I am a week away from my surgery. I know it’s worrying Mrs. Lion and I have to admit that I’m concerned as well. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the procedure. I even watched a YouTube video of one being performed. We’ll both try to keep you informed as things unfold. It’s safe to assume that we may skip a few posts next week.

The surgery is a procedure to open up some space in my neck vertebrae. Over time, the discs have squeezed down a bit and expanded into the space needed by my spinal cord. This puts pressure on the cord and has created a few nasty symptoms for me. Even if I were willing to accept these symptoms, the probability is that new problems would crop up unless this pressure is relieved. So, I’m going to get literally, a pain in the neck. I suppose there’s a certain amount of irony there since Mrs. Lion often says I’m a pain in her neck. I’m grateful we have the technology to diagnose the cause of my problems and to correct them.

Monday night, after an eight-day wait, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and gave me a delightful oral orgasm. Oh boy! This was after she made a big deal about starting my clock only after I became horny. According to that system, Sunday would have been my first day; even though it had been seven days at that point since my last orgasm. I’m very grateful she took me out of my misery.

I’m back in the cage and expect it will remain on through next weekend. Obviously, it has to come off of the surgery and for a good part of the recovery. I’ll be doped up on pain medication and will have enough trouble peeing while wild, much less locked in a chastity device. It’s very likely I’ll have no interest in sex until I can get off the more powerful drugs.

Since I’ve had a relatively long period without a cage, returning to it has given me an opportunity to gain some new perspective. I’ve long thought that one of the key limitations the cage imposes is the inability to get an erection. I know that most people think about being unable to masturbate as the principal value of the cage. It’s been years since I’ve had any interest in jerking off. So the cage has no value preventing something I wouldn’t do anyway.

Erections, on the other hand, feel really good. It’s also very nice to touch my hard cock. Now, I can’t touch my cock, hard or soft. It’s been effectively taken away from me. Even when I’m unlocked, the only touching it gets comes from Mrs. Lion. If she’s diligent about re-locking me, I won’t even get to touch it to pee.

I think this physical isolation of my penis sends me a very strong message. I understand that Mrs. Lion owns my penis. At least I do on an intellectual level. With the cage locked on, my understanding is on a deeper, more-visceral level. She’s asserting her ownership by preventing me from having any direct access to it. That’s incredibly different from just telling me she owns it and only she can make it ejaculate. Now, only she can touch it.

I wonder if she thinks about this. After all, whether or not I’m wearing a chastity device changes nothing in her mind. At least I don’t think so. Owning my penis is still an intellectual concept for her. Just because the chastity device removes the possibility that I can touch it, doesn’t necessarily impact the way she thinks about my enforced chastity.

It seems to me that this difference in perception is one of the more bothersome aspects of enforced male chastity. The keyholder doesn’t really gain anything when she locks up the penis. Yes, she is assured that he can’t cheat and play with himself. But I don’t think that’s a particularly important worry for most women. I’m sure that trust is way more important than physical security when it comes to a partner’s penis.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that the device isn’t really necessary for her to have sexual control over us. After all, we asked her to take this on. Yet, at least in my case, I can’t help but feel a much deeper level of control when that device is locked on. These deeper feelings are most noticed immediately after I am locked up. Having been allowed to run wild for a long time, I got used to touching her property. That makes my inability to even hold it a much more profound loss now that I’m locked up again.

Many guys may not articulate this, but I’m pretty sure a big part of the emotional impact of being locked in a chastity device, has to do with the simple fact that the penis is not accessible in any way. Most of what I read is about a need to ejaculate. Guys talk about how frantic they get to be unlocked and jerked off. I wonder if that’s really the big issue. I suspect the isolation is much more important.l

For a while I figured my frustration was more about not being able to get hard. Now that I’m back in the cage, I don’t really think about that at all. Sure, I love it when I can have a nice erection, but I’m not missing it. I am missing those little moments when I can reach down and touch it. I’m reminded that it isn’t mine to touch. That privilege belongs to my lioness.


  1. I think a big part of the impact is the loss of control, in whatever form it takes, In my case, while locked up I can still touch and achieve an erection, but there’s no possibility of an orgasm until my wife unlocks me.

    Having the ability to get most of the way “there”, but being unable to complete the natural process, is very frustrating, and in its own perverse way very entertaining. For me anyway, the isolation without the teasing would be significantly more boring. Of course, if Mrs. Lion unlocks her weenie daily for a teasing session (which I expect you very much look forward to), that sort of negates that issue.

    1. Author

      I think it’s a little different for me. Certainly, it’s really exciting to be teased and edged. I look forward to those sessions. My most profound sense of control comes from being completely isolated from my penis. It’s not even sexual. While you can access and even arouse yourself, I can’t even do any more than poke a finger and touch the head of my penis. None of the shaft is accessible, or for that matter, even visible.

  2. Loss of erections and contact are easily my biggest challenges, not remaining chaste – that’s the easy part. The feeling of claustrophobia melds with the loss of ownership/control for me. I just thought I couldn’t touch it in the cage. The Nub makes it entirely inaccessible, unless going to great lengths. Not sure I like that, really.

    In medical situations, I’ve found it helps to realize you can only control your thoughts. That worrying only increases stress, which takes away from our body’s ability to heal. You’re an analytical guy, so I figure this may help you as it does for me. All the best to you both as you navigate this ordeal.

  3. The loss of control is what does it for me. Being caged really brings home the reality that I can’t do anything with my penis. It really is her penis! And that to me is exciting!!

    1. Author

      That’s what gets to me too. I also like the feeling of wearing the hardware.

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