Again? Really?

You would think that a spanking on Sunday would make Lion remember the damn coffee pot on Tuesday. Not so! And…and…AND…I gave him a hint that he should wander into the kitchen. He knew exactly what I meant, but we were both worried about how the dog was acting, so I can understand his forgetting at that moment. He tried to say his morning routine was interrupted because I was working from home yesterday. I think it was interrupted more by his doctor appointment, but no one asked me.

Regardless, his buns will be blistered again tonight. And, because I’m annoyed that I have to whomp him again so soon, it will be at least a fifteen-minute spanking. At least. If he’s going to continue misbehaving, I’ll have to eat my Wheaties. (Remember those commercials? I’m dating myself.) Maybe I should take up tennis or another racket sport to build up my muscles.

I’ll have to make sure I use the spoon-shaped paddle. I may add one or two others in the mix, but his second spanking in such a short time warrants the spoon-shaped paddle. He says it’s the meanest one we have. That will be put to the test tonight. Poor Lion butt. He brought it on himself.

Stay tuned for pretty red pictures of a repentant Lion tushy. At least I think he’ll be repentant. He should be. How annoying to have to spank him twice in less than a week!


  1. A good spanking followed by a generous application of Icey Hot.

  2. He earns spanking so often that it can be compared to playing tennis.

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