Poor Lion Butt

I really hate that coffee pot. It isn’t hard to set up. I can’t seem to remember to set it up consistently. On Tuesday, I missed it again. Mrs. Lion took me to the eye doctor in the morning and worked from home the rest of the day. She made lunch and dinner, so I had no reason to go into the kitchen. After dinner, she reminded me that I needed to “do something in the kitchen.” I got the hint, but at the time, she was about to suck my cock. I told her I would do it later.

We were interrupted mid-oral when the dog pooped on the carpet. She is ten years old and never, ever has accidents. It wasn’t diarrhea. Mrs. Lion said that the dog wanted to keep going out. There is some construction going on nearby. It could be that she was scared by the noise and never got to find the right spot to poop. I was very worried that she might be sick. With all that confusion, I never got in to set up morning coffee.

Mrs. Lion gave me the bad news when she brought in breakfast. I explained that the dog issue diverted my attention. She didn’t comment. Later in the morning, I sent her an email asking if I was in trouble. She replied,

“Shouldn’t you be? I was nice and gave you a hint. I know you were worried about the dog, but it’s still your job.”

I replied that was true. Her reply,

“Poor Lion butt.”

What a sweetheart! It was only three days ago that she spanked me for the same offense. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. One spanking every two or three weeks is plenty. I do not doubt that consistent enforcement will eventually improve my memory. At least, I hope so. It’s my misfortune that this is the one rule with absolutely 100 percent enforcement.

Last night Mrs. Lion said that it’s too bad I can’t go a long time without a spanking. I reminded her that if I go more than a couple of weeks, I get a “just because” spanking. I can’t completely escape. That got me thinking. Maybe we should schedule “just because” spankings, and Mrs. Lion should deliver them regardless of when Mrs. Lion punished me last. That way, there is always a strong incentive to be extra careful when it comes close to the scheduled spanking. That way, if I’m good, I’ll get my fortnightly paddling and nothing more. If I am naughty, I will be punished and still have the scheduled meeting with the paddle.

This arrangement encourages good behavior all of the time. If 4.0 begins consistent enforcement of other rules, I will have to watch myself *very* carefully. In case you are wondering, I do not forget the coffee pot on purpose. I’m not that crazy. I’m not looking forward to Mrs. Lion punishing me. She is probably going to be harsher than she was on Sunday. Poor lion butt, indeed!


  1. The presence of mitigating circumstances does not cancel the punishment.

  2. Last time I saw the optician he said I had “the eyes of a child!” (I was in my late twenties.) I thought it was very poetic, like being diagnosed with a spring in my step or a song in my heart!

    1. Author

      Sadly, I have glocoma and have lost a lot of my vision.

      1. Sorry to hear that. If it’s any consolation, everything besides my hair and my eyes is knackered! I should crop the rest out when I’m in photos!

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