One Device To Get Me Off And Another To Prevent Me

My slump appears to be at an end. We haven’t tested it, but let’s just say I seem a bit more responsive south of the border. It’s Saturday night and Mrs. Lion is preparing dinner. We’ve been buying Hello Fresh meal kits. We both like the convenience and quality. As a very nice side effect, cooking techniques we’ve learned from preparing these kits have made our ad-lib. cooking a lot better too.

We took a break from watching a divisional football playoff game for dinner preparation. I took the opportunity to get a shower and write this post while Mrs. Lion is working on dinner. During the game, she was texting with one of her friends. I somehow got roped into the interchange. In the middle of this rather confusing combination of us speaking and her typing, Mrs. Lion looked up at me and said, “You just interrupted me.”

She didn’t say anything else at the time. I’m guessing that after dinner she will want to open this topic again, this time with her paddle. In anticipation of this, after I showered I applied liberal amounts of skin softener to my rear end. I admit that I’ve been negligent with my butt softening routine. Hopefully, there won’t be any bleeding. I’m assuming that she is going to spank me. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she won’t.

I’m also hoping we can take the Autoblow on a test drive tonight. This is the Autoblow ai model. The manufacturer claims that he hired a machine learning consulting company to work with him and analyze over 2000 video blowjobs. The result of this analysis is a special pattern of motions the Autoblow provides. To facilitate this level of diversity, the device is capable of applying arousing sensations to different zones of the penis. That’s what their promotional video and literature claim. I’ll let you know what I think when I do my male sex machine roundup. I assume that we will have to use this device more than once before I get used to it and can fully appreciate its benefits.

The Autoblow has a stiff competitor. Mrs. Lion gives the most amazing blowjobs I’ve ever had. She’s in no danger of being replaced by crude automation. It’s interesting to me that over the last year or two male sex machines of various sorts have turned up. These devices, unlike the sex-shop crap that used to be available, are thoughtfully made and premium priced. I wonder what social comment one could make about this new market. Until very recently, premium sex machines were limited to devices intended to get women off.

I received an email today that my Evotion chastity device has completed production and will be shipping to me shortly. I look forward to giving it a nice, long try. I told the manufacturers that I had trouble in the past managing urination standing up with most of the devices I’ve tried. They said that they would be willing to work with me to help perfect a chastity device that makes using the toilet confidently more likely.

Mrs. Lion will give you the play-by-play of what happens later tonight in her Sunday afternoon post. Meanwhile, I admit that I am hoping Mrs. Lion forgets about my little faux pas when I interrupted her.

Fat chance!


  1. I love that she finally caught you interrupting her and indicated it to you!! That’s a huge stride forward! You should just bend over now… lol

    1. Author

      I’m very proud of my lionesss!

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