Oops! He Did It Again. So Soon?

We stayed up later than usual last night. Lion has trouble sleeping, then he snoozes during the day, then has trouble sleeping at night, etc. Rinse and repeat. I’m trying to maintain a more normal schedule since I actually have to be up for work on weekdays. Although we canceled our trip, I still took Thursday and Friday off. I’m undecided about Monday. Anyway, Lion is still sleeping, blissfully unaware that he’ll be in trouble when he wakes up. He forgot the coffee pot again.

Again? Yes, I know. He’s been pretty good, but it’s still fairly soon since the last time. He doesn’t venture into the kitchen much at all, but he did go for a drink yesterday. I guess he didn’t notice the coffee pot parts still in the dish drainer. I almost reminded him. Then I decided he was on his own. I’d already forgiven his mistake of eating first at breakfast. How nice am I supposed to be? Plus, he was upset with me for not asking the “right” questions when I took the dog to the vet. Doesn’t that vet know what she’s doing? He’s coming with me to the follow-up. I think he should have come to the initial visit, but his stomach was bothering him. But I digress.

The point is that Lion missed putting the coffee pot together again. It’s a minor infraction in the overall scheme of things. He’s not able to do much around here so I’d appreciate if he could do the things he can. And if one of those things happens to be a rule, then he certainly should do it. If he fails, it’s up to me to remind him. As you know, my reminders of broken rules are painful. The more often rules are broken, the more painful those reminders have to be. It was Lion’s idea to have the punishments increase in severity. In the real world, jail times (theoretically) increase as you re-offend. It makes perfect sense for Lion’s punishments to increase. He is master of his own demise.

I have yard work to do today, but I’ll have to keep a good amount of energy in reserve to whomp Lion. On the other hand, it might make more sense to get a good rest and whomp him tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll be scurrying into the kitchen to put the coffee pot together today. Of course, if he doesn’t, I’ll have more to whomp him for tomorrow.