came from female followers of my Twitter feed, so they may not be typical of all women. Still, that was a big surprise to me. Better get to manscaping, guys!

Saturday was shopping day. We got food, picked up our prescriptions, and bought a lot of puppy food. We were both tired when we got home. Mrs. Lion had turned on the wax pots but decided she wanted to put them off until today. Fine with me. Mrs. Lion commented in her post yesterday that I hadn’t given her a lion weather report. OK, here it is: The lion weather is hot and ready. The lioness forecast is no help for the poor lion.

I pulled a report for this site to see what pages are most popular. Our home page, which features the most recent posts, was the big winner, to my great surprise. It got almost four times the views as the next most popular, which was “How To Cage Your Man.” This page is directed at women who have been asked to lock their men in male chastity devices. It’s one of the first pages I wrote. Logically, the next most popular is ‘Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next.” This is the follow-up to the most popular page.

The tables turn completely with our third most popular: ” Disciplinary Wives HandbookChapter 3: Spanking Your Husband.” Next is “The Tyranny Of The Erection.” The first three are articles that appear on our top navigation. The Tyranny piece is a post. It’s a little surprising that it finds itself up on top with static pages. Next, we move back to pages with “Getting A Good Fit ” and “Female Led Relationship: A Woman’s Guide,” both pages, not posts. Our most popular writing seems to be how-tos. I suppose that makes sense. Search engines probably put this type of material ahead of other stuff.

These are our most popular pages. Click the image to view larger.

As Mrs. Lion has been writing, there has only been one try at arousing me over the last week. Yesterday was my seventh day. If you are interested in such things, my wait since my last orgasm and spanking are tracked on the right side of this page. I’m not obsessed by statistics, this post notwithstanding. Most people who own websites like to see which stuff people read. It helps guide future content choices. One statistic that pleases me is how people get here; it’s almost evenly divided into thirds between search engines, other websites, and direct entry. Direct entry is when people type in our address directly. I consider this very healthy.

Technology has always fascinated me. I’ve discovered some amazing tools that help me become a better writer. The newest version of Microsoft Outlook and Word has intelligent text prediction. It’s almost supernatural. For example, I wrote an email to my friend, Mike. I wrote the body of the message and then realized that I didn’t put in a salutation. I went to the top and started to type, “Hi Mike.” I got as far as the “H” in Hi. The text prediction filled in the rest. It analyzed the email I was replying to and figured out who I would be greeting. Holy shit!

It’s even spookier in Word. It tries to complete about 75% of my sentences. It’s right more than half the time. There’s AI that is learning how I write. Wow! I have another AI helper. I subscribe to Grammarly. This service provides copy editing and proofing for my writing. It works in real-time and is right a scary amount of the time. All of our posts are reviewed in Grammarly. It is a great helper. That service doesn’t run on our computers. We connect to the service, and their servers provide the horsepower.

The Microsoft features didn’t show up on my old computer. It was a six-year-old four-core PC. We replaced our computers last fall. My new one is an eight-core, 64GB ram. It easily supports all this cool stuff. Mrs. Lion’s computer is similar.

blue jam

We finished the blueberry jam. Yesterday morning we tried this new crop. It was wonderful. The technique has a very short cooking time that allows some whole berries to make it through the jam-making process. We use our circulating pump (sous vide) to create a 180° bath that pasteurizes the jam without overcooking. We now have enough for another year, and some left over we can use as gifts.

To the very edge

Mrs. Lion teased me on Monday night. Her oral ministrations quickly brought me to the very edge. I thought she was going to give me an orgasm. Nope, she didn’t. The session was very unusual. It’s been a very long time that she has been able to get me that close so quickly. I’m delighted. Well, last night, I was just frustrated. I’m hoping that I will continue to be that responsive. It’s fun for both of us when I am.

I’ve noticed that male chastity is so strongly integrated into our marriage that it doesn’t come up in conversation anymore. We both accept that my lioness decides when I get sexual fun. No matter how horny I am, I don’t expect relief. She decides. I am grateful. This particular power exchange is very positive for our marriage. One of the leading causes of marital conflict is sex. Because male chastity is a game I started, my frustration doesn’t make me angry or resentful. It’s an expected part of our play.

It seems that if we consciously agree on how sex works for us, there is no conflict. I may get grumpy. I can’t get too grumpy, or I won’t just be frustrated; I’ll also have a blistered bottom. We have a self-correcting system that works.

Between the jam-making and the puppy, Mrs. Lion hasn’t spanked me yet. I’m not complaining. I’m happy. However, she let me know that she hasn’t forgotten that she owes me one. I haven’t forgotten either. My bottom will be blistered soon.

I admit that before I started writing this blog, I never read other bloggers. The reason was that I didn’t understand what I was reading. The websites I usually read were about specific topics. Articles began and ended. If I wanted to learn about sous vide cooking, I found material that explained what I wanted to know. On the other hand, Blogs seemed to expect that I had been reading posts for a while. The writers seemed to have less direction.

My decision to write The Male Chastity Journal was to let me provide information (see top menu) and journal my sexual adventures. I figured the informational pages would attract readers. I had no idea whether or not people would read the blog posts. Now, in our ninth year, I know. People read both. I suspect that the people who read the articles are different from folks reading our posts. I find myself avidly reading blogs that appeal to me.

What I needed to know before I began blogging is that bloggers have endless reasons they take the time to post. Creating and maintaining a good blog requires a lot of work. It’s not just about creating an online diary. Web design and site maintenance are tasks a blogger faces. It’s true that there are ISPs who do most of that work, but a really good blog is very individual and requires technical ability to make it work.

One assumption I made when Mrs. Lion and I started was that we would go back to review our past. I thought the blog would be a useful reference for us. I was wrong. Neither of us reads earlier posts. We always read current posts, but we don’t go back in time. I thought the ability to see our progress would be very useful. It isn’t. I should have realized that we are recording our lives. Our memories provide all the rewinding we need.

I also assumed that our readers were looking for insights that would help them explore their own kinks. I went out of my way to try to provide instructions. It seems that was a useful choice. What surprises me is that our regular readers enjoy hearing about our day-to-day adventures, even if they are completely off-topic.

Go figure.

Whether or not Mrs. Lion and I read back, we have provided a record of our lives since January 2014. Every single orgasm either of us has experienced is documented. Life events, good and bad, are also in our posts. We’ve strayed wildly. I suppose we would have more readers if we stuck to male submission and orgasm control. We consistently practice both. However, those practices don’t consume us. They are part of our marriage.

Our kinks don’t consume us. We don’t spend our days and nights in heat. Yes, I get spanked. The paddles come out quite often. When they do, I suffer a ten or fifteen-minute spanking. Then it’s over. It’s the same with sex. Mrs. Lion may spend a half-hour edging me. She may shove things up my ass and do other BDSM things to me. When she is done, it leaves 23 1/2 hours to fill with other stuff.

We spend that time doing what vanilla people do. We work and play in non-sexual ways. Surprised? Of course not! Our posts tend to center on the kinky, sexy stuff. That’s our charter. I think that once in a while, we need to remind our readers that we aren’t all about sex and paddles. I’m trying to write a novel. Mrs. Lion goes to work every morning. We have a young puppy who draws blood a lot more often than Mrs. Lion. We laugh and snuggle. We watch TV. And we keep you in the loop. That’s what makes this a blog and not another kind of website.