mature metal double locking cock ring
The double locking cock ring from Mature Metal. This is the device I wear.
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I am back in the Mature Metal locking cock ring. The best way to describe this device is that it’s a chastity device without the penis cage. I know that sounds odd, but in reality that’s what it is. The cock ring is available with a padlock to keep it closed, or with a security screw. That’s the one I have.

I like the double base ring. It feels like a more solid platform for the device. As you can see in the picture below, it fits well while soft or hard. The actual cock ring (the smaller ring in front of the double base ring) is 1/4 inch bigger in diameter then the cage on my Jail Bird chastity device. Mistress Mature Metal, the CEO of the company suggests making the ring slightly larger to more comfortably accommodate an erection.

locking cock ring on lion's penis
Here’s my locking cock ring as it fits my flaccid and erect penis. It’s very comfortable in both states. Since the front ring is tight, I stay harder longer.
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When I get hard with the ring on, the extra quarter inch isn’t enough for a loose fit, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or to prevent my erection from subsiding. You can see this in the picture (Right) above. The cock ring gives Mrs. Lion some trouble getting the locking screw into the threads. We are both hoping that over time it will come easier for her.

When I ordered the device and asked for advice on sizing, Mistress MM had this advice:

“LOVE using the double locking cock ring on William. (He actually makes the devices)
It allows me access when ever I want it and I know he is trained to not touch.

You MAY want to go up a size on the front locking cock ring (FLCR) since you will be able to become fully erect.
William uses a round base ring with his (oval with the cage).
A FLCR can not be adjusted in size.

The post on the base ring of a locking cock ring is much shorter, so you will not be able to
use it with the cage. If you want them interchangeable, the post will stick out much further
than the locking collar on top of the FLCR which can get in the way if you two cuddle.”

locking cock ring on lion's hard penis
This is the security screw on the locking cock ring, It requires a special tool (supplied with the ring) to remove.
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We took her advice. The double-base -ring device is $155 with padlock. Adding a security screw costs an extra $65; well worth it in my opinion.

My base ring is round, and like William’s my Jail Bird base ring is oval. The cock ring takes a little getting used to. Here I am wearing a device that is as secure as my chastity cage. Yet, the penis is out and fully accessible. Like William, I’m trained not to play with it on my own. It’s hanging out for Mrs. Lion’s convenience.

I really like wearing this. It fits and feels just like my Jail Bird. It’s not going anywhere. I would have a lot of trouble removing it. I like to think of it as a very concrete symbol of my commitment to my lioness. As you can see in the pictures, no one will miss it if they get a chance to see Mrs. Lion’s weenie.

In a way, being allowed to wear this locking cock ring makes me a sort of “trustee” in the world of enforced male chastity. I have free access because Mrs. Lion trusts that I’ll keep my paws to myself. Any suspicion that I’m playing with her penis will be greeted by return to full-time lockup in the Jail Bird chastity device.


  1. I do not understand how you considers it a cage?. You can masturbate or make love with another woman with that device.Regards

    1. Author

      I’m trained not to do any of that.

  2. So what sense does the ring have, only aesthetic? or does it produce any new sensation? It’s a little expensive not to be a cage. Thanks for your reply

  3. I found something similar in aliexpress. The difference is that the second ring has a few prongs that prevent the erection

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