The Irony is Not Lost on Me

When Lion first introduced me to BDSM, I was worried I’d get bored. It seems illogical that I could get bored doing so many different things to him, but I was worried. Lion didn’t think he was boring at all. He knew there were more ideas all the time. The light spanking and bondage I did to him barely scratched the surface. How could I possibly be bored?

Fast forward all these years and Lion now says he’s bored. Excuse me? Do you not have someone doing all sorts of things to you almost nightly? Have you not introduced punishment and pegging and menthol rubs and clothespins and…and…and…? It’s true lately the anal aspect hasn’t been there but it can come back when you’re ready. You’re bored because you either get a hand job or a blow job? You’re bored because most of the play is CBT? Let’s have a moment of silence for Lion.

I have to say, initially I agreed with Lion’s request. I wondered what we could do to make it more interesting for him. He suggested I do some research. To that, my first thought was, “Why? I’m not bored.” I know, Lion does most of the research and makes most of the suggestions. I’ve always thought that was fair. He’s into it. I just make it happen. But I was willing to put myself out there. I was willing to surf the web and see what I can find, although the irony is not lost on me. I was the one worried about being bored, but I’m the one trying to “un-bore” Lion.

And then I got up to use the restroom early this morning. I usually use the main bathroom so I don’t wake Lion. Last night he had a messy bathroom experience. I cleaned the mess I knew about. At 6:30 this morning, I found the rest. In all fairness, he did try to clean it. He can’t see very well so it was mostly just smeared, but he tried. There was no way I was cleaning it at 6:30 so I used the master bathroom. He didn’t budge.

Around 7, the dog needed to go out. She decided to bark loudly at the neighbor’s dog and charge off our property. I sleep naked. I ran to grab a T shirt and shorts and proceeded to run through wet grass barefoot to shut her up and bring her back in before she woke up the rest of the neighborhood. Lion didn’t budge.

I know these issues don’t have anything to do with Lion being bored. However, it’s left me wondering why I’m the one searching for a way to make Lion’s life more exciting when I already do so much to get him excited. Instead of surfing the web, I’ll get my excitement cleaning the bathroom and running barefoot through wet grass. Woohoo.


  1. I think you are the one being dominated

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