Like An Erection In A Nudist Colony

Do you remember the TV show “Mash”? Hawkeye made a big thing about his subscriptions to nudist magazines. It was sort of a running joke about the innocent porn of the 50’s. There were a lot of nude volleyball jokes. I’ve never visited a nudist colony. Of course I’ve heard of them and people who have participated told me a bit about their adventures.

The theme of nudists or naturists is that man’s natural state is to be naked and by eliminating clothing, people can be at their best. This whole concept of “natural state” interests me. The picture on the right is a classic 1970s nudist volleyball game. I suppose it’s what Hawkeye found so erotic.

What I find particularly interesting is that all the people, men and women alike, have all their body hair. “Natural” implied not modifying anything on the body. Apparently, tattoos and circumcision were allowable exceptions. I understand that any sexual expressions were strongly frowned upon. Nary an erection showed itself on a nude beach or nudist colony in those days.

The idea was that sexual arousal somehow perverted this natural state. It seems to me that none of those people would be there unless somebody got sexually aroused at one point or another. I get it. In the United States and many parts of Western Europe, the Protestant ethic dictated that sexual expression be private between married men and women. An erection in a nudist colony would be a serious breach of good manners.

You may wonder why I’m writing about this. The other day, one of the people I follow on Twitter retweeted a couple of images from a nudist. Aside from the improved photographic quality, there’s a startling difference: All of the people removed their body hair. There wasn’t a pubic hair in the bunch (see image, left). What would their nudist parents think? I’m pretty sure that even in the last century it was acceptable for women to remove most body hair. Even in those “natural” times, hairy pits were never considered very feminine, at least in the United States.

As you can see, modern nudists both male and female prefer hairless skin everywhere. I went to the search engines and did some research. The vast majority of nudist pictures feature people who were hairless. Age, race, and location didn’t seem to matter.

Another even more startling discovery was that a reasonably large number of the images showed men sporting erect penises. Many showed women stimulating them (see image right). I have no idea if erections are welcome everywhere, but I certainly hope so.

My point is that what’s considered natural has less to do with the way we develop then it does with current fashion. Since I don’t have body hair (my pubic hair has been gone since the 1980s), it’s nice to see the world is catching up to me. I wonder if it will ever be considered natural for a nudist to be wearing a male chastity device?

I realize that may be too extreme. However, perhaps it’s not entirely weird. I wonder if there are nudist resorts for people into BDSM? Mrs. Lion and I have attended DSM events where over a thousand people attended and nudity was permitted and displayed almost everywhere. At those events you see occasional chastity devices locked onto some men. Even at those events, these sightings are rare.

Maybe the pendulum is swinging toward more acceptance of sexually-related activities. I don’t think a chastity device at a nudist colony in and of itself would be the most startling and potentially offensive issue. The chastity device is an unmistakable symbol that the male is submitting to someone, most likely his partner. It sends a complex message of social order as well as sexual kink.

Almost everyone who is in a relationship that features enforced male chastity or FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline) speculates what it would be like if people they know were aware of these practices. Most of us, I think, would like the opportunity to be part of the community where we could openly practice.

The reason I decided to use nudists to talk about this is that it’s one of the few “public” venues where such things as pubic hair and chastity devices would be appropriate for general consumption. Of course most of us may be kinky in terms of our power exchanges and unwilling to become nudists.

A nudist colony is a place where people with similar interests can gather. In this case it’s people who believe nudity promotes a healthy life. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we had organizations or resorts for people who practice female-dominant power exchanges? Obviously, the common interest is the power exchange, not how it’s practiced.

Still, it would feel very good to be able to openly display our power relationships and learn from one another. Nudity wouldn’t be required, or even encouraged. It’s not what we are about. Some of us, however, might find it fun. The point is that it’s very unlikely any of our relatives or neighbors would understand and accept what we do. As this blog and many others demonstrate, there are a lot of people who would happily accept us as friends who share common interests. We just haven’t evolved sufficiently to leave the Internet and build real life kinky friendships.

The radical changes in the nudist world suggest that my hope could come true in my lifetime. In the meantime, we can share this way. I’m certainly happy you like to read our posts.


  1. I’ve been to a few nudist clubs. Erections are still frowned at in most clubs. Pubic hair is sometimes seen but mostly either well trimmed or completely gone. I’ve never seen a cage and have wondered in the past couple of years if I would be allowed to wear one myself. Or would I be asked to remove it or leave. One day I may be able to tell you.

    1. Author

      I’ve never visited a club. Based on what I’ve read, aside from the belief that nudity is healthier and generally more natural, people who belong to these clubs are very middle-class and probably more conservative than liberal. I think it’s very interesting that this movement has adopted the idea that body hair isn’t required as part of this “natural” lifestyle. I agree that it would be very unlikely chastity devices would be acceptable. But who knows?

  2. I was a member of a California nudist club in the 70’s. It was NOT a sexual place! Lots of married and single men, women and children. It had a family camping atmosphere. The people were naturalists with ALL their body hair. I never saw an erect penis.

    1. Author

      That’s my understanding as well. I visited a commune in the 70s where nudity was encouraged. Similarly, pubic hair and other body hair was allowed to grow unchecked. I could never get used to women with long underarm hair. 🙂

  3. If you are seeing erect penises or women are stimulating them, you’re not looking at nudists I’ve ever hung out with and I’ve been into it for 40+ years. That’s porn using “nudist” as a keyword to grab views.

    Personally I think the guy in the photo was just showing off hot hot his ladies are. Ego thing to make other guys jealous. Not my bag – but to each their own.

    There are some clubs you might see that at but they’d be considered swingers clubs, not nudists. I guess you’d see a bit of that at Cap d’Age but I’ve never seen it openly at a US beach. The nudists would likely chase them off or call the cops. I have seen that happen.

    Nobody claims that sexuality is locked out at the entry gate but public displays like that would drive off far more customers than it would attract. They are family friendly venues. On a public location that would be lewd behavior and illegal anywhere in the US.

    Now as to body hair, it is a fashion. I shave my face, my wife shaves her arm pits and her legs. Body builders have been shaving their bodies for generations. Some men shave their entire head. Some people get tattoos and some get piercings. Some dye their hair bizarre colors. It’s just taking the next step. Personally I like a bit of pubic hair on a body but not everyone’s aesthetics agree with me and I do not judge.

    Being a nudist simply means that when the climate allows you consider a lack of clothing preferable, whether in a social situation or a hundred miles into the wilderness. “Natural” is only one of very many ways to reach that conclusion.

    Worrying about and paying attention to someone’s lack of body hair just means either one is a total newbie or one is easily entertained.

    1. Author

      Thanks the very clear explanation. However, I can’t believe all guys are always flaccid. One of the things that stopped me from considering going to a nudist colony was concerned about that.

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