balls tied and separated

I haven’t been responsive to Mrs. Lion. It’s odd because I find my mind drifting to erotic thoughts during the day. My cock begins to harden. At night, after dinner and Mrs. Lion’s shower, I don’t get turned on. I want to get hard, but I don’t.

This has been happening for the last week or so. It isn’t that she doesn’t try. I can’t get interested in sex. Maybe it’s just a slump. I’ve been known to get them. I can’t understand what is happening. Maybe that would work if Mrs. Lion used the spanking bench for sex. If she got out my restraints, that might do it.

I think that any ritual other than reaching under the covers and touching my cock would be beneficial. It may be that I’ve become my own worst enemy when it comes to sex. For example, when Mrs. Lion waxes me, I’m usually not feeling sexy when she starts yanking my hair out. By the time she is finished, I’m starting to get hard on my own. I know she’s going to start a handjob with oil. It isn’t the oil. It’s the buildup from the very unsexy waxing.

The reason this always works is that something else that is unrelated to jerking me off happens first. Maybe that’s why CBT and bondage work reliably. Tying up my balls is nice, but as far as lion foreplay goes, it is pretty much the same as fondling under the covers.

It isn’t that I always need the big buildup, but at this point, I need more than I’m getting. For example, for the last few days, Mrs. Lion has said, “Want me to suck you?” When she asks, I’m not focused on sex. It’s just a question like, “Want some cookies?” Business as usual. For the record, I almost always love a blow job. If Mrs. Lion just started instead of asking, I can’t imagine I wouldn’t react.

She wouldn’t be able to do it long because I would be in a position that made it awkward for her. But a minute or two of attention would almost certainly get me very happy to get in the proper position. Oh yeah! Moving to a different location, like the spanking bench or waxing table, would train me to be ready for sex. It might not work the first few times, but I’m sure it would after a while.

I think that most women believe that men are always ready for sex. When we are in our 30’s and 40’s, that’s true. As we age, we need the same sort of buildup that women need. Familiarity and age dull the male libido. One reason men seek extramarital sex is that new partners make them feel young and virile. A new female is a powerful aphrodisiac.

No, I’m not advocating going out and finding a mistress. I am suggesting that my libido needs help. It’s alive and well but isn’t easy to wake when sleeping.

“he wants a floor show”

Mrs. Lion said that I’m like our puppy. When she gets a treat, she carries it around without eating it. She’ll only eat after we make a big fuss about how yummy it is. OK, maybe I’m the same way with a sexual treat. I’m not alone.

I have a theory why many men like to go to massage parlors for a handjob. I doubt that the women there have particularly novel skills in how to jerk a man off. Part of it may be the novelty of a new female paying sexual attention. Guys like that. A bigger reason is that the pros don’t just grab a guy’s junk and start playing with it. They make some pretense of a full-body massage.

They may not be offering medical-grade action, but they are doing a lot of non-genital touching, front and back. This sensual contact goes on for a while. The guy is paying for thirty minutes. That’s why they call the handjob a “happy ending.”

I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion offer thirty-minute massages. It is instructive how aroused I get after being waxed. Anticipation and ritual are powerful aphrodisiacs. The mind controls sex. Engaging it is the secret to orgasm. Women accuse men of ignoring this important fact. They are as guilty as we are. Their excuse: Men don’t need foreplay, they’re always ready. Ha!

It seems counterintuitive that on a male chastity blog, so much attention is paid to my rear end. Since we practice domestic discipline, my bottom is spanked fairly regularly. Mrs. Lion has also committed to regular anal play as well. This makes sense. Male chastity is about regulating my orgasms. Mrs. Lion limits them to when she thinks I should get release. Anal activity and spanking are unregulated and occur more frequently.

We spent years working out the best placement of my bottom for spanking. Over the knee never worked for Mrs. Lion. Other placements, like on the bed, didn’t afford her the easy access she needed. We finally discovered our spanking bench. It’s at just the right height, and my legs dangle down so that my entire rear is fully exposed for her attention.

Before moving to our current home, we had a sling that she put me in. The sling kept my bottom high in the air. My legs were spread so that she had excellent anal access. The height was adjusted to be perfect for her. Even though we had this setup, Mrs. Lion usually preferred the bed with me on my knees.

She feels that this arrangement isn’t ideal anymore. We have no place to hang the sling. I suggested that she could also use the spanking bench for anal activities. The only difference in my position would be with my legs apart, riding it. This might give her good access. The bench is lower than the sling. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion’s office is right next to where we use the spanking bench. She can roll her desk chair into the room and comfortably sit while she tortures me.

