Tonight We Play

The other night there was a prize on “Wheel of Fortune” for a Caribbean getaway and they showed a woman on a beach. At that moment, I wanted to be on that beach. I don’t necessarily like the beach, but I wanted to be right there so badly. I think it’s more the warm weather and not having to deal with work for a few days.

I had planned to take next week off, but I did that just to block a coworker from getting it off. When the boss caved and let her have it too, I decided to work instead of taking days off. Boy, I wish I’d kept them. I could use less stress about now.

I have been a little short with Lion lately. It’s work frustration bleeding over into private life. It’s like I can’t take one more thing on my plate. Luckily, he was on the plate already. Yesterday, he made a second pot of coffee. Normally, if only one of us wants more coffee, we use the Keurig. I guess it’s cheaper, or maybe just better coffee, if we use the coffee maker.

Lion made a comment that he’d get in trouble because he wouldn’t remember to set it up again. He forgot to set it up again for today. This morning I told him I counted the second pot as him setting up the coffee pot. He wouldn’t get whomped because I had to do it this morning. Wasn’t that nice of me? I thought so. Lion said he was trying to remember to do it, but sometimes I get the coffee pot to the kitchen so late he forgets. What?

First of all, the coffee pot never left the kitchen the second time. And I think you mean, “Thank you for not whomping my butt.” I know some days I leave the tray in the bedroom until mid-morning. I’ve been trying to do better. If it’s not cleaned out and dry by the time he wants to set it up, it throws him off. He thinks he’ll make a mess if he empties the grounds. Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. But I still think he meant to say thank you rather than tell me how things are my fault when they clearly weren’t.

That was this morning. Last night, I tried to get him to the edge. I didn’t do any BDSM. I probably should have. My head’s been so full of work nonsense that I didn’t think of it until I was already sucking him. I did take a while longer before I actually tried to edge him. I let my tongue explore a bit to get him more turned on. I guess it worked to some extent. He was fairly hard most of the way. He lost it a little but I managed to get him back again. Magic tongues can do that, you know.

He never did make it to the edge. But he had fun. It felt good and if I can’t get him to the edge, at least I can make it feel good. Tonight I’ll try to remember to do something BDSM-ish. I want him to be frustrated.