Review:The First Reasonably-Priced, Custom Plastic Chastity Device (NSFW)

ghost chastity device

This is a good-news, bad-news review. Finally, you can order a custom-fit, plastic male chastity device. The design is excellent and comfortable. Sadly, there is bad news too.

Using the magic of 3-D printing, there have been a couple of attempts to create a printed chastity device. Custom Chastity, a tiny company in Australia (actually just husband and wife) have designed a 3-D printed device. That’s cool. But even better, for $265 USD, you can buy a custom-fitted device that is made of surgical nylon. The couple uses 3-D design software to create a  device that is custom fitted just for you.

That’s the good news. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad news as well. 3-D printers don’t produce items with a smooth surface. Since the device is printed, the finished product has a rough texture. It isn’t exactly sandpaper, but after less than twenty-four hours of wear, I was irritated and red. This isn’t news to Lady Fox, the woman who runs the computer design software. She packs a little bottle of silicone lube with each device. She claims the lube will overcome the rough texture of the device. It didn’t for me. This is far from the end of the story. Let’s start at the beginning.

Custom Chastity offers several chastity device designs. I chose the “Ghost”. This model is fairly open, much like my stainless steel Jail Bird. They offer it in three stock sizes. None were close to my actual measurements. So I went the custom route. They offer the device in a variety of colors. I ordered one in red.

One very nice feature is that when you order a custom cage, you get a poorly, home-printed sample of your custom cage so you can check the size. The finished device is printed by a commercial 3-D printing company like Shapeways. You send them a digital 3-D file and they produce the product. Custom Chastity uses one of these services. For the “test” cage, they print at home. They call it a “resin” version. It’s weak and crude, but it is the size you ordered. My resin copy showed I got the measurements completely wrong. We made some corrections and the final version ended up close, but not close enough. Another try and the size was perfect.

resin sample chastity cage
This is the crude “resin” sample of the cage that was sent to confirm size.

The measuring instructions they provide aren’t very clear and are unlikely to produce accurate results. Even with all my experience in buying devices, following their instructions turned out to be a disaster. Here’s what I learned: To measure length you have two choices: You can measure from  your body along the top to get the length of your flaccid penis. That is the total length of the finished device. It’s difficult to figure the correct cage size from this number. Custom Chastity  recommends this top measurement. If you use it, you need to subtract the thickness of the ring and the gap between the ring and cage. If you set a 10mm gap (what I used), you need to subtract that from the length measurement, then I would suggest subtracting another 13mm. Use metric measurement since that is what they use in Australia and is safer with this tiny company.

Here’s what I found works better. Stand up and measure the flaccid length of your penis from the underside (scrotum to tip). Do this several times and then subtract 10mm from the shortest measurement. Use that to specify the cage length. It will be a snug fit with your urethra poking out a bit at the tip. This makes peeing a lot easier.

Use the instructions on Getting a Good Fit to measure the penis diameter and the base ring size. You can verify your measurements with the resin cage they send you. You only get one shot at the ring. Be sure you have the right size before you order.

You will need to select a color for your cage and ring. My experience with the red device was not good. The red dye bled off when I cleaned the device in the ultrasonic cleaner. Lady Fox, the owner of Custom Chastity admits that there are no proven-safe dyes. The nylon material the cage is made of is normally used for hip replacement parts and isn’t dyed. When I bought the second cage, I ordered “white” which I assume is the natural color of the nylon. My total cost, including shipping, ended up at $265 USD for a custom cage and base ring.

Lady Fox and I tried to estimate the correct size since the resin sample was so far off. After another flurry of emails, Lady Fox felt she had the size right. I approved her estimate of the cage size. After another four weeks, I received the “final” cage. It was too long by about 1/2-inch. I asked if there was something I could do to get things right. She agreed to sell me another custom cage for a reduced price (not very reduced, by the way). I told her I wanted it in white since the red color bled off the plastic. I also ordered a white base ring to match the new cage.

Another four weeks later, I received the new cage. The size was perfect, but it was red, not white. There was no new base ring in the package. Lady Fox agreed to replace the cage with a white one of the same size and ship the new base ring. In the meantime I used the red Ghost to test for this review.

