Love In The Age Of Coronavirus

We are starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Lion was laid off from her job for at least a month. Friday was her last day. This makes a dent in our income, of course. It’s much more difficult for some of her colleagues. Some are single parents who were barely staying above water while they were working full-time. Mrs. Lion and her associates chipped in for a food delivery to one of them. It was a single mother who commented that she was completely out of food. It’s hard to imagine how difficult life will be for these hard-working people.

My retirement savings are shrinking. As of Friday, they went below the amount I contributed. I did shift most of my investments to money market and bonds when the epidemic began. However, about 1/4 of my 401(k) is invested in my company’s stock. It’s lost almost 40% of its value. I’m very tempted to move some of my money into the stock while it’s in this depressed situation. The company is fine in terms of its long-term prospects.

One thing that Mrs. Lion and I understand very well is that as long as the basis of our relationship is solid, we will find a way through adversity. We’ve been through hard times before. They tend to bring us closer. We’ve both made bad decisions over the years, but don’t see any reason to blame one another for them. We do the best we can. More importantly, we both know that.

I will be very happy to have the extra time with my lioness. We do very well together. I fully expect that once she gets her sea legs, I may get some extra painful attention because she is here full-time. On Friday night, she made wonderful coconut shrimp. We subscribe to Hello Fresh. The meals we get are absolutely restaurant-quality. Both of us find them easy enough to prepare

The coconut shrimp had a delicious apricot sauce for dipping. I didn’t realize that Mrs. Lion had put together two little dishes of that sauce. I made sure that the dish of sauce I was using was an easy reach for her. As a result, I managed to drip some of the sticky apricot sauce on my shirt. I asked Mrs. Lion if I would be punished. She said that I wouldn’t because I was trying to make sure she had some sauce as well

Is this Mrs. Lion reverting to a former, kinder self? Only time will tell. I’m not in favor of that change. I do much better when she is consistent, even if it means sometimes I am spanked for something unfairly. Spare the paddle spoil the lion. I know myself and us well enough to recognize the risk we take when consistency drops, even a little. An extra spanking is preferable to loss of disciplinary momentum.

In the past, when Mrs. Lion has been home for extended periods of time, both discipline and sexual activity seem to drop off. I’m not sure why this happens. I suspect it’s because when routine is broken, either new habits are formed or inertia sets in. I’m concerned about inertia.

We may have to figure out new routines that are independent of work schedules. I may need to be more proactive in terms of reminding her to do sexual things as well as discipline me. This isn’t optimal, but at least in the beginning it may be necessary. Also, maybe we need to continue our email exchanges even though she’s only a few feet from me. Some things are much easier to write than they are to say. I am confident that one way or another we will work this out.


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      We are doing our best to stay safe. I hope you and yours are doing the same. It’s nice that we can communicate through the blog.

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