Your Chastity Device Base Ring

jail bird base ring on lion's cock
My Jail Bird base ring on my flaccid penis. It is a tight-but-comfortable fit.
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Very often, people new to enforced male chastity struggle with sizing the so-called base ring. This is the large ring through which you thread your cock and balls (works best when you put your balls one at a time through first, then your soft penis). The cage or tube locks to this ring. For some reason, the idea has circulated that the tighter this ring, the more secure the chastity device. I have no idea why people imagine that’s true.

Of course, I don’t think so-called security is even a factor in selecting a male chastity device. Any device that’s secured by a base ring around the cock and balls is escapable. Escape can be made much more difficult if the cage or tube is secured to a penis piercing. Frankly, I think that’s all irrelevant. Men are locked in a chastity device because they want to be. It’s not a female kink. This is strictly guy stuff.

I realize that there is a subculture of chastity enthusiasts whose main interest is escaping chastity devices. The hobby consists of making or buying devices that are supposed to be secure, and then escaping. I’m not writing to this group. To the rest of us, the male chastity device is meant to prevent unauthorized sexual activity. My Jail Bird is absolutely up to that task. It’s also hard enough to escape so that I’m not tempted to sneak out for a quick jerk off.

shortest jail bird on lion's penis
Here I am with the cage attached to the base ring. Note how compressed my dick is.
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The purpose of the base ring is to provide a stable anchor for the cage or tube. It is supposed to be tight enough to prevent the entire chastity device from sliding outward when an erection is attempted. I call this “cage creep”. Cage creep is one of the most common complaints chastity device wearers have. It’s believed that a tighter ring (i.e. smaller diameter) will provide additional friction and stop this problem.

It probably will. But, too much friction is a bad thing. A tight ring won’t move with the body and as a result, will irritate the skin. A lot of guys regularly apply lubricating lotion under their rings. They find it effective. Of course, skin is meant to be dry and keeping it wet with one of these products can result in breakdown, sores, or other injuries. Additionally, too-tight a ring can restrict blood circulation as well. In any case, it’s pretty uncomfortable.

Adding the lube to a tight ring will reduce friction with the body and also promote cage creep. The cure sometimes is worse than the disease. My view is that cage creep is largely unrelated to the base ring; it has more to do with the available surface area inside the cage. More about that in a bit.

The best way to size a base ring is by testing. I know, most guys are very impatient to get that cage and lock it on. Unfortunately, there is a process that must be followed to assure a good fit. The first step is to test various diameter rings. I suggest starting with a one-and-three-quarter inch ring. This is the most popular size. By the way, you can purchase a set of test rings from Mature Metal. They are inexpensive and will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Put on the one-and-three-quarter inch ring. Thread your balls and then your penis through. Pull it tight against your body. If it’s comfortable, leave it on 24 hours a day for at least a week. If it starts to irritate you, take it off. Wait a few days to let the irritation heal. Then, try the next larger size. Rinse and repeat.

If while wearing the ring, one of your balls escapes, the ring is too large. Try the next smaller size. If a ball doesn’t escape and the ring still feels large, continue wearing that ring for a full week and then, if you want, try the next smaller size.

You can take quite a while to determine what works best for you. Most of us, don’t have to go through too much of this. Get used to the idea that preparing to wear a device locked on your penis full-time takes considerable time and effort. Of course, if you’re the impatient type, buy an inexpensive device with a one-and-three-quarter inch ring (44 mm) and give it a whirl.

Bear in mind, that the base ring diameter is the most critical part of correctly fitting a chastity device. The next most critical dimension is pretty easy to determine. That is your penis diameter. A key to wearing a comfortable, secure device is a properly fitting cage. I’ve determined at least for me, that the length of the cage is not terribly critical. The diameter is. Here’s how to measure it.

If you don’t have calipers, take a piece of string and wrap it around your penis near the base. Of course, you should be soft for this. Mark where the end of the string overlaps the string you’ve wrapped around. Don’t pull tight. Just wrap it around your penis let it overlap the end and mark the spot where it overlaps.

Lay the ring out on the table and using a ruler, measure it. You now have the circumference of your penis. If you divide that measurement by 3.1416 you will get the diameter. For example if the string is 5.5 inches long, when you divide that by 3.1416 you get about 1.75 or 1 3/4 inches. That’s a pretty big penis. Mine is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. You get the idea.

I order my cages with a diameter that is one quarter of an inch less than the measured diameter of my soft penis. This assures that the side of my penis will always be in firm contact with the cage. Similarly, I order the lengths to be substantially shorter than my soft penis. The effect of following this guide, reduces the surface area of skin in contact with the chastity device. That, in turn, reduces the amount of force applied to the cage when you try to get hard.

By keeping the cage diameter just a little bit less than the actual diameter of your soft penis, when you attempt an erection a good deal of the force will be applied to the sides of the cage. Most of the pressure, however, will be applied to the end. The less blood the cage allows to get into your penis, the less pressure is available to cause cage creep. While a smaller base ring, will add enough friction to reduce cage creep, it will also create considerable discomfort and possibly injury.

Since the chastity device is not adjustable, getting the measurements right is critical. It takes time and energy to make the fit work. Sometimes you get lucky and the measurements you use from the start are correct; at least they seem to be. Over time, if you do end up wearing it full time, you will probably discover that some adjustments are necessary. That doesn’t mean that the size of your genitals has changed. You’ve become a more critical wearer.

It took a year before I realized that my cage was too long. It took another two years before I understood that I needed it even shorter. You can bypass this trial-and-error experimentation sometimes if you start out with a much shorter cage.

It’s a big decision when you decide to wear a chastity device full-time. You should probably expect that it will take some time, energy, and money to figure out how to size it properly. In the end, all this effort is worth it. At least I think so.


  1. Very good points. But I do know some women who are into male chastity. So it’s not always male driven…

    1. Author

      I think heavy involvement with the hardware is almost always a male thing.

  2. I love the pic of the short cage. Thinking about that for my hubby.

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      He may love it. Thanks for your comment.

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