Does writing about sex make me want more? You could argue that writing about sex focuses the mind and activates the libido. I’ve wondered if writing this blog isn’t an aphrodisiac. I think you can agree that reading about sex can be a turn on. But what about writing?

When I write about things I’ve experienced or want to experience, I frequently get hard. When I write fiction that includes sex (not on this blog), I don’t get excited. I think that my interest in sex decreases. The difference is that I am inventing sex; it’s pure imagination. Perhaps that focuses me on the craft of creating arousal in others instead of what turns me on.

Many years ago, I was introduced to a very famous science fiction writer. We met for coffee several times. He shared some of his knowledge of writing. The one thing I remember most vividly is that he said you couldn’t get involved in the story. If you do, it will suffer. I think I understand. Writing is hard work for me. It’s much easier to write this blog where I can tell you about my experiences and reactions than it is to invent situations and story arcs.

Writing this blog doesn’t require me to know what’s going to happen next. Writing fiction requires understanding the characters as well as what will happen to them. I foolishly decided to go for a full-length story as opposed to a set of shorter adventures. I am worried that I will be authoring bad fiction. I do promise there is no symbolism. I hated classes that dissected books to find secret symbols. Moby Dick, anyone?

A new icy hot to torture my balls

Mrs. Lion commented on a new product we saw advertised on TV: Icy Hot dry spray. It’s an aerosol version of that very nasty CBT toy that she seems to be very fond of using. Being my usual helpful, curious self, I went to the manufacturer’s website to learn more. I did. It’s 15% menthol with an alcohol carrier. This is the maximum menthol strength permitted. I imagine the alcohol facilitates absorption into the skin.

Maybe it’s good to relieve sore shoulders, but I am sure it is even better at making me hate the way it burns my balls. Being a good lion, I ordered some for her from Amazon. I think this is the same strength as the IcyHot roll-on. When Mrs. Lion paints a racing stripe down the seam of my balls all the way to my anus, it is miserable. The burning subsides after 20 minutes and is gone after another 10. It’s a very unhappy half hour for me. Mrs. Lion finds it mildly amusing.

still no action

Because Mrs. Lion’s stomach has been bothering her, we hadn’t done anything sexual since my ruined orgasm 4 days ago (This is as of Thursday afternoon). Mrs. Lion still seems to hold off if I nap during “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”. I have no idea why that turns her off. I can’t really help it. It’s an after-dinner snooze, I guess. We’re back to me needing to ask, I guess. I don’t want to do that. Rather than let this fester, I’ll talk to her about it after she’s done with work today (Thursday). Stay tuned.

[Mrs. Lion — His snoozing doesn’t turn me off. I was trying not to move too much so I wouldn’t annoy my stomach. It had nothing to do with Lion snoozing. My thought lately is that he should be good to go no matter how late it gets since he’s had a nap. And since we got to the bottom of why he’s sad, I don’t even ask if he’s in the mood. Granted that was only one night and either one or both of our stomachs has been finicky since then. But rest assured, when my stomach is good, it won’t matter if he’s had a nap or not. When I’m ready to give him attention, he’ll take attention. (Unless he’s not feeling well.)]

Our area is under a smoke advisory until early next week. This smoke is from Oregon and California. Last week was from eastern Washington. We’re surrounded. Yesterday, we ventured out into the smokiness to get things from Costco. It was pretty thick when we left and even worse by the time we got home. We removed the window fans and closed the windows. Luckily it wasn’t very hot. Our air conditioner, with the outside air closed off, kept us comfortable. Luckily, we have things we can do indoors.

Lion is still snoozing a lot. He slept while I made dinner. He’d told me earlier in the day he was horny. I guess he’s got his mojo back. Today is his twelfth day of waiting. Now that I know he wants to wait longer, I’m trying to get him more hot and bothered. I’ve been edging him mercilessly. He’s been panting and it takes him a few minutes to get himself together when I’m done with him.

Ironically, since we’ve been doing more snuggling before sex so Lion doesn’t feel like I’m rushing him, we haven’t been doing much playing. I did fig him the other night and last night I swatted his balls, but most nights he’s excited so we go for oral sex fairly quickly. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s hit his stride or if the snuggling actually works. I’m not opposed to playing. I should toss in some rope play or clothespins every so often just to keep things interesting. I know being horny doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy/doesn’t need to play.

The new cage was delivered today. I’m not sure if I should put it on him right away and leave him festering until tomorrow or if I should make him wait until after we play today. (I know, I use the word “play” in different contexts all the time.) Maybe making him wait will create anticipation. He’s been looking forward to being caged again. I guess, for now, I’ll dangle the idea of tying his balls up before oral sex. That should get his motor running. And then I’ll lock him up when I’m done with him.

My weenie will be safe inside the cage by bedtime. All tucked in, the way it should be.

[Lion comments — As soon as the cage arrived I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in. I wanted to photograph it for our posts. She hasn’t said if she will leave it on. She has the keys, so I’ll find out when she decides to take it off.]

As far as I know, we have no plans this weekend. I’ll run out in a little while in search, locally, for some huckleberries and that may result in some jam if we can find a recipe, but at this point, there are no plans. That means we should be able to play earlier. I am famous for saying we’ll play early and then never doing it. I am famous for saying we’ll do X or Y and then we never do it. Talk is cheap. But today I have a good feeling that things will be different.

