The Box O’Fun is winding down. Last night there were only two cards left. Lion chose figging. He wrinkled his nose up at it. He didn’t really want to do it and I didn’t really want to go peel ginger. We decided to put it off but still have some fun. Obviously, this just means we’ll be doing the figging tonight but at least we’ll be forewarned. I gave Lion another blow job instead.

Lion never argues with blow jobs. We might not get very far, but I’d be surprised if there was a man alive that doesn’t love having his cock sucked. I’m sure there are some who haven’t had the pleasure, but if they ever do they’ll be hooked. I won’t say I’m an expert. All I can say is Lion loves what I do. It’s a very subjective thing. [Lion — She’s an expert!]

I’ve always wondered what makes a woman a “good lay”. Is it the amount of things she does? Maybe she sucks him first to get him excited. Maybe she just lays there and doesn’t expect anything in return. Does she say, “oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” while he goes at it?

For that matter, what makes a man a good lay? Does he dote on the woman? I’m assuming he makes sure she orgasms. As a woman, I wouldn’t consider someone a good lay if they just did their business and didn’t pay any attention to my needs. But I’ve never asked a man what makes a woman a good lay. Thoughts?

So last night, Lion didn’t ever make it to the edge, but we had fun trying. I thought he might get there. It has been about a week since his last orgasm, but no luck. This is something I don’t mind working on. I mean, I might get tired on any given night, but I’ll jump right back in there the next night. If Lion is interested, I’m on it. He’s a very lucky boy.


  1. I’d also be surprised if there was a man alive that doesn’t love having his cock sucked)))

  2. A good lay…hmmm. I think that is a woman (or man) who is responsive in bed. Someone who isn’t afraid to be noisy and likes to experiment. Someone who is wanting to please their partner! Someone who does their best to push all their partner’s positive buttons! Does that definition work for you?

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