Review: Evotion Orion Male Chastity Device

Evotion Wearables has been around since 2014. They started out making male chastity devices for men who have Prince Albert or frenum piercings. They’ve been using 3D-printing to produce their devices from the beginning. Many of the piercing-required devices only have a covering for the penis shaft. There is no ball ring. I believe that this can be a defect since the penis can grow longer if not thicker when just restrained by a piercing shaft container.

Evotion recently came out with their Evotion Orion male chastity device. Unlike their other products, this one is designed for men with no penis piercing. It incorporates features that have evolved over the years of making piercing-only devices. As far as I know, it’s absolutely unique.

Every other device I’ve worn comes in two pieces: the base ring and the penis tube or cage. The cage locks onto the base ring providing the required sexual prevention functionality. I’ve had a lot of trouble with almost every device I’ve worn. Even custom devices like my Jail Bird make it difficult to urinate standing up. The Cherry Keeper, another 3D-printed device added a feature called the “headlock”. This is a little shelf that fits just below the head of the penis. It keeps the head in a single position inside the top of the cage. I considered this a major breakthrough. The headlock made sure that my urethra would remain centered and I could safely stand to pee. It turned out that there still was enough motion inside the top of the cage that sprays frequently resulted.

The Evotion Orion is a three-piece device. There is a base ring, a center shaft container, and a headcover. This design conforms to their piercing-only devices. They feature a shaft cover and a separate headcover. The shaft cover locks onto the headcover and the headcover is locked onto the piercing.

In the case of the Orion, there are two locks: one that locks the base ring to the shaft cover, and the second that locks the shaft cover to the headcover. It turns out there is an extremely good reason for this type of construction. More about that later.

The Orion is a custom device. It’s priced similarly to the Jail Bird. Sometimes there are specials that offer a lower price. When I first looked at the device, it cost $369 for the standard nylon version. It’s also available in 3D-printed metal as well. Those versions are much more expensive. This is a pretty high price for 3D-printed cages. However, unlike their competitors, Evotion hand finishes these devices and provides them with a beautiful high-gloss finish. Mine, as you can see from the pictures is a nice candy apple red. If I ever get of Ferrari, the device will match.

Like most custom devices, the Orion needs accurate measurements in order to be made to fit perfectly. Evotion offers very good advice on how to do this measuring. Unlike most two-piece devices, Evotion needs different parts of the penis to be measured. First and foremost, you must be absolutely flaccid. Even the slightest hint of arousal will make a mess of your measurements. Unlike the Jail Bird and other cages, Evotion needs measurement along the top of your penis from your body to the beginning of the glans (the head). Without any stretching or arousal, measure from your body to the point where the head gets wider. Every penis has a “shoulder” where the wider head meets the shaft. The first measurement needs to capture that value.

The second measurement is one that is required for most devices, it’s the circumference or diameter of the flaccid shaft itself. This is a measurement that needs to be taken several times. It’s critical that you get this one right. The third measurement is the circumference or diameter of the head at the widest point just above the “shoulder”. Next, they need the measurement for the length of the head. I used a digital caliper for these measurements. It’s difficult to use this without distorting things since you can push the caliper too hard and it will compress what you’re measuring. But if you are careful, and keep trying several times you will get a consistent, accurate measurement. Last, they need the base ring diameter.

Evotion Wearables prides itself on personal service. After I sent them my measurements, they came back to me with questions. They wanted to be sure that I had accurately measured. When they and I were both satisfied we had them right, they put the device into production. Like many of the other custom devices, expect to wait 4 to 6 weeks after ordering before you will receive your new device. By the way, they will mold into the head anything you would like to put there in the way of a message. Obviously, it can’t be a very long message. Mine says, “LION”. I consider it a sort of name tag so it won’t get mixed up with others (LOL).

It turns out that putting your Orion on isn’t intuitive. Evotion doesn’t provide any instructions on how to actually put on the device. I got it wrong in the beginning. I had to contact them and ask them to offer me some help. Mrs. Lion kindly worked with me to give you the illustrated guide on how to put one on.

evotion base ring on penis
The basering is wider than most devices I’ve worn.

When you receive it, you’ll see that the key for the connection between the base ring in the shaft section goes in behind (toward your body) on the base ring. I wondered about that since most of the devices I’ve worn have the base ring sitting tightly against my abdomen. Also, the fittings that connect the various pieces of this device are more like plugs and sockets, then sliders. The shaft section fits into the base ring by depressing it (squeezing the shaft of your penis) and getting it under its socket and the base ring. Then it essentially clicks into place. Once you work out how to do this without pinching, it’s actually elegant and easy.

