The Amovibe people have a new and very interesting male masturbator. I’m a hard reviewer of male sex toys. I’ve tried dozens over the years. My last review was for an Amovibe device (the Albertine) that uses suction to provide a fairly realistic blow job. By applying suction and releasing it, you get a nice feeling. Very good.

Their newest device, the Game Cup (I have no idea what they were thinking when they named it.) goes in a different direction. It looks like some kind of robot with two arms sticking out of the cylindrical body. It turns out that those arms are very useful. If you’re like me, you won’t care what it looks like as long as you have a good time.

The Game Cup uses rollers outside of the silicone liner to, well, jerk you off. This is identical to the way the Autoblow works. Prior devices by other makers moved the sheath up and down the penis. I didn’t find that technique very exciting. I have an Autoblow ai. It is very heavy and hard to keep in position. It also has to be plugged into the wall socket. I dropped it, and the controls popped out of the body. My biggest problem was that the squeeze on my penis was too loose.

The Game Cup is a better fit. It’s lighter, and the two handles allow easy positioning. The silicone liner feels wonderful. Be sure to use a good amount of water-based lube. I liked how it caressed my cock. Unlike my Autoblow, the rollers in the Game Cup moved from the bottom of the cylinder to the top. It provided a most satisfying penis massage.

The device also includes vibration from two new-generation bullet vibrators. If you like vibes, the Game Cup delivers plenty. It has a third feature: heat. It will heat the silicone sheath to about 100o F. It takes about five minutes to get there. I didn’t find that feature very helpful. I supposed if you are in a cold room, you will benefit from the body temp warmth.

Both the roller speed (up and down motion) and the vibe patterns are controlled by buttons on the two handles. It takes some practice to use them without looking. There are ten patterns for each function.

I like this device. It’s fun to use. It suffers from the same flaw as the Autoblow; the amount of “squeeze” from the rollers isn’t adjustable. Ironically, just as I started this review, Autoblow sent an email that they have a new version of their device that allows control of the squeeze. The Game Cup could profit from this addition.

The Game Cup is $99 USD at the time of this writing. It’s a bargain compared with the Autoblow. It’s also lighter and quieter. I loved the Albertine with its suction. I would love a device that combines the Albertine with the Game Cup. Combine the Game Cup thrusts with the rollers with the suction of the Albertine. I think that would be the most realistic blow job machine ever. I didn’t find the vibration that helpful. I don’t think the heater is needed at all. The silicone sleeve feels warm without it.

The Game Cup is a bargain. It works as well as my Autoblow at almost half the price. Hey, Amovibe, can you make a combo Albertine/Game Cup? In the meantime, this device is a great ride.

This device was provided to me at no charge for review. We don’t receive commissions or payments for reviewing products on our site.

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