The Bottom Line

For one reason or another we missed our spanking experiment until last night. Mrs. Lion was ready to go on Thursday night; I wasn’t. I was tired, my eyes were bothering me and nothing was further from my mind than getting a sore butt. I’m writing this post on Friday afternoon. We’ve agreed that our experiment will continue tonight.

Since we’ve been doing this for a while, my sore bottom reminded me to think about how it got that way. There are numerous options when it comes to beating butts. You wouldn’t think so; just raise paddle and aim between the middle of the upper thighs and the center of the bottom. Of course, that works, but there may be better ways.

As beating implements go, paddles are not very dangerous. Yes, they sting and can bruise. But it’s pretty difficult to do any serious damage as long as the target remains between the upper thighs and the center of the ass. I don’t recall any workshops on paddle technique. Spanking workshops did talk about paddling and suggested the different sensations of various sizes and weights of implement can inflict.I don’t recall any discussions about how to effectively wield them.

Our experiments provide a good, if painful platform for trying out different techniques. We’ve learned that when Mrs. Lion gives me bursts of 15 swats and then lets me rest, she can put a great deal more force into her spanking before I run away. Well, I don’t run away. I do try to roll away. That’s definitely something she does not approve of. I’m learning to handle harder swats, and longer streams of them.

Mrs. Lion distributes her swats over my lower bottom and upper thighs. I believe she tries to give equal time to the left and right sides. In my meditation about posterior pain, it occurred to me that maybe a more localized approach would prove more effective. By that I mean, she concentrate each group of swats on a single area. For example, if she is giving bursts of 20 swats, one burst could be on my lower left cheek the next on the right. This wouldn’t work on my upper thighs. They are way too sensitive to handle that much punishment.

Clearly this concept has limits. What made me think about it were pictures of other people’s spanked bottoms. The red areas were focused on the center of each cheek (by center, I mean from right to left). I’m sure this focus would make the spanking substantially more painful to receive and more memorable when sitting down later. Based on pictures of my spanked bottom, a more focused approach might also reduce some of the marking and bleeding on the sides of my cheeks.

The entire point of our experiment is to train me to hold still for punishing spankings. Admittedly, I’m a wimp when it comes to spankings. I’ve gotten better over time, but I’m still not where I think I should be. The experiment has another purpose. It teaches Mrs. Lion how to become a stricter disciplinarian. I think it’s been just as difficult for her to administer a strong spanking as it has been for me to receive it.

Excellent pattern

Our plan was to have Mrs. Lion deliver increasingly long bursts of swats — hard swats — so that I will learn to accept stronger spankings without trying to escape. It’s working. I suggest that we also work on her technique.

The image on the left shows a nice spanking pattern. Most of the swats were focused on the lower center of the bottom following the crease where the legs been sitting. Above that crease, is the area where weight rests on a seat. The pressure of the seat will irritate the spanked area and create a nice memory for the spankee.

My theory is that if Mrs. Lion focuses most of a group of swats on one of those target areas, she’ll create much more intense pain while she is marking me, and will assure it will be painful for me to sit for some time.

I am discovering that certain areas of my behind Sting a great deal more than others when they are swatted. It seems to me that these areas also correspond to where I’m likely to bleed. That means when Mrs. Lion wants me to yelp from horrible sting she can aim her blows on those side areas. When she wants to make a real impression she can focus towards my crack and on the lower portion of my bottom. Swats to the upper thigh are safe and extremely painful. A spanker can use them to punctuate a thought. She can also use them to bring back an escaping lion.

Much as I hate to admit it, she can play my ass like a musical instrument. One of the unique properties of a paddle is that it has the ability to both sting and thud depending on the strength of the blow and where it lands. In my opinion, a disciplinary spanking should be memorable. The longer I feel the results, the more likely I am to learn the lesson I was being taught.

It’s true that a stinging spanking is horrible. But within a short time afterward, it becomes an unpleasant memory. A deep thudding, bruising spanking will provide many painful reminders for days after the punishment ended.

My experiment spankings are approaching the severity of true discipline. Mrs. Lion is raising welts and bruises. More prolonged attention to smaller areas will also make the skin appear white. As the challenge increases, I will begin to sweat as I try to cope with the sensation. So far that hasn’t happened. It can also get the point where I produce tears. I don’t believe it’s crying it’s just a further extension of the spanking catharsis.

Mrs. Lion wondered how to differentiate a punishment spanking from our experiments. It’s a good question. I don’t think it’s necessary to do that. The experiments are pushing me as hard as I can be pushed. Each of our experiment spankings has produced welts and bruises and some trouble sitting for a day or two after. I don’t think a punishment spanking has to go further.

When I was punished for forgetting punishment day, Mrs. Lion started with much harder swats than she had been giving me in her experiment. I rolled away. True, I waited until the group was finished. But, I don’t know if I could’ve taken another group at that level of intensity. Were we worried that I wouldn’t understand I was being punished? Trust me, I knew.

What I’m saying is that after we continue our experiment a bit longer, I will be able to take those harder swats, longer groups, and more localized targets. That’s the point of the training. Admittedly we’ve set up an odd situation. Our experiments truly are disciplinary spankings. I suppose rather than make punishments worse during our experiment, it might make more sense to just repeat the experiment when I need to be punished. That should be bad enough. It takes me days to recover from one of our experiments.

Also, when I earn a punishment all bets are off. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve been spanked recently for any reason. I’ve done wrong and I have to pay. If I have to suffer the punishment on my recently-spanked bottom, I have no one to blame but myself. I think that spanking regardless of when the last spanking took place, differentiates punishment from planned activity. It’s been a long time since I’ve had two spankings less than two days apart.

One of these days, Mrs. Lion will bring the punishment stool up from the basement. Sitting on that for 10 or 15 minutes after being freshly spanked is a punishment all by itself. She has lots of options. Of course, she needs to feel good enough to expend the energy to take advantage of them.

I did it again. I offered inside tips on how to make me suffer. Silly Lion.