1 inch chastity cage on penis
To my surprise, the 1 inch cage fits on without extra skin flowing out from behind.
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After being teased within an inch of ejaculation Sunday night, I asked Mrs. Lion if I would be locked up again. I suggested perhaps the Jail Bird would be in order since I was so horny.

Sunday night was my seventh day of waiting. I know that’s not very long for a lot of people, but I generally get to come every four or five days. I admit I wanted to wear the cage again. It enhances my feeling of being owned by Mrs. Lion. It also prevents any erections, even small ones. I really like those erections, but they do feel a bit like I’m cheating when I get them without Mrs. Lion’s help.

Enforced male chastity appears very simple at first glance. Buy a cage, lock it on, and give the key to your partner. Wait. While waiting, feel delightful tingles of unrequited horniness. That’s the formula. We’ve followed it for over five years. Then, because I needed shoulder surgery, the cage came off for months. It turned out that it was absolutely no problem for me to avoid masturbating. Years of orgasm control had done their work.

urethra poking out of a male chastity device
When everything is lined up; my urethra peaks out of the center opening. Peeing is no problem then. Should it slip down a bit, there will be a messy spray.
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This training opened up some new possibilities. I could wear a locking cock ring that reminded me of who I belong to.  It’s true, I do like wearing the cage. I think Mrs. Lion enjoys it when I am locked up. The only reason I asked to be unlocked is that when my urethra gets out of alignment with the center opening in the cage, peeing becomes very messy. It’s really nice to get up in the middle of the night, wander half-asleep into the bathroom, and know I can hit the bowl without really looking. When I have the cage on, I don’t have that luxury.

I have absolutely no other reason not to wear it. About a week from now I’ll be going in for surgery. I expect that Mrs. Lion will let me remain wild for a while after the operation. I’ll be in the hospital for a few days and then recovering at home for about a month. I expect that sometime during my recovery, the cage will go back on.

I suppose that the whole business of wearing or not wearing a chastity device has more to do with what the caged male wants than anything else. The fantasy is that we are locked up by our keyholders so that they can better control our access to sex.

The reality is that if we accept orgasm control, then mechanical control isn’t necessary. I think that most of us like the idea of penis bondage. I like that Mrs. Lion has physical control over my genitals. I’ve never been entirely sure whether or not she cares that she does.

Certainly, there are times when I am unhappy about wearing a cage. That’s generally when I have to sit for long periods of time at my desk and I’m wearing fairly tight jeans. At those times, the cage can pinch me and require frequent little adjustments. Sometimes, after a day like that, Mrs. Lion will discover red spots when she unlocks me for teasing. In the scope of things this is very minor.

We really haven’t reached any solid agreement about keeping me in a chastity device. I spent over three years in my Jail Bird, only being released for teasing and cleaning. Since the surgery, I’ve had periods of being allowed to run wild, and most recently locked into a locking cock ring. The locking ring feels to me very much like the Jail Bird. The big difference, of course, is that I can have a full erection while wearing the ring.

Once I am through the surgery and competent to walk around safely, I expect that the Jail Bird will go back on. I plan to ask Mrs. Lion to swap it for the HT Nub I want to test and then review. I have to admit I’ve missed my cage. It feels good to be a caged lion again.

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  1. Nub follow-up – I developed a couple of sensitive spots after a few weeks in the Contender, so I was allowed to try out the knock-off Nub. Wow. It’s tiny and unusually comfortable. My normal cage is only marginally bigger than yours. There’s no comparison with the Nub, I think due to the angle and it being enclosed. No access at all, and put bluntly, it makes me feel castrated (not in any fantasy sort of way – it’s just…gone). It will be harder to clean than an open cage, but is ideal when steel isn’t an option. I can’t envision a more restrictive option. I’ll put a review up after more time, but figured you should know what’s headed your way. Ha

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