Playoff Game

Lion has his shock collar charging so we can play our football game today. I’m not sure which game we’ll watch. He really hates the Eagles so I’m sure he’d like to root for the Saints. We both really hate the Patriots so we’ll both be rooting for the Chargers. Of course, we can watch both games. It’s just a matter of which one we’ll play our game for. I haven’t decided.

No matter which game we choose, I’ll take a before and after picture of Lion’s buns. Last night he was still showing signs of Thursday night’s spanking practice. I’m not sure how different he’ll look with swats only administered with scores which tend to happen fairly infrequently. In the past he’s received well over one hundred swats but that pales in comparison to the three hundred swats he gets in our experiment. Not to worry. It’s just a fun little game we play. And I think he’s more worried about the zaps for penalties than the swats, anyway.

We went to the movies last night. When we got home, the horny boy wanted attention even though it was late. [Lion — We got home at 10PM] Good thing I wanted to give him some. Somewhere toward the end, I stopped with my hand still on my weenie and Lion tried to hump my hand. I just let it go up and down with his thrusts. Poor Lion. It wasn’t much different from humping air. I did continue to give him hope a few more times before I left him hanging.

I told him he’d have to wait at least another day before I give him an orgasm. Maybe more. He has been very horny and very hard. I love when he’s really hard. I know it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s any hornier than any other time, but it seems that way. There’s just something yummy about a hard cock with the skin stretched taut across it. It just seems like it’s straining to burst. Of course, there are plenty of times Lion tells me he’s super horny and Mr. Weenie does not appear to support this claim. I don’t think the ejaculation changes either way. No more or less semen.

It’s basically a crap shoot whether he gives me enough to share or not. I don’t like to share but I know he hates when I do. So I do. The face he makes is worth it. And I know he’ll be glad to have another orgasm so I can have more of a taste.


  1. LOVE your blog. I cuckold my hubby.

    1. Thank you. It’s good to know you enjoy reading our blog.

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