The Good Kind of Torture

We tried to go to the grocery store on Sunday but it was packed and we decided against it. I went yesterday after work. While I was in the produce section, I noticed some ginger. Well, I had to get some. I only got one hand because we tend to buy a lot and it goes to waste.

When Lion chose from the Box O’Fun, he said we could put the figging card back in the box since we have ginger now. He was down to his last two cards. With the addition of figging, after his pick, he’s still got two. Last night’s choice was plastic clothespins. Lucky for Lion, I only have eight plastic clothespins at my immediate disposal. And I managed to use five of them last night. I was concentrating more on how I was stroking him than how I was pinching him. [Lion — I could tell. It felt amazing; very different from Mrs. Lion’s usual technique.]

I had him lie across the bed after I was done with the clothespins. It’s been a lot easier for me to give him oral sex lately. It’s easier on my shoulders. And, since I have him diagonally across the bed, I have more room and support for my legs. He doesn’t care why I’m doing it more. He’s just happy. I’ve also gotten a lot better at edging him orally. He’s not so happy about that. I’m sure he’d rather have more orgasms.

Actually, he’s very happy for the attention. Last night he said he was losing it even though he was very turned on. I amped things up and got him to the edge again. I do love a challenge! It’s fun to leave him panting like he’s just had an orgasm but all I did was edge him and leave him hanging. He actually called me a tease. Thank you, my dear. I shall wear it as a badge of honor. I like to be able to administer the good kind of torture as well as the evil kind.