Closer and Closer

While I did take a shower earlier than usual, we didn’t play any earlier. Lion was snoozing a bit while watching TV and I hate to wake him. However, the news is not all bad. Sometime around 9, I told him to lay across the bed for some oral attention.

If you recall, I love playing with my food. Based on the purring I heard, Lion loved what I was doing. Of course, I also had the penis-o-meter, which raised and lowered in approval and disapproval. There wasn’t much disapproval. My biggest problem was that my hair was getting in the way. It had to be my hair because Lion is smooth as a baby’s butt down there. A few weeks ago I felt like I had a mustache. No more.

I didn’t set out with a goal. I rarely do. I didn’t want to edge him four times, for example. I just take things as they come. At one point, I thought Lion was starting to lose it but then he regained his harder erection. I struggled with whether or not to point out that he’s not as hard as I think he should be. Lion is quick to jump to the “I’m broken” conclusion. [Lion — I could feel that at times I wasn’t fully erect. She’s right. It worried me.]

A few weeks ago, I took Lion from flaccid all the way to orgasm without stopping along the way. It’s rare that I do that, especially with my mouth. Once I figured out how to edge him orally, I’ve been trying to do it all the time. Last night, I got particularly good at it. I got him so close to the edge I thought he was going to lose it. And there wasn’t even any danger of a ruined orgasm. I timed it perfectly. You know sometimes you do something and think you’d never be able to do that again in a million years? That’s how I felt the first time. And then the second time I swear I got him even closer.

I gave him less than a minute to calm down. I started right back in with little bursts of sucking. I didn’t want to lose momentum. I wanted him perched right on the edge. I don’t know how many times I actually shoved him toward the precipice. Eventually, I let him go. There wasn’t much in the line of cream filling, just Lion trying to catch his breath. He informed me a little while later that it had been six days. That’s not a long wait, by any means. I wasn’t going for a long wait.

Sure, I was thinking I should leave him hanging again, but then I got him closer and closer. And yes, I could have gotten him very close and still left him hanging, but giving him orgasms is the fun part for me. You might even say it was my reward for a job well done.