Not Too Much Body Hair, Please

Lion’s waxed body

Lion likes to be hairless. I don’t care one way or the other. It tickles my nose when I suck him, but I could get used to it. I never really thought about being hairless myself. Once, I surprised him with a shaved pussy. He seemed surprised and not altogether happy with it. He says he likes me natural. But his post from this morning suggests he doesn’t like the way hairy women look in pictures. Maybe I have so little that it doesn’t matter. [Lion comments: I prefer hairless pussies. At the time I told Mrs. Lion that I preferred her to be natural was when I equated hair to power. Hairy=mature and powerful, hairless=submissive. I’m well past that now. I’m not fond of shaved genitals because they grow back to the stubble that is irritating. Waxed, on the other hand, is very nice. Since, at this point, Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself, the fur on her pussy is moot.]

At the risk of alienating a reader, I don’t like overly hairy men. Some chest hair is okay, but if it needs combing I’m out. Back hair is okay as long as it is mostly invisible. Carpeting is nice on the floor, not on a person’s back. I don’t know if I ever saw Lion fully hairy. He had laser treatments so his genital area stays fairly well clean. He has chest hair but it’s manageable. I’d guess if he let it grow out, I’d be fine with the amount of hair on his body.

I tried Googling naked men but I wound up with some pictures of shaman wrapping their penises around sticks and some people standing on those sticks. I’m not sure what the significance of it is, but we won’t be trying that at home. It was a religious thing rather than BDSM, although I think it might put some BDSM to shame when it comes to how much pain one can endure. Maybe I’ll research it a bit to see why they do it, but that was not the intent of my search at the time.

The rest of the pictures I saw looked like maybe the men had manscaped a bit. They were very neatly trimmed. I think I only saw one or two pictures of fully hairy men. For the most part, their hair was in the genital area. I have no idea if they had trimmed their chests and left the genital area full. It’s possible they were naturally not hairy on their chests. Anyway, the point is that I don’t think I care whether a guy has genital hair or not. I believe I could wade through the weeds to get to the good part.

I wonder if women expect men to manscape nowadays. I wonder if women who shave or wax themselves prefer men who shave or wax themselves. It would seem hypocritical for a man who doesn’t shave to expect his partner to shave. And vice versa, of course. And what if I preferred furry partners? Would it be fair for me to insist Lion no longer be bare? I don’t care either way. He’s stuck with me whether he’s furry or not.

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  1. i enjoy being hairless from the neck down. And what ever my partner enjoys is ok with me

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