Things are back to normal. Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Monday. I was still under the weather. I feel much better. We are both waiting for the other shoe to drop. I got sick again three days after my last bout. Will I get sick again on Thanksgiving? We are both worried. I’ve resumed penis pumping. It’s an odd experience. I can see my penis growing longer and harder inside the clear tube. It doesn’t feel like I have an erection. If I couldn’t see what was happening inside the tube, I would think that something was pulling on my flaccid penis. Pumping isn’t a sexual experience for me. Mrs. Lion reports that my last sexual session produced a very erect penis. That could be caused by an urgent need to ejaculate or because the penis pump is doing its job. I wasn’t all that horny when Mrs. Lion decided to jerk me off. I’m convinced that the pumping is working.

This is only the second time that sexual hardware kept its promise to me. I’ve tested sex toys for over twenty years. During that time, there has been very little innovation in the area of male masturbators. They fall into a few categories. Most try to use vibration to get a man off. Most of us can be brought to orgasm with a strong vibrator applied to the right part of the penis. The premiere vibrator is the Magic Wand. Mrs. Lion can get me off with it.

The only other technique is to simulate sexual motion that strokes the penis the same way intercourse or oral sex works. The earliest of these devices is the Venus 2000. It was the first sex simulator that I tried. It consisted of a large case containing a vacuum pump and various controls. It worked by placing a plastic tube containing a latex sheath over the penis. The device created a realistic motion. The tube moved up and down over the penis. It took me a lot of work to make it get me off. When it did, the feeling was spectacular. The problem was the amount of time and effort to get that sensation. It cost $900. The Venus is still available for about the same price. Newer motion devices like the AutoBlow are more compact but don’t work for me.

I tried early male chastity devices. They were uncomfortable and there wasn’t any clear idea of why a man should wear one. Most of the reports from guys into this kink were about locking themselves up and then trying to escape. It was a sort of puzzle fueled by the need to masturbate. That didn’t appeal to me. Over a decade later, I chanced across some male chastity device listings on Amazon. My curiosity was fueled, and since the advertised devices were inexpensive, I decided to check them out.

I admit it. The idea of wearing a chastity device turned me on. I had no idea why, but it did. So, I bought a couple of devices and tried them. They weren’t very comfortable, but they were fun to wear. At that time, our sex life wasn’t very good. Mrs. Lion wasn’t happy about initiating sex and I wasn’t able to do it. As a result, she only got me off about once a month. I jerked off two or three times a week.

One day, an idea struck me. I figured that if Mrs. Lion would agree to be my keyholder, we could take the initiation problem away. She would keep me locked full time. Every day or two, she would unlock me and tease me. When she wanted, she could get me off any way she desired. When I asked her to do this, she agreed. I also told her that I had been jerking off. I assumed she knew that I must have been doing it. She was surprised and unhappy when I told her.

Right then and there, without any discussion of a power exchange, Mrs. Lion told me that I wasn’t ever allowed to masturbate. At the time, I didn’t think I agreed to let her make rules like that, but I kept quiet. She then locked me in a male chastity device. At the time, I don’t think she considered the chastity device as a way to train me not to masturbate. I think she expected me to keep my hands off just because she told me.

After a while, she understood that my kinky desire to be locked in a male chastity device also helped me obey her rule. Male chastity turned out to have real value in our marriage. I think that I probably would have cheated and jerked off if I weren’t locked up. I didn’t have a chance to find out. I was in a chastity device for over three years. By the time I was allowed to run wild, I lost my interest in masturbating. I think that is an amazing sex device success story.

In retrospect, I’m not particularly happy that I’ve been trained not to masturbate. It was fun and relieved sexual stress. Now, I’m totally dependent on my lioness for relief. She believes that is the natural order of things. I don’t know about that but it is part of the secret sauce that makes our marriage so successful. She wants to be the sole source of my sexual pleasure. She is.

Synthetic erection produced by penis pump.

I am writing this post on Thursday afternoon. Today is punishment day which means my bottom will get some attention. It feels a little odd that being spanked is a regular, scheduled activity. I’m not complaining. It feels odd, that’s all. It’s been eleven days since my last orgasm. That isn’t exceptional as waits go. Actually, it’s close to my average wait. Between being sick and Mrs. Lion’s sore shoulder and general achiness, sex has been on the back burner. Truthfully, it’s slipped in priority.

It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. She wants me to be happy. Sex is a sort of chore for her. She says it isn’t, but I’m sure that she would rather do a lot of things instead of entertaining my penis. I want to reciprocate and deliver pleasure to her. I understand that she lost interest in sex, and that’s normal in many post-menopausal women. I’m very lucky that she still wants to give me pleasure. She likes my penis. She doesn’t like moving around that much. Our massage table has only been used three times.

Male chastity (cage-free for me right now) is so routine that it isn’t ever mentioned. I go on tracking days since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion makes me wait more out of routine than any conscious plan. I doubt she even thinks about how long I’m waiting. We both know that she decides when I get to come. Her decisions are made during times she stimulates my penis. It’s organic, I guess. Maybe that’s the desired end state for male chastity. If it is, I have to say that it’s a lot less fun than the journey getting here.

