At Least I Can Make Him Laugh

Yesterday afternoon I read Lion’s post that published this morning. We usually read each other’s posts before they publish. Another set of eyes often catches typos or other unintended things. Aside from, and maybe more important than, his wanting me to want sex, Lion wants me to want to give him sex. Huh? When I ask if he’s in the mood, it can actually turn him off. I do this so he doesn’t feel bad if he’s not. Frequently he’ll apologize for not being able to get erect or make it to the edge. Since sex isn’t for me, I’m not the one who is disappointed. From my point of view, if he doesn’t want sex, I’m just annoying him by trying. It’s not surprising that the view isn’t different on the other end of the penis.

Of course, Lion would love to have vaginal sex. He’d love for me to love to have vaginal sex. When I said I made an appointment with a new doctor for a pap smear and a libido discussion, he did a little research and found an entire department devoted to female sexual dysfunction. Yes, I am dysfunctional. On many levels, but specifically sexually. But in the interim, he wants me to decide when we have sex. I can’t ask him if he’s in the mood. That’s a turn-off.

After I read his post, I emailed back that I’ll try to be more 4.0? He asked what she was like and I went on to tell him that she takes what she wants and doesn’t want to hear any of his “poor Lion” nonsense. This got a laugh; not what I was expecting, but okay. Normally he’ll thank me for saying I’ll try. I mean, I did get silly. I changed the lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, but he laughed before that. I guess it’s good that he laughed. Better to laugh than to be sad. I don’t think I snapped him out of it, by any means. But laughter is good.

When I was done with the dinner dishes, we snuggled under the covers. We were both cold and I made sure my chilly hands found Mr. Weenie and the boys. Once I settled in, I informed him that I was much too comfortable and warm to get out from under the covers to play with him. He agreed that it was too cozy to move. I stayed close until he started to snooze and I got too warm. Tonight I’ll have to find some way to entice him into the cold so we can play. Maybe Icy Hot will warm him up.

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