I decided I needed some practice in the art of oral stimulation last night. Lion is, of course, very willing to be my guinea pig. He just doesn’t like when I stop before he gets over the top. It is more difficult to edge him in that position but I think I did a pretty good job. Practice makes perfect. I did relent at the end and give him an orgasm.

A while afterwards, he was reading about his surgery and sharing different aspects of it with me. I was going to tell him to put the ring on before he got ready for bed, but it was hard to get a word in. Then Lion asked me if I wanted the ring on. I got him locked up with just a few pinches.

There’s no reason for him to be locked up from a masturbating viewpoint. He’s just had an orgasm. The risk would be low. But he’s been well-trained not to do it even without the cage. So why put the cage back on?

Right now Lion is worried about his surgery. He’s worried about the recovery. He’s worried about being in the hospital for three days without me. He needs a form of security. The Jail Bird locked around my weenie lets him know that I’m with him even when I’m not. Call it his security blanket. It may not be as nice as my hand hanging onto him, but it’s like I’m saying, “I’ve got you.” Who wouldn’t like that?

Lion’s surgery has been rescheduled to Tuesday so I’ll probably keep him locked up until Monday night. Not that I won’t unlock him between now and then. I just think he needs the comfort for now. And, once he’s home and we know how he’s recuperating, we can decide when he feels well enough to be locked up again. There’s no rush. I’ll physically be with him to make him feel safe and secure.


  1. Mrs. Lion,

    You two make a beautiful pair. Lion is a lucky man, and you are a lucky woman. Try not to worry (both of you). Remember, it is major surgery but it has become routine. Recovery will be a challenge, and post recovery will be heavenly compared to how things are now. Imagine a healthy, happy Lion to cage and swat!!!

    Rooting for you both,


    1. Thanks for your good wishes!

  2. Good luck and prayers for you and the team of doctors and hospital staff.

    1. Thank You for the good wishes. We’ll keep you posted.

  3. I’m behind in my reading so you may have had the surgery by now. Regardless, I hope you heal quickly and well. All the best!

    1. Thanks, Michael. Surgery is coming up the day after tomorrow. I appreciate your good thoughts.

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