A Male Chastity History Story

cb 2000
The original, handmade CB 2000 chastity device. It was fabricated using off-the-shelf acrylic rod and rings.

By the time you read this post, I’ll be either in surgery or recovering from it. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to this. As Mrs. Lion pointed out in her post yesterday, I don’t do very well with captivity. My prior experience in a hospital was less than thrilling. I think I’ve learned a few tricks to make my stay more bearable.

For one thing, contrary to their instructions, I will bring some of my own medication. I’ve learned that hospital staff don’t do a very good job reading medical histories or, for that matter, following instructions. I’m supposed to stay for three days. Mrs. Lion suggested I may attempt to escape and catch an Uber home in the middle of the night. This is a distinct possibility. The surgeon informed me that if I feel up to it I can check out and any time. He’s pretty sure I won’t want to go anywhere for at least two days. I get it. I’m going to need IV painkillers for at least two days while the surgical wound heals.

Mrs. Lion spends as much time as she can visiting me. She’s there mostly to protect the nursing staff from my grumpy outbursts; at least that’s what she tells me. Obviously, I’m not giving any real thought to enforced male chastity right now. Though, I think the conversation about Chinese chastity devices is very interesting.

A while ago, Mark and Rebecca in their podcast, “All the Sex”, interviewed William. He’s the guy who makes the chastity devices at Mature Metal. Mrs. Lion and I are scheduled to appear live on April 21. We’ll give you more details about this closer to that date.

Anyway, they asked William about the Genesis of his chastity device business. His response was really interesting. He said that he was looking for something he could do by himself and sell. He didn’t explain how he decided that making male chastity devices was a good choice, but he did say it seemed like an ideal “widget”. My impression was that he decided to make the devices mainly because it looked like something he could sell.

Frank Miller invented the CB chastity devices. He and I had a lot of conversations back in the day. He was interested in the idea of enforced male chastity. The devices available were mostly custom-made belts. There were some tubes similar to modern devices (this was way back in the 1990s). They were expensive and , as he put it, not well-made.

His interest was in weekend chastity. He explained that he and his wife liked to play with him being locked up in a chastity device for a long weekend. Being a creative guy, he set to work with acrylic rings and rods and created what was to eventually be the CB 2000. It was an ingenious device (see image). He packaged it with several base rings of various diameters, spacers and a cage fabricated of acrylic rings and rods.

He explained that the device was intended for casual play. The one in the picture was the one he sent me as a sample. It was a bit uncomfortable, but serviceable for short-term wear. Eventually, business was good enough for him to afford injection molds and the more polished products he sells today were born.

The difference in approach between William and Frank Miller is very stark. In his own words, William said he was looking for something he could make and sell. He landed on chastity devices. Frank, on the other hand, made something completely new to meet a need he had. His was a labor of love.

I’m not claiming that making a great product requires you to need it personally. You don’t. However, it’s nice to know that a manufacturer has some skin in the game. Based on email exchanges I’ve had with William’s partner, I get the distinct impression he is not only making these devices, he’s also wearing them.

I always find it interesting to learn the story behind inventions. Enforced male chastity is a very recent phenomenon and in some ways Frank Miller may be one of the true pioneers.

Like some of the other people who read this blog, I started out as a reader of Altair Boy’s website. There was a lot of fantasy fiction about classic throw-away-the-key chastity. However, the largest amount of information was accounts of how to make chastity devices, and how to escape them. I got the distinct impression that almost everyone involved in male chastity were single males who lock themselves up and stayed locked until they figured out how to escape.

Of course, there could have been enormous numbers of couples also practicing this hobby. I doubt it. Frank’s CB 2000 wasn’t the first ball capture device I tried. There were lots of them. Almost all were ill fitting and very uncomfortable. Frank’s contribution was selling an off-the-shelf device that was adjustable to permit a reasonable fit for almost everyone.

He didn’t pretend that it was impossible to escape. The CB devices have always been among the easiest to get out of. He sold it to hobbyists; guys who wanted to play with penis bondage for short periods of time. His devices were reasonably priced and shipped within days of being ordered. He had the right product at the right price at the right time.

