The Lion’s Share

Lion's spanked bare ass
Another fetching view of my bottom This was taken on Sunday, just before our football game. You can see the shock collar strapped to my balls. The bruises are still here and I feel them when I sit. Proof I got the lion’s share.
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At one time or another, most of us use the expression “The lion’s share”. This expression refers to the fact that after a kill, the lion (male) gets the first shot at eating. He gets the lion’s share. This expression also applies to me but in a different way.

The implication is that getting the lion share is better. It depends. I get the lion’s share of spanking. I get more and harder swats because I am, well, the lion. I get the lion’s share of teasing. On a nearly-daily basis, Mrs. Lion masturbates me to the edge of orgasm over and over, and then smiles and says, “Not tonight, sweetie.” Last night I was edged orally. Mean Mrs. Lion!

Over the last couple of months, Mrs. Lion has been kind to me in the sex department. Either by accident or on purpose, I’ve ejaculated on the average of once every four days. This is a little under the nearly-seven days I averaged over the last several years. Of course, Mrs. Lion has made it perfectly clear that my enforced chastity isn’t a marathon. I wait the amount of time Mrs. Lion decides I should. It could be as little as a day or as much as a month.

When I am especially interested in sex, each day I wait feels like a very long time. I’m fully aware that my level of interest has nothing to do with when I will ejaculate next. That doesn’t stop me from really wanting her hand on my penis. Ironically, she will almost always put her hand on my penis if I ask her. She’ll also play with it. What she won’t do is keep playing with it until I ejaculate. Asking her to continue earns me the fisheye. Well, two out of three isn’t bad.

I’m writing this on Sunday. Just telling you about my sexual Lion’s Share has made me hard. There’s nothing like sitting at my computer writing away with an erection bobbing between my legs. I admit it; my hand strays down now and then for a little rub. I realize that I’m just making things worse for myself, but I can’t help it. One (and probably the only one, for me) advantage of being locked in the Jail Bird is that I can’t get hard and if I try I can’t help it along.

clothespins on lion's balls
Some of the “other attention” includes the “lion’s share” of clothespins pinching his balls
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The Lion’s Share also applies to other attention I get from my lioness. She knows that the lion is supposed to get more. So, her spanking experiment requires that I receive 300 hard swats each session. It’s the Lions’ way. You can see for yourself in the many records we’ve published of her experiment (click here for the latest results), she does considerable damage. When I sit on a hard chair, I still feel pain from last Thursday’s session.

I haven’t been receiving a true lion’s share of punishment when I earn it. That’s due to my inability to hold still for an appropriate spanking, and Mrs. Lion’s need for more experience providing a true lion-sized punishment. Based on her ongoing experiment, I believe that problem has been corrected. I haven’t received a disciplinary spanking since we started the experiment, so I’m not sure how her new-found experience will affect the pain she inflicts. I’m pretty sure that my next punishment will feature groups of swats, just like the experiment, only more of them. I’m not sure if she will hit harder, but I am certain she will pick a paddle she knows I hate.

I’m embarrassed to admit that writing about our experiment and my next punishment has further enlarged my budding erection. I do love the idea of being spanked. My love of it does not extend to the actual session. Once her paddle starts landing on my ass, I’m truly unhappy to be in the situation. Yet here I am, a scant few days after a bruising spanking, getting hard at the thought of the next one.

Just as lionesses are programmed to give their lions the largest share, apparently lions are programmed to expect it. In my case, I not only expect but I want the lion’s share of teasing and spanking. No wonder Mrs. Lion tells me I am a silly lion. I don’t think I am. I just think it’s the way I’m supposed to be.