My Make-A-Wish

You know the trite meme, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” I’m proof that the old saw is true. I wanted enforced male chastity. I wanted Mrs. Lion to own my sexual pleasure. The idea of her teasing me and making me wait to ejaculate was the hottest fantasy I could imagine. Here I am, nearly seven years later. I can’t have an orgasm she doesn’t provide. It’s no longer a matter of being locked up in a chastity device. I’m conditioned not to be able to ejaculate unless she stimulates me.

I asked for it!

I wrote post after post about how I imagined life would be with Mrs. Lion as my keyholder. She read what I said, but didn’t necessarily do what I wrote.

I also wanted to be spanked. I wanted spankings I would hate. I craved domestic discipline with Mrs. Lion in charge. She experimented with the concept. It took a long time and we evolved more than just adopting a disciplinary relationship. I wrote endlessly about how I saw it working. Mrs. Lion read my posts and then did what she wanted.

That’s the point, isn’t it? She wasn’t supposed to be an actor in a play I wrote. She was to be my disciplining wife. The feedback I gave told her that her punishments needed to be stronger if they were to teach me. For a long time, it seemed like she wasn’t going to be that harsh.

Then she was.

I can’t pinpoint when it happened, but in the very recent past Mrs. Lion decided to give me what I had been asking her to do: her spankings became total misery for me. I hated them from the first swat to the last. When I forgot that last Saturday was punishment day, I was truly unhappy at what I knew was coming.

My spanking was pure pain. I know, it’s supposed to be. However, they generally hurt, but I don’t fear them.

I do now!

She’s not done. I know that one of the “wishes” I made was for a spanking to hurt for days after getting it. Sunday’s fearsome beating left no lasting discomfort. That means Mrs. Lion’s work isn’t done. Based on our recent conversations, she has adopted my wish as one of her goals.

Another unfortunate wish was that she disregards any complaints, screams, sobs, or other protests during a spanking. She would only honor our safeword, “red”. That wish has come true. On Sunday she was unstoppable. I squirmed and kicked. I screamed and tried to roll away. None of it did any good. Mrs. Lion wouldn’t stop until she was done.

I don’t think I ever felt that out of control before. I always imagined I could convince Mrs. Lion to adjust if I was too unhappy with my beating. My wish was that I wouldn’t be able to do this; that she would spank me more if she felt I was trying to escape my punishment.

That’s what happened on Sunday.

Mrs. Lion made a point of bringing me back for more. Much more. It was no fun at all. It was really punishment. She said that she had to be harsher since I haven’t seemed to learn very well with less severe spankings.

I can’t argue with that.

I know she can make spankings even worse if she wants. She probably will since she would like to make that old wish of mine come true: lasting discomfort for days afterward.

Stupid Lion!


  1. Yeah, really, be careful what you wish for. I’ve been through this stuff more than once, too, when I got what I wanted. And it turned out that I was not thinking about my wishes in detail and well!

    1. Author

      It’s too late now. I guess I really do want this even though I complain sometimes. I encourage Mrs. Lion to make my punishments more memorable. Then when she does them, I really hate what’s happening to me. I’m either crazy or very odd.

  2. You may have created a monster, but she is the monster of your dreams. Congratulations?

    1. Author

      She is the lioness of my dreams. She may know me better than I know myself. As she points out, if I don’t want that horrible spanking, I will remember to do what I need to do. Ha!

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