This device is well designed. The cage is curved downward so it is invisible under clothes. Longer cages are also oval shaped with their flatter side is facing out. It’s a very good way to keep things out of sight. That’s the good news. After just a day of wear, I had a red ring on my body where the ring touched. The ring diameter was perfect. It is the same size as my Jail Bird’s. The problem is the rough 3-D printed texture. I decided to try some do-it-yourself smoothing. I used my Dremel machine and sanding disks to smooth the ring. The nylon is fairly hard, so it took a while. Also be aware it has a fairly low melting point, so the sanding must be done at low speed or the nylon will melt.

locking tab
A clever tab on the ring holds the padlock firmly in place against the cage.

With the ring newly-smoothed, The cage went on again; this time for 2 days. The ring no longer irritated me, but I had a sore on the top of my penis and the tip was in some pain too. Again, the rough finish of the device caused the trouble. There was also some redness on my body. I hadn’t smoothed the entire ring. After this test, I put the red device aside. Eventually, the white device was delivered. Before trying to wear it, I smoothed the entire ring and tried to sand the inside of the cage as well. After eight hours of wear, I was getting sore. Clearly the device needs a lot more work.

Even though this seems to be the perfect solution for an airport-safe device, I can’t suggest you order it unless you are prepared to spend several hours smoothing the finish. It’s too bad that Lady Fox and her husband don’t follow through and put the same level of care into their devices that other custom cage makers like Mature Metal do. If they would hand finish their 3-D printed devices, they could compete successfully with the best custom devices.

The Ghost device is well designed. It has a feature I really like. The padlock (supplied with the device) “locks” under a tab on the ring. It sits firmly in place, flat against the top of the cage. There is no rattle or movement. The device also locks easily with a numbered, plastic seal.

For the price, Custom Chastity should finish the device. It’s wrong to send it to customers in the same condition it comes back from the 3-D printing company. I’m sure that the actual cost of printing the device is well under $100 USD. They can afford to spend an hour or two smoothing and polishing. Of course, they can only do that with the white color. The other colors come off when you try to take off the roughness.

ghost chastity device with plastic seal
A numbered, plastic seal makes the Ghost metal-free and able to pass through metal detectors.

Unless you are ready to spend two or three hours with sandpaper finishing the device, you will not be happy. I’m really sad that’s the case. The design is great. The changes Lady Fox made to deliver a device that fits my short, flaccid penis were perfect. The material is strong and shows no sign that it will break over time. I bought some sandpaper and I am trying to work my way in and around the device to smooth it. Once I manage to do that, I am convinced I can easily wear this when I travel, or even when I am home. When it isn’t sanding the skin off my tender region, it fits as comfortably as my Jail Bird.

I chose the Ghost because the open design is easier to keep clean and looks more comfortable. The more closed models probably share all the benefits and defects I found in the Ghost. If you want a reasonably priced custom device and you are willing to take on a do-it-yourself finishing project, this device is a good choice. I’m going to keep looking  for a wearable plastic device that doesn’t require me to spend hours doing the polishing work I expected from the manufacturer.


  1. Author

    Great blog. I read most of them but rarely comment. I lot of good info in this one.

      1. Author

        I have one. The design just doesn’t work for me and it is not a custom fit.

  2. Author

    I had some similar experiences and issues with their non-custom Ghost Starter Set. It really was a mixed bag, with some aspects being incredibly good (like the tab to keep the lock from rattling about) but others rather frustrating (and not in the good way).

  3. Author

    Thanks for the heads up on this cage I was planning on ordering one glad I held off. I don’t think I would be that forgiving on some things I ordered to there specs. And when it was wrong still had the pay to get it right. I guess the guys at M/M is the way to go thanks.

    1. Author

      I wanted to get it all right because a TSA-proof cage would be a help for me when I travel. I am now sorry I wasted the money. Custom Chastity is not the way I would suggest anyone go.

  4. Author

    The chaffing problem was really annoying. But I recently coated the cage with a glaze nail polish and chip resistant top coat. So far (3 weeks) it’s been perfect. Smooth, no chaffing, no odor, no problems.

  5. Author

    I got mine about a month ago and haven’t had any of the rough edge/ chafing problems that people have been talking about. The ‘eggshell’ finish isn’t gloss but there are no rough edges and no ‘sandpapering’

    Not sure whether they fixed the problem / whether I got lucky / my dick is made of asbestos but it’s genuinely the best ball secured cage I’ve tried

    1. They claim that they tumble the devices and it improves the finish.

  6. Author

    I have one but even after sanding with 1000 grit it makes the skin very irritated in just a few hours, I’m going to try an acrylic clear coat as if that works

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