Maybe the spanking bench could do triple duty as a CBT handjob platform. If I lie on my back with my legs dangling off the end, Mrs. Lion could sit in her desk chair and deal with me in comfort. We have straps to hold me down. My hands and feet could easily be attached to the legs of the bench. Who knew it would turn out to be such an excellent multitasker.

Things are getting more interesting and almost certainly more uncomfortable for me. Mrs. Lion plans on resuming anal activity on a regular basis (“Two Problems to Solve“) and said she would find a way to use restraints to fasten me, spread-eagle, to the bed.

When I’m attached to the bed on my back, it is much easier to apply IcyHot to my balls. I can’t squirm or try to get up and wash it off. I just have to stay on the bed and wait for the burning to stop. Mrs. Lion loves to create a red racing stripe down my balls by applying a wide coating of the hot stuff along the seam of my balls. The same position is also useful for putting those tiny clothespins on the head of my cock. All I can do is complain. I can’t take them off.

We had a sling set up in our old house. It was the ideal way to position me for anal activity. Even though it was set up full time, Mrs. Lion didn’t put me in it more than a couple of times a year. Almost all of our anal play was on the bed. We have a yoga pillow that could support me if staying on my knees proves too difficult. So the bed is certainly a good option for resuming ass stuffing.

I was as much of a barrier to anal play as Mrs. Lion. Most of the time, when she got the lube and a toy, I made an excuse to get out of it. Anal activity is one of those things that are hot to think about and uncomfortable to do. The only way it will work is for my lioness to disregard excuses and dive in. She does that for spanking. This is no different.

I wonder if the spanking bench would be a good platform for anal activity. I could be strapped in the same position as I am for a spanking. That makes my bottom very accessible. If Mrs. Lion sat in her desk chair, she would be at a perfect height to access my ass. If that works, it will solve two problems: The first is that I’m already trained to mount the bench when told. The second is that she can strap me down and avoid any difficulty when things get painful.

Anal play and IcyHot are very similar to spanking because my active cooperation shouldn’t be expected. Yes, I cooperate by getting in position and consenting to the activities. Once they start, my cooperation is no longer needed or expected. Mrs. Lion knows that I won’t like the stretch of my asshole or the pain on my cock and balls. She also knows that it turns me to think about those activities. It’s just like spanking.

Once we begin a BDSM activity, only a safeword should stop it. It’s easy to forget that in the heat of the moment. I know what I am getting into. She knows that I will not have fun while she does those things to me. She also knows that after the pain is gone, I’m turned on thinking about what happened to me.

In a slightly different way, this applies to sex. Once Mrs. Lion starts to edge me, she shouldn’t quit just because I start getting soft or tell her that I’m done. In the past, when she decides to press (jerk?) on, I almost always get hard again and reach the edge. In one-way sex, it’s very exciting to know that I don’t decide when it’s done. Mrs. Lion knows that in terms of stopping before I can ejaculate. I think it’s the same thing when I start losing interest. It’s not my choice. Mrs. Lion is in control.

Lion finally got his clothespins last night. It’s difficult to assess how much he “enjoys” things like that. Obviously, like a spanking, it turns him on when he thinks about it. While it’s happening, not so much, although he was getting hard. I used the clothespins with the stair tread on them. They grab on more. I don’t know how many I put on him, but there were enough in all the right places to make him wince both going on and coming off.

When I was done with the clothespins, I told him I needed him across the bed. He agreed. I knew he wouldn’t turn down a blow job. I’d already decided he wasn’t getting an orgasm. I want to get him super horny before he has one. It’s been a while since we played and I want to build up a little more suspense. In the recent past, I’ve been edging him a few times and then giving him an orgasm. This time, I want to make him wait a bit.

Things were moving along. I started out slowly sucking him. I figured it might take a while to get him anywhere near the edge. I thought we were on the right track. And then we derailed. Sometimes that happens. It’s not a big deal. He doesn’t know what went wrong. I still sucked on him for a little while. I figured if he could get hard again, we’d go from there. If not, at least I made him feel good for longer.

Tonight, I have a work function. I also have to make a run to the store to pick up prescriptions. It’s right near the restaurant, so it sort of works out. I just probably won’t be home in time to play with Lion. I guess that all depends on whether he snoozes while I’m gone. He might be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and looking for love. Even if he isn’t, we can snuggle. The main thing is not to lose the momentum from last night.