I took the dog to the vet for shots yesterday. She was a handful. She wore me out. I fell asleep watching TV with Lion. He just listed things that need to get done this weekend and asked if I’d be waxing him. I need to go pick up some prescriptions and grab a few things at the store. That might wipe me out. I’ll pencil in the waxing for tomorrow.

I need to make time for Lion too. Tonight, I will definitely set up the massage table to play with him. Well, not necessarily tonight. We’re not limited to any timeframe on weekends. Or any other day, for that matter. It’s all up to his writing schedule and whether or not I can stay awake. I think the vertigo is behind me for now. The only job I have is looking for a new job, and that doesn’t take all day. Aside from chores, I’m free.

Lion, I’m sure, is looking forward to testing out the new professional strength IcyHot he bought last week. He always says he buys them for me, but I know he wants me to use them. Why else would he buy them? Oh, sure, I’m in charge and can do things to him, but if he said no more IcyHot, I wouldn’t use it. I know he doesn’t like Velcro on my weenie, and it gave him a sore, so I stopped using it. There are other ways to torture him.

Now he’ll say I shouldn’t have stopped using Velcro if I was having fun with it. That may be true, but if it gave him a sore and my weenie was out of commission, why tempt fate? If I wanted to, I bet I could find something similar that would bite into him without actually cutting. Hmmm…maybe it’s time for a Google search. [Lion — I don’t like Velcro or IcyHot. I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop. Just sayin’.]

Things are still not going too well. Mrs. Lion is still suffering from vertigo. She tried the exercise that the doctor gave her. It didn’t seem to help. She (and I) slept most of the afternoon. The dog woke us up at 5:30 AM, and I guess we didn’t sleep too well after that. The weather has cooled off here. It was 46o F when I woke up this morning (Saturday). I wish I could do more around the house. Stuff needs to get done. I know Mrs: Lion will do them even though she isn’t feeling right.

We saw a commercial for IcyHot Pro. It’s a new version of Mrs. Lion’s favorite ball massage product. This one has the maximum amount of menthol (10%) and camphor (10%) permitted. She hasn’t tried it yet, but it promises to be horrible. When she opened the package, she said, “You are a glutton for punishment.” I smiled and said that I was just getting what she wanted. Mrs. Lion almost never actually gets something she says she wants for play.I provide the followthrough.

Mrs. Lion generally paints a “racing stripe” of the hot stuff from my anus, over my perineum, and along the seam on my scrotum. Depending on her mood, I get a wide or narrow strip. I hope she will just paint a small stripe of that new stuff. The old maximum strength version burns like hell. Thanks to her use of this weapon, I’ve learned that if I’m hard, the pain is significantly reduced. If Mrs. Lion stops stimulating me and I get soft, the pain is much worse. I think this is true of both sexes. Sexual arousal diminishes sensitivity to pain. Chemical weapons like IcyHot Pro allow Mrs. Lion to play with this. The new weapon is ready when she feels ready to launch it.

I “warned” Lion I was going to use clothespins on him. I don’t know if he thought that was all the foreplay he was going to get because when I brought them out and started making a show of the plastic ones, he asked if I could get him a little excited first. Um, yeah. I remembered. I may have forgotten when it came to anal play, but I did remember it for CBT. Besides, I thought part of the pageantry was showing him the evil things before I used them.

Normally, I use one type of clothespin at a time. I don’t know why. I just pick one type and go with it. For some reason, I decided to do a combination of plain wooden ones and plastic ones. I have fewer of the plastic ones in the bedroom. They have more grip, so I don’t use a lot of them anyway. I’ve put something like 45 of the wooden ones on Lion’s balls in the past. I’d never try that with plastic.

I started the stripe near his anus and worked my way up. It’s easier that way. I can jerk him off without the clothespins being in the way. Certain spots along the way are more sensitive than others. Guess where the plastic clothespins went? I’m not entirely evil. If I were, I would have looked for more plastic clothespins so I could use them exclusively. I think he should consider himself lucky I only tugged on the plastic ones in the sensitive areas a few times.

Lion wasn’t very hard, to begin with, but when the clothespins started coming off, I lost him entirely. It’s too bad. I was planning on sucking him. Oh well. It gives me something to look forward to tonight. I think we’ll start out with the butt plug I was trying to shove into him the other night. I can put it on the bed to remind both of us what’s coming.

Lion had a doctor’s appointment today. This one was a general checkup. All systems go. The doctor says he’ll live a long time. Lion thinks otherwise. For some reason, he thinks averaging the ages of his parents when they died is a good indicator of how long he’ll live. By that reasoning, if your father died in war or your mother died in a car accident, your life span will be drastically shortened. This is simply not true. Life expectancy tends to increase over time. (Although it has declined due to COVID.) And, with advances in medicine, people are either living longer with a disease or avoiding the disease altogether. I’m happy to say that I’ll be stuck with Lion for a long time to come.

When we got home, he said he likes being outside. He told me at the beginning of summer that he used to sit out on the back porch with the dog in the afternoon. He mentioned wanting to do it again. Has he? Nope. I don’t know that he could manage it on his own, especially since the dog is so rambunctious, but he could ask me to help him. I may not have time to sit with him while I’m working, but he could take his phone out and text me when he was done. I think it would help to alleviate any cabin fever he might be feeling.

Last night, Lion didn’t want to play. Well, I think he wanted to play, but he was too full after dinner. He said he should be good to go tonight as long as I don’t feed him anything too spicy. It wasn’t really spicy, but I know what he means. I am on a mission to make him the correct amount and type of food that will not impede play. For the record, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to avoid the clothespins I was pulling out just before he announced he didn’t want to play. Even if he was, it didn’t work. He’ll get them tonight.

[Lion — I couldn’t see what Mrs. Lion was up to last night.\