It’s All About Expectations

It may have seemed strange to Lion that I think his invitations to snuggle are a request for sex, but when I do “just” snuggle with him, with no real effort to touch my weenie, Lion will say, “Aren’t we doing anything tonight?” Clearly, he’s looking for more than snuggling. This question doesn’t happen often because I usually do go for my weenie and continue on for more.

Even though our agreement is for me to unlock him at least every other night, (no need to unlock him now that he’s usually wild) I think Lion still expects activity every night. He’ll say he doesn’t but the question usually comes on an “off” night.

Let me just say, because Lion seems to think so, I don’t want to stop anything we’re doing. I was merely stating that I feel some sort of camaraderie with the wife on the TV show. [Lion — Debra on “Everyone Loves Raymond”.] Yes, the writers play up the stereotype that guys want sex and their wives feel put upon. The joke is that the wives don’t want sex at all or don’t like to do things for their husbands. It wouldn’t be funny if the guy wanted sex and the wife gave it to him. Where’s the joke in that? Boring!

I do think Lion gets a lot more sexual attention than many guys. It doesn’t always result in an orgasm, but isn’t the journey at least half the fun? Or so they say. I think he’s seen studies that say married couples average sex twice a week. I’m not sure I believe that. It might depend on who they asked. I think it’s probably closer to once a week. In either case, Lion is ahead of the game.

Yesterday we went to Costco. That’s a lot of walking for people who aren’t used to it. My foot was already hurting so by the time we got home, my knee had joined the fun. I was trying to find a comfortable position on the bed and Lion said he’d ask me to snuggle but he didn’t want to be threatening. He was joking, but I knew he’d missed the point.

I don’t need Lion locked away, although he might like that. For a few minutes, at least. Nothing he does threatens me. The concept was about expectations. Lion, like the TV husband, thinks about sex a lot. I, like the TV wife, I don’t think about it much at all. Lion, like the TV husband, wants sex more often. I, like the TV wife, think he’s getting enough already. So when Lion asks the question, “Aren’t we doing anything tonight?” I get a little annoyed. We’re snuggling. Isn’t that something? Does it only count when it leads to sex? Isn’t he happy that he’s been teased for the past how many nights and will be tomorrow? Do I have to tell him, “Now, sweetie, tonight is ‘just’ snuggling”? If that’s true then I should tell him he’ll only be edged on a particular night, or that tonight is his lucky night for an orgasm.

No. I won’t do that. I’m still in charge. When we do more than snuggle, when I “just” tease him, and when he has orgasms is still up to me. Will we do anything more than snuggle tonight? I don’t know. I’m waiting for the horniness report.

[Lion — If I annoyed Mrs. Lion with my behavior, shouldn’t she reward that behavior with her paddle?]