I hope my memory isn’t going. I absolutely forgot to set up the coffee pot for Friday morning. I spent time in the kitchen and didn’t notice my error. You may think it’s a sort of thing I would do “on purpose”. I didn’t. What’s more, I know Mrs. Lion is going to make my spanking even more painful than the last one she did. That’s no joke.

Spanking in our house has reached the intensity of real punishment. There is absolutely no sexual component for me. Apparently, it still hasn’t proven particularly educational. I did two things that carry penalties. The first was that on Thursday morning I started eating breakfast before Mrs. Lion. That was completely accidental. I looked over at her and I could have sworn she had begun. My eyesight is poor. I honestly think that was the problem. She forgave me. Whew!

The second one really got away from me. When we go shopping I’m going to get a bottle of those memory vitamins. Maybe that will help. I wonder why I am having so much trouble remembering to set up the coffeepot. It may sound trivial, but trust me, the consequences of forgetting aren’t. I’m a little sorry I started this disciplinary relationship. No, actually I’m not. If we were a “normal” couple, Mrs. Lion would have set up the coffeepot and felt a little bit annoyed that I couldn’t even do such a small thing. Each time I forgot, her annoyance would increase. Eventually, it would come out in some sideways fashion. That would definitely be bad for our relationship.

The way we do things now, each and every time I forget she gets out her paddle and spanks me. If she didn’t increase the intensity of my spanking, she might begin to feel the same sort of annoyance she would have if we didn’t have punishments at all. The fact that she can escalate until she makes her point with me, takes care of any residual bad feelings. At least that’s how I have been thinking about it. I’m not sure she would agree.

I’m not looking forward to being told to get into position for punishment. I realize I deserve it and I will completely forget that while she is beating me. Her style is very different from my expectations when we started. For the most part, she is silent. If I squirm too much she gives me a very hard swat on the tender back of my thigh. If that doesn’t work, and sometimes it doesn’t, she repeats it. She is silent the entire time. She doesn’t let me know if I’ve extended my spanking by moving too much, she just keeps going. She’s done when she is done.

[Mrs. Lion — Are his ears connected to his buns? Once his buns are red, maybe he can’t hear me. I don’t say much, but I do tell him if he’s squirming or warn him that the swats may not hit where I’m aiming if his butt has moved. I’ve also asked him questions and he’s responded. Sometimes he’ll tell me “that’s enough” and I tell him I don’t think it is. How would he know when it’s enough? He’s on the wrong end of the paddle to make that determination.]

When we first began domestic discipline I was very involved with evaluating the effects of different paddles. I’ve completely lost that fascination. If she asks me, I will tell her if one was worse than others. I do comment on whether there are any lasting effects. There almost always aren’t. That I think has less to do with her intensity than it does with my physiology. A few times she has managed to make it painful to sit down for a couple of days after. I have to admit that those spankings focused me on correcting my problem far more than even the most intense it-only-hurts-while-I-get-it brand of spanking. I have no idea what to suggest to provide that more lasting reminder.

We’ve discovered that after something we’ve begun is consistently in place for a while, it becomes a permanent part of our marriage. Neither of us can imagine what it would be like if I were allowed to ejaculate anytime I want. It isn’t that we have a sense of horror about it; we don’t. It’s just unthinkable. It isn’t even unconscious. We both are very aware that we do this. We just have absolutely no desire to stop.

The same is true of our disciplinary relationship. When I had my spinal surgery and Mrs. Lion had to suspend my rules, while we didn’t talk about it, we both missed it. I don’t think either of us can articulate why. It certainly wasn’t because my behavior suddenly became intolerable. It also wasn’t because Mrs. Lion truly enjoys spanking me. For my part, while I do like spanking, I didn’t miss the beatings. I don’t know what I missed. All I know is that both felt something important was missing.

I think the same thing happens with other couples. Some start out with very elaborate domestic discipline “contracts”. After a time, they realize that they don’t need them. The actual agreement is very simple. The disciplinary spouse decides when the disciplined spouse requires correction. At that time, punishment is administered. There are no discussions about how the disciplined spouse wants to be punished. Nor are there discussions about what is or isn’t punishable behavior. It’s all very simple. In our house, Mrs. Lion decides when I need to be punished. She decides how she’s going to do it. She does it without consulting me on how I want to be punished. That’s how it works.


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      We never had a contract for DD or chastity. It was always up to Mrs. Lion to make the rules. She does accept input from me, but frequently ignores it. 🙂

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