Husband Steps On Wife’s “Land Mine” And Earns Spanking

When we began domestic discipline, Mrs. Lion made rules that I was sure to break: land mines. After years of DD, I still manage to step on one now and then. I did it again on Saturday. Mrs. Lion established Monday, Thursday, and Saturday as “Punishment Days”. They were set up when we first began DD. At that time Mrs. Lion often forgot to spank me for breaking a rule. She required me to remind her of punishment days. That way, she would be sure to administer needed spankings.

This worked very well to help her become my disciplinary wife. Over the years she learned to remember punishment without the need for punishment days. However, she retains them as “land mines” to keep me on my toes. If I forget to remind her, I earn a spanking. All of Mrs. Lion’s spankings are equally strong. I hate them. I feel particularly stupid when I don’t remind her of a punishment day.

That means I am bent over the edge of the bed on Sunday night for a long, painful visit with her paddles. Mrs. Lion doesn’t particularly like spanking me. She also doesn’t mind doing it when needed. She has long lost her unhappiness at hurting me. Spanking me is just a chore for her. It’s a lot more for me. She is amused when I step on a land mine. She is quick to point out that after all this time I should know better.

She’s right.

We used to get angry comments that complained it was unfair to beat me for such a minor offense. From my way of thinking, it isn’t minor at all. While it’s true that no one got hurt or offended that I forgot, it is disobedience. I’ve been told many times to remind her of punishment days. Neglecting to do it is a clear disregard of what I was told. That is not tolerated here. Also, as she is fond of pointing out, if she can remember, why can’t I?

a new land mine my be planted

Mrs. Lion expects me to remember the few things she requires me to do. That’s only fair. She’s thinking of adding another, land-mine rule: getting my medications ready before dinner. I have plastic snack bags made up (Mrs. Lion kindly does that for me) that contain medications and vitamins I need to take at dinnertime and at breakfast. I almost always forget to get an evening and morning bag before dinner. Mrs. Lion will get up and bring them to me. She mentioned that she is considering making that my job with me earning a spanking if I forget.

I can’t argue with her logic. She hasn’t told me if she will be doing this. I imagine she probably will. It seems fair to require me to manage my own pills. I do appreciate it when she does it for me, but she is busy enough getting dinner together. I may end up with one more land mine I need to avoid. Ouch!


  1. Ouch) and now time will tell you if you can avoid this mine 😉

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion hasn’t decided to make that a rule yet. I think I will probably step on this one a few times before I finally get it through my head.

    1. Author

      How do I amaze you?

      1. I always read about your games with pleasant surprise. Now here’s the story with these land mines)

  2. Personally I think you should be required to get the bags. It sounds like Mrs Lion will still be getting them ready for you.

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