I was getting a little aroused when Mrs. Lion
put the middle piece on. Even calm, much
of my penis was sticking out.

When I put it on the first time I pulled my penis through the shaft section until the shaft piece was against the base ring. This left a considerable amount of my penis hanging out of the front of the shaft section (see picture, left). Mrs. Lion then tried to squeeze the headpiece over this skin. Eventually she managed to do it. I had a whole bunch of skin hanging out between the head cage and the shaft piece. That didn’t seem right to me.

Next, pull back the penis behind the basering
until only the head sticks out.

I sent a picture to Evotion and they agreed this was not the right way to wear it. They sent me a link to a very short video that showed a man adjusting his Orion. It turns out that once you lock the shaft piece against the base ring, you then pull the penis back from behind the base ring until just the head peeks out from the front of the shaft section. This seemed really odd to me. It sort of looked like a lot of my penis was behind the base ring.

Alignment is right when just the head pokes out
from the center section. No other skin should show.
Don’t worry about the bunching in back.

Once I did that and only the head was showing, it was easy to lock the headcover on. The folks at Evotion pointed out to me that they actually invented the so-called “headlock” that is part of the Cherry Keeper. At the very front of the shaft piece, there is a molded-in ring that sits in the groove just below the head. It essentially prevents the head from slipping backward. The head of the penis is firmly locked into place.

I’m not sure if this “locking mechanism” prevents pullout. I am sure it doesn’t make it easy. More importantly, it prevents the head from sliding backward. It has to stay firmly in contact with the front of the cage. This, in turn, guarantees that my urethra is centered in the opening designed for it. It became very clear why accurate measurements were necessary. When I had adjusted the device correctly I sent a picture back to Evotion and they told me that the fit was absolutely perfect.

Within an hour or less of putting the device on that excess skin behind the base ring disappeared into the device and it fit very much the same way as any other male chastity device. Just pull the scrotum forward through the base ring and all will tighten up nicely. The base ring is substantially wider than on any other device I own. It lends stability and doesn’t cause me any discomfort.

After pulling the scrotum forward, the device fits
correctly and comfortably.

The device is essentially invisible under clothing. It’s nicely centered between my balls and creates a discrete bulge that doesn’t reveal what’s going on. Once I got it on correctly, the Orion turned out to be the most comfortable male chastity device I’ve ever worn. I only had a little bit of slight pinching from the base ring once or twice and that was easily fixed with a slight, subtle adjustment.

Most exciting for me, was the fact that I can confidently urinate standing up without even bothering to check if my urethra is in the right position. The unique design of the Orion held my penis in the correct position over multiple days of wear. This is now the device I wear every day.

The Orion has a “head trap” inside the middle section.
When you pull your penis back, the “trap” sits just under the head, effectively locking it in place.

The Evotion Orion isn’t perfect. The manufacturers claim that the filigree pattern (you have your choice of several, I picked hearts) provides adequate ventilation. I found that I could keep myself pretty clean by showering, but hours after bathing, when Mrs. Lion removed the device, my penis was still damp. After two days and two showers, there was a distinct unpleasant smell in the loose skin below the head of my penis.

This odor was not detectable until after the cage was off and Mrs. Lion was playing with me. I suppose my standards are a bit high because I’ve always worn open cage designs. Those men who have been wearing tubes, are used to this issue. Even though there are some open areas in the device, I would classify this as a tube-type male chastity device. That means that the device has to be removed and the penis washed and dried every few days to prevent potential problems. This is not an issue for us. Mrs. Lion unlocks me almost every day. It does mean that she needs to unlock me earlier some of the time to allow me to take a shower while wild.

Wearing a chastity device always involves some compromise. Our penises were not designed to be locked up. However, with a little care, the Evotion Orion can definitely become your standard male chastity device for long-term wear. Its glossy finish looks pretty durable. However, when I cleaned it in my ultrasonic cleaner, the water did have a slight pink tinge. The finish will probably wear out over time.

If you ever have a problem with fit or if something breaks, Evotion can make you new parts. A new base ring, for example, costs $150. Obviously it pays to measure correctly the first time!

You can find the Evotion Orion on the Evotion website. Please let them know you heard about them from us. They might offer you a special price. No guarantees.

I am extremely happy with my Evotion Orion. Mrs. Lion likes the way it works and after some practice, is able to get it on-and-off me without too much pinching or aggravation. It’s much more fun being a caged lion if I am in a nice shiny red cage with my name on it.

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