one cheek sized paddle
Mrs. Lion’s “experiment” paddle.
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Last night, Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. We had just come back from the community center where we took advantage of their showers. We were both much more comfortable being clean. On the way home, we noticed that some of the power company trucks were on our street. We were hopeful that this meant our days of darkness would soon be over.

Are these “dots” caused by the holes in the paddle?
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We watched a little TV (not the president’s address), and snuggled. This was our first snuggle in several days. One thing led to another, and I found Mrs. Lion between my legs inducing amazing feelings in me. At some point during the blow job it happened. The lights came back on! I’d like to think our sexual energy contributed to restoring the power grid.

spahing spoon on lion's butt
This is our new spanking spoon shown on our size indicator (my butt). It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
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During the afterglow as we snuggled tightly together, Mrs. Lion mentioned that she had been thinking about what day of the week she should use for her spanking experiment. She said she ruled out Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, because they are punishment days. That made sense. She said she was thinking of Tuesday. But then it was Tuesday and we had to deal with cleaning up after the power came back. She casually mentioned that Wednesday would be okay too.

Today is Wednesday. Uh oh.

We’ll see how Mrs. Lion’s energy is tonight. She’s driving me into Seattle this afternoon for a doctor’s appointment. This could make her too tired to beat her poor, old lion. I doubt that. The mailman is scheduled to bring her a new paddle today. It’s identical to the one we been using for her experiment except that it has no holes drilled in it.

My theory is that the holes in the paddle raise the skin on my bottom and cause those little red bumps we’ve seen in the pictures of my backside. If the new paddle, which is exactly the same size and weight, doesn’t produce those bumps, we will have an answer. It’s not terribly important, but it does give Mrs. Lion an option and how she wants to damage my butt in a particular session.

I’ll report on whether the sensation is noticeably different. My guess is it won’t be. I have noticed differences between paddles because of their shapes and handle lengths. For example, the spanking spoon is much more painful then the experiment paddle. That’s because the spanking spoon has a much smaller striking area and a much longer handle. The longer the handle the more leverage Mrs. Lion has that translates into more force applied to my tender rear.

She’s mentioned that her arms get tired during these spankings. The paddle she selected to use is heavy and has a short handle. The combination causes her to bend over to reach me and lift the heavy paddle in a somewhat awkward way. The spanking spoon, is way better suited to a standing spanking –- Mrs. Lion likes to have me lie face down on the bed with her standing over me. Her experiment paddle is probably better suited to over the knee spanking.

It’s interesting to me that we’re starting to see reasons to select specific paddles in order to make the process of spanking me easier on my lioness. In the past, we considered the effect of paddle had on me as the primary reason to select one for use. Now that we’ve entered the big leagues, her selection should probably be driven by her comfort in administering 300 blows.

While the spanking spoon is much less comfortable for me, it will probably make her life a lot easier. And, if you think about it, the paddle’s job is to make things much less comfortable for me. It’s also supposed to make it easy for Mrs. Lion to provide me with the maximum pain.

This all seems obvious. But it isn’t. I generally select the paddles we buy, and my selections are generally based on the amount of sensation I expect they will provide to me. While this is important, of course, more important in a prolonged spanking is Mrs. Lyons comfort delivering the swats.

There are two ways to think about it: one, is a paddle that will inflict the most pain with the least swats. The spanking spoon certainly fits into this class. The second, is to find paddles that will cover the rear real estate evenly producing a nice burn and red color. Mrs. Lion’s experiment paddle is of this latter type. It’s an ideal over-the-knee tool. The spanking spoon, with its longer handle and smaller striking surface, is better suited for the sort of spanking I get. This small striking area allows Mrs. Lion to paint her pain coverage much more accurately. She can even use it to hit in the inside of my crack.

Long spankings, like the ones I’m getting, offer a lot of opportunities to paint a pain picture on my bottom that will be seen and felt for days. Much as I hate to say it, it’s ideally suited for our experiment. Of course, like a painter, Mrs. lion can use “different brushes” during the spanking. She can use the short-handled wider paddle to paint large areas and the spanking spoon to fill in the details.

In a very real sense, spanking is an art; especially ones of long duration. My bottom is a canvas that is painted in two dimensions: long-term pain, and visual effect. I remember one top who used a paddle to provide general redness and heat. She then switched to a much narrower paddle which she used to mark strategic spots (ie: the sit spot and inner crack) with bruises that would supply sharp reminders of the spanking for days.

One reason to have a selection of paddles is to provide variety in the effects Mrs. Lion would like to produce. Up until now, she hasn’t done this. But I think this might be the ideal time to try. I’m receiving the blows and groups of 15 or 20 (I’m not sure what is on the agenda tonight), and between sets it’s easy to switch implements.

The main goal of the experiment is to teach me to hold still for a long series of hard, fast hits. A secondary goal, is to provide Mrs. Lion with the opportunity to refine her spanking technique. Now that we’ve proven that I can handle at least 300 swats, aside from increasing the number of swats per group, it may be a good time to try out different tools with the goal of providing my bottom with pain patterns she would like to see me wear.

Spanking, after all, is an art. It isn’t just blind beating with a paddle or whip. It’s creating a pain symphony on the victim. Experienced disciplinarians know this. Most have worked out specific patterns and styles to produce the effects they desire. I expect that lioness 3.0 would want to master this. One reason is that within a specific framework of swats (say 300) she could produce dramatically different effects.

For example, a relatively minor offense may earn me the full 300, but she might use paddles that just provide stinging and general redness as a lesson to me. For a more serious offense, she may select paddles that will provide enduring discomfort so that I won’t forget what happens when I do that particular bad thing. Up until now, the number of swats I get is generally based on the severity of what I did wrong. I’m not saying that that should change, but as a spanking artist, Mrs. Lion can produce a wide range of discomfort to make the punishment fit the crime.

To develop her skills he needs a lot of practice. Fortunately for her, we now have a weekly “experiment” during which she can hone her skills. The experiment could be more than just teaching me to stay still during a beating. It can also be an opportunity for her to try out different tools and techniques and refine the effect she wants to have on me.

Too often, I think, people just go to that first step: get a paddle and swat away when punishment is needed. Those of us who have been in BDSM for a long time understand that spanking has a lot of subtlety. Once a partner agrees to begin spanking her man, it might be a good idea to experiment and discover what tools, intensity, and duration produce the best results. I’m sure there will be very little complaint from the spankee. Have fun.


  1. You must be feeling better. This is one of the longest posts you’ve written in quite some time! I hope you “enjoy” your spanking tonight.

    1. Author

      I’m feeling fine! I’m glad you liked the longer post. Sometimes, I just don’t have much to say.

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