I should start out by saying that I caught Lion interrupting me on Saturday night. I was going to tell him that was a freebie and he wouldn’t be punished, but he should watch his step. Unfortunately, we moved right on talking and I never told him. In his post this morning he said he expected he’d be punished, but he wrote that before he knew it was a freebie.

Lion wanted to test out the Autoblow ai last night. I hadn’t really looked at it before I retrieved it from his office. It is a cumbersome device. I know the electronics take up much of the room but it’s definitely not a sexy sex-machine. I hadn’t read any of the instructions, had no idea how it worked, didn’t even know it had to be plugged in. So many toys we have are rechargeable, it never occurred to me that the Autoblow wasn’t one of them.

I was fumbling around, trying to get things set up, trying to get myself into position and trying to get Lion into position. Lion suddenly told me that in order for this to work, it had to be fun. The only thing I’d said was that the Autoblow’s pursed lips looked weird. Fine. She’s beautiful and you’re lucky to have her.

I’d assumed I’d be holding the machine while Lion enjoyed the ride. After I helped guide him into it, I tried to get a better grip and he told me to stop moving it. Fine. Hands off. I don’t know why Lion was in such a mood, but I let it go. Maybe he was just preoccupied with his new friend. Maybe he was annoyed that it was late in the evening again. We’d gotten caught up in a surprisingly good football game so we didn’t play earlier. I know he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get hard enough so he might have been thinking about that as well. [Lion — All of the above.]

Since he was running the show, and I didn’t want to make any “unfun” comments, I sat quietly and watched as Lion changed from this speed to that and from this setting to that. When he commented on how things were going, I agreed or laughed as needed. I didn’t want to break the mood. He said the machine definitely wasn’t as good as I am. It was interesting and got him somewhat turned on, but he didn’t think it would ever get him all the way. I wonder how much of that is the fact that it was the maiden voyage or that I was sitting there watching him. Of course, he’s not allowed to use it if I’m not there, but I think you know what I mean. He had an audience. We decided he definitely needs to try it more than once for it to be a fair trial. [Lion — I also think that since it was only two days since my last orgasm, I wasn’t going to get that far. I liked that Mrs. Lion was watching. It’s been many years since I’ve been allowed to get sexual pleasure without a witness.]

Before bed, I told him since he’d complimented me on being better than the Autoblow, he didn’t have to set the coffeemaker up for Sunday morning. I was pretty sure he’d forgotten and I didn’t want him to get in trouble. He’d done a great job remembering it was punishment day, after all. There had to be some reward for that. It’s the first Saturday in a while he’s remembered. Yes, I know. Not being punished is its own reward, but I don’t often figure out rewards for Lion. I thought I’d be nice. You never know when I’ll need to be mean again.