A lot has happened in the last 20 years. Vastly improved chastity devices are being made. A device like the Jail Bird can be worn continuously as long as desired. I think something new is happening.

Within the last few years we are learning that is much easier to get a comfortable device than we thought possible. Measuring for a chastity device seemed to be a complex, daunting process. I’ve written a lot about that. It’s true, that getting the right diameter for the base ring is important. However, we used to believe that ring should be the smallest diameter that could be worn without too much pain.

1-inch long jail bird
My 1-inch Jail Bird. My urethra peaks out from between the bars. This is a perfect size. All you can see is the head of my penis. The rest is comfortably tucked away.
(To view larger, click image)

Most of us accept the fact that a chastity device does not have to be inescapable. It just has to be sufficiently secure to prevent casual masturbation. Almost every ball-capture device meets that requirement. Yes, there are still some guys who want a device they can try to escape and fail. Most of us have gone past that point.

If preventing escape isn’t a primary goal, the base ring can be loose enough to prevent chafing and still be a satisfactory part of the chastity device. According to some recent information I got, the most common base ring size is one and three-quarter inches (45 mm). Remember, we only need the ring to be tight enough to prevent a ball from escaping during normal wear. There is no real requirement for that ring to be very tight.

lion in 1 in chinese chastitydevice)
This is the very short (1 inch) Chinese chastity device. For just $25 USD you can have this comfortable device.
(Click image to visit vendor’s website)

The only measurement that remains rather important is the diameter of the tube or cage. It needs to be wide enough to avoid squeezing the penis when soft. I’ve found that the diameter of a cage that works for me is about 1 1/4 inches. This isn’t critical. I know from experience, that a cage 1 inch in diameter won’t work for me. It’s too tight to allow good circulation. A cage wider than 1 1/2 inches this allows a little bit too much movement inside cage and prevents my urethra from remaining centered.

Since most off-the-shelf devices I’ve been looking at have a cage diameter between 1 1/4 inch and 1 1/2 inch, I suspect most of us comfortably fit into that size. The most difficult measurement used to be length. The flaccid penis is remarkably flexible. Depending on an endless set of conditions, mine can go anywhere from 1.25 to 2.5 inches in length.

side view of ht nub on my penis
Even though the Nub has just a 1 inch tube that barely contains the head of my penis, it’s designed to keep my penis pointing down nearly buried between my balls. This profile makes it absolutely invisible under any clothing.
(Click image to visit vendor’s site)

After having my Jail Bird shortened several times, I’ve discovered that a 1 inch long cage provides a very comfortable home for my penis. Other guys are discovering this too. Accepting this concept of the 1 inch cage is very difficult for a lot of men.

It’s very inexpensive to test whether or not this works for you. For less than $40 USD, you can buy a decent off-the-shelf device (stainless steel or plastic) that comes with several base rings. The cage or tube will be about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Lots of Chinese devices now use a solid, round base ring with a post that attaches to the cage. In the past, the Chinese devices used a hinged ring. The space made by the hinge invariably irritated the scrotum. Now that they’ve gone to the solid ring, the comfort is superb.

I now have two off-the-shelf Chinese devices: one stainless steel, the other plastic. Both provide acceptable fits. My Jail Bird is still more comfortable than either of the Chinese devices. It ought to be. Buying it and paying for several adjustments brings the cost over $600.

My point is that we are entering a new age of chastity devices. Things have gotten much simpler and cheaper. There are enough choices of 1 to 2 inch cages out there in China to allow lots of sampling. My personal experience is that the 1 inch cage wins hands down. The cage barely big enough to hold the head of my penis turns out to provide a comfortable home it can stay in as long as Mrs. Lion wants. It’s very effective in preventing any kind of erection (obviously) and I can’t find any easy access to arouse myself.

Even if I could magically find a way to get to that little spot under the head of my penis, there isn’t enough room for it to grow enough to make an orgasm worth having.

I’ll try to keep writing when I can. I’m dictating my posts using Dragon. So if you see some alarming non sequiturs and misuse of words like to, that’s the cause. I’ll see you on the other side of surgery.


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