I have plans for Lion. I have plans for his balls. My weenie is nearby and will suffer too. Regardless of the huckleberries and any possibilities of jam, Lion will be wearing the prickly jock strap again. By the time this post publishes, Lion will be in the jock strap. For how long? I don’t know. I assume it will be at least an hour. In case that doesn’t seem like a lot, imagine tiny little spikes stabbing you in your most intimate of areas. Every time you move, stab. Even if you don’t move, the points that have already found their way into you are still stabbing. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t think I could handle it even long enough to have the straps tightened. Luckily, I don’t have to.

When I started this post, I was going to say I’d decided to give Lion a punishment spanking just because. It wouldn’t have been a maintenance spanking. Those don’t work. I was going to give a full on punishment spanking. He hasn’t had one in a while. That’s good news. And it isn’t. Lion’s been behaving himself. But then he’s forgotten what it’s like to be punished.  Sometimes he needs to be reminded. But then I remembered my idea of having him wear the prickly jock strap. I’d much rather do that than give him a punishment spanking when he hasn’t earned it.

I know they’re not the same thing. The spikes do not equal a punishment. They aren’t supposed to. Ultimately, I was looking for a way to get things back to normal. Lion needs to want sex again. I know he’s horny. I have to help him be horny enough to make it to the edge. When I told him to snap out of it the other day, I didn’t mean he had to do it by himself. I’m hoping a spanking or the prickly jock strap will get us at least part of the way there. I’m not giving up. I hope he won’t either.

Mrs. Lion took my request to heart to unwind before beginning any activity with me. It meant she started later, about an hour after dinner. It was worth the wait. She started by putting clothespins on my nipples. She was using the wooden ones lined with abrasive tread tape. Those sharp little rocks hurt! She didn’t stop with my nipples. She moved south and put some on my balls.

The wooden clothespins without the tread tape aren’t too uncomfortable. When Mrs. Lion applies one to a particularly sensitive spot, it hurts a lot. She knows where all those spots are and makes sure she puts a clothespin on each one. With the tread-tape version, the discomfort is magnified. Even when applied to less sensitive spots, they hurt. It’s more fun for her if I feel each one.

She masturbated me between the application of each clothespin. I was very hard and aroused. That distracted me from the discomfort. I’ve noticed that if I’m very aroused I feel less pain. It’s much easier to accept Icy Hot and other painful play if I am very aroused. That’s one reason why I don’t like it when Mrs. Lion starts before enough foreplay to get me ready.

You could argue that it’s fair for her not to arouse me first. That way I will get the full effect of whatever painful activity she is performing. This is where we get into the murky area of who is supposed to have fun. Mrs. Lion insists that all this is for my entertainment. Shouldn’t that mean she should restrict her tortures to things I enjoy or at least tolerate?

I’m pretty sure she would disagree. Does that mean she should maximize my discomfort when she “plays” with me? This question is answered differently as Mrs. Lion continues to grow into her role. Lioness 1.0 definitely stuck to minimizing discomfort. She was rather timid and her play and spankings were not very painful.

She evolved to Lioness 2.0 when she consciously aimed for the spots she knew would hurt the most. She was willing to spank me hard enough to make me yelp. Her punishments became increasingly severe. 2.0 wasn’t willing to use the tiny dollhouse clothespins. She wouldn’t punish me for annoying her. She stuck to a small number of household rules.

Lioness 3.0 arrived when she stopped reacting to my screams and yelps during a spanking. She is more than willing to use those nasty little clothespins on the head of my penis. Instead of just two, she starts out with four. She also seems ready to repeat this often until I learn to manage the pain and take more. She prefers more intense play. As a treat, she will use the plain clothespins or just tie up my balls. Lioness 3.0 play is much more uncomfortable for me.

You might think that I would yearn for the good old days of 2.0. Everything was much more manageable then. I don’t. 3.0’s change of focus is what I wanted from the start. When she spanks me, she looks at the physical changes to my bottom. She wants a certain deep red color. She would like some bruises too. I feel bruises for a couple of days after I’m punished.

It doesn’t matter what she wants to see. What matters is that she is deciding what’s enough. I no longer have a vote. I can scream and cry all I want. She isn’t interested. The only way I can stop a spanking is to use my safeword. If I do, she will stop at once. I will only use it if I am in genuine distress. I know that spankings are supposed to hurt a lot. I don’t like that, but I’m not supposed to.

She is only just starting to apply the same sort of control to play. The last time she put a menthol rub on my balls, she made me leave it on for a certain amount of time no matter how much it burned. It isn’t harmful, just really uncomfortable down there. The same was true last time those nasty little clothespins ended up on the head of my penis. She didn’t keep them there very long but told me they were staying on until she decided to take them off. I let her know that I wanted them off NOW! Too bad. She told me I could take it.

When it comes to lesser tortures like the tread-coated clothespins, I don’t beg to get them off. I can endure with only an occasional grunt of pain. As 3.0 evolves, this activity may move into the “treat” column. This evolution doesn’t upset me. Mrs. Lion has observed that I am very aroused and ready for sex when she finishes even my least favorite play. As she correctly points out, I obviously like it.

It’s hard to deny that observation. I do get excited when she gives me advance warning of the night’s play. Go figure!

I am particularly happy that she is punishing me for annoying her. Well, I am not happy I am being spanked. I am happy she is finally letting me know when I upset her and she is willing to go to the trouble to help me change. I won’t admit it when I am in the spanking position, but I am happy she is willing to increase the intensity of my spankings. I am also glad she is less interested in pleasing me when we play. The fact that we play pleases me. What she does isn’t supposed to.