It seems that most men who have practiced male chastity for a few years no longer wear male chastity devices. For me, at least, there’s no advantage for Mrs. Lion. I haven’t masturbated since 2013, so there is no serious risk that I will start jerking off. Mrs. Lion is not fond of unlocking and locking my male chastity device. She says it’s extra trouble. There is an advantage to locking me up. The process of unlocking requires her to get up, get her key, and remove my male chastity device. She can’t just snuggle in bed and play with my penis.

She likes to do that even though I rarely get hard when she does. Her fondling doesn’t stimulate the way it does when she is sitting up. I can’t figure out why it makes a difference, but it does. Oral sex works even better. That requires a lot of moving. The male chastity device forced activity. I would much rather have the activity without the device. Wearing a male chastity device is inconvenient for me. Peeing is more difficult. I’ve learned to live with that. I’m not suggesting that I go into full-time lockup again. I’m not suggesting anything. I guess this is the ultimate “be-careful-what-you-wish-for situation. I wished, got my wish granted, and was locked up for years. Now that my wish was granted, we’re stuck.

Years ago, I got a fortune cookie that offered advice that changed my life. All it said was, “The secret of patience is finding something else to do in the meantime.” Believe it or not, that never occurred to me. I read it just as winter was starting. I hate cold weather. I impatiently waited for spring. I did some research and decided that since I couldn’t leave my cold climate, I would find a way to enjoy it. I took up skiing. To my surprise, it worked. I actually learned to like winter.

Male orgasm control is a classic opportunity to exercise patience. Like most guys, I get horny and want relief. Prior to male orgasm control, I could take care of the need myself the same day/night. Once Mrs. Lion forbade jerking off, my self-gratification was no longer available. She kept me in my male chastity device when she wasn’t offering sexual attention. I didn’t have to be obedient. I couldn’t get off with the device on my penis.

It turned out that wearing a male chastity device was the “something else” I did in the meantime. I enjoyed feeling my cock try to get hard in its cage. It was fun to reach down and touch it. I could think about what might happen after my lioness took it off for exercise. In other words, I could substitute enjoying my penis bondage for getting myself off. I have a theory about why this kind of forced abstinence works. Being locked into a male chastity device is a very intimate form of sexual attention. It’s an unmistakable connection with my keyholder. It doesn’t simply keep me from jerking off. It connects me in a 24/7, physical way with my lioness.

I think that almost every keyholder, and many men wearing chastity devices, miss this critical connection. It isn’t that locking my penis gives sexual control to my keyholder. Obviously, she has that. Much more important is the connection it forges between us. If she thinks about it, she will see that my male chastity device lets me feel her sexual interest in me as long as I have it on. Even though she may not think much about it, I believe she is always aware that she and she alone can give me sexual pleasure.

Many women don’t think much about our casual habit of masturbating when we feel the urge. If they do, they probably shrug it off as a “boys will be boys” sort of thing. I was surprised that Mrs. Lion didn’t know that I jerked off back in 2014 when she locked me in my firrst male chastity device. She was unpleasantly surprised when I told her that I jerked off a few times a week. The male chastity device ended my ability to do that. I don’t think that she realized what a big deal that was (and is).

In a very real way, a male chastity device is a sort of male sexual pacifier. It’s the “something else” to do in the meantime when sex isn’t available. I think that’s one reason we want to be locked up.

When Mrs. Lion kept me locked full-time in a male chastity device, on the rare occasions that she let me run around without wearing my chastity device, she referred to me as a wild lion. For some time now, I’ve been cage-free. I think that is a better adjective than wild. My penis may be accessible to me, but it isn’t free to do what it wants. While I can get hard anytime I want, I can’t get off. I look wild, but I’m not.

This occurred to me while we were out running errands. I suppose that I’m a tame lion. I don’t like thinking of myself that way, but it’s true. If I were wild, I wouldn’t be spanked if I stepped out of line. I would be able to have an orgasm anytime I wanted. See? Tame.

For most of us who seriously pursue male chastity, it turns out that a chastity device isn’t a permanent part of the process. It’s a necessary training tool. Full-time wear trained me not to masturbate. After three years, I pretty much forgot that I could. Now, after nine years, I doubt I could get myself off. Inconvenient, but it’s what Mrs. Lion wants.

Being tame doesn’t mean I am weak or have no freedom. I’m as independent as ever with a couple of important changes. I no longer control my sexual experiences, and I can do whatever I want as long as Mrs. Lion allows. I get enough sex; maybe not as much as I want, but enough to keep me sexually healthy. I get between two and four orgasms a month. That’s a lot less than before we started, but still enough. The general (female) consensus of how frequently a man should ejaculate is between seven and ten days. (Ladies, vote here with your belief)

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Being tame isn’t so bad after all.