Sometimes one of the people I follow on Twitter posts an old (1960’s?) nudist picture. Obviously, people haven’t changed. We all have the same parts. What is different is the personal grooming. Over the decades, both women and men have been grooming body hair more and more. In the last 20 years, it’s not unusual for people of either sex to have no pubic hair. No big deal, right?

That’s what I thought. I haven’t had pubic hair in over 20 years. Mrs. Lion doesn’t remove hers, but she is naturally lightly furred. Then I saw this image (Right). The women are certainly good looking, but I found myself turned off. Their bushes might as well have been bathing suits. I’ve been conditioned to respond to skin. I’ve always known that I prefer little-to-no pubic hair on my partner, but I don’t remember feeling turned off by a naked woman who has some.

Granted, I don’t spend much time looking at porn or nudist images. I enjoy seeing naked women. I’m male, after all. Until now, I didn’t realize I had such a strong filter. I like the image (Below, Left) much more. It’s a pure aesthetic with me. Over my life, I’ve experienced women with ungroomed bushes and enjoyed them in all respects. My ex never womanscaped.

Some women, probably ungroomed, argue that the reason men (me) like hairless vaginas is that we are closet pedophiles who can imagine that a hairless grown woman is really a little girl. I’ve heard this more than once. That’s just silly. A grown woman has a beautiful shape down there. It is something males are instinctively programmed to find arousing. I do.

From ancient times to the present, art often presents the female form without body hair. I think the hair visually interrupts her smooth, graceful, feminine lines. The fact that the current style is for women to take it all off tells me that I’m not alone. For the record, and to my surprise, when I see naked women I don’t find myself picturing them in bed with me.

I don’t spend any time looking at pictures of naked men. I am strictly on team vagina. I have noticed that I am far from alone in terms of manscaping. Lack of male pubic hair hardly turns any heads. A year or two ago we had a power failure that went on for more than a week. We have a generator that provided light and TV, but not enough power for our electric hot water heater or heat pump. We went to the local community center. They had power. There are a gym and locker rooms. We decided to shower there.

The men’s locker room is very much like the ones I remember from school or the YMCA. It’s a big room with lockers and benches. Adjacent is the shower room. It is open with nozzles along three walls. There is no privacy at all. When I got there, it was empty. I undressed and put my clothes in a locker. I grabbed a towel (too small to wrap around me) and went to the shower room.

While I was showering, more men came in. They joined me. I was a bit worried that I would look odd. I didn’t. All of them were groomed too. Yes, I snuck a peek. We have turned some sort of corner when it comes to body hair. The “natural” look of the last century is out. Both sexes are taking the time to show skin uncovered by hair.

I had no idea that I was so influenced by fashion. Until I saw that old, nudist picture I didn’t realize I cared so much.

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  1. And I don’t like the bottom left. It is clear that this woman takes care of herself, but in my opinion, not enough. That white, unburned skin on her cunt looks like something foreign. But the one on the right looks more harmonious.

  2. Unfortunately, everything in life is cyclical. There is a very definite trend in porn that female pubic hair is coming back. It’s still not a full 70s bush, but it’s coming back.

    1. Author

      Really? I’ll have to do some research. 🙂

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