Motivating Me

Lion's butt on Jan 4 2019
Last night’s “experiment”. 15 swats per group, 300 total. Paddle with holes. You can see the damage the holes did, especially on the right cheek.
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Neither of us is very fantasy oriented. From the very beginning, our approach to FLR has been more practical. The latest evidence of this is Mrs. Lion’s spanking experiment. It’s a no-frills attempt to train me to accept a severe disciplinary spanking. It’s administered in an impersonal, unemotional way. I lie facedown across the bed, Mrs. Lion takes up her position standing next to me, and without ceremony begins administering fast punishing swats.

one cheek sized paddle
Mrs. Lion’s “experiment” paddle.
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Actual punishment is administered in much the same way. When she remembers, she’ll remind me what I did wrong, but more often just wails away.

It could be that this lack of drama is one of the stumbling blocks she faces when trying to punish me for upsetting her. The fact that there’s never been any emotional content to our FLR has to make it feel odd for her to punish me for something emotional. Mrs. Lion, by nature is a logical woman. She’s had a lifetime of training suppressing her feelings. In a way, it’s unfair of me to expect her to not only let me know when she’s upset, but to punish me for upsetting her.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Her track record at adapting to new situations is excellent. If you think about it, her current spanking  experiment provides her with the mechanism to approach corporal punishment with impunity. She’s replacing emotional reaction to an offense with objective observation of my ability to handle the beating she is giving me.

To her credit, she soldiers on even when she sees a few drops of blood appear on my bottom. She set a goal of being able to administer 300 swats in rapid succession without pause. She wrote in her post yesterday that she intends to continue until I reach that goal. She hasn’t asked my opinion about this. Of course, she shouldn’t.

I think she’s been successful so far. I can’t take any credit for the success. I’ve been informed that we will continue until I can hold still for the full 300. The sooner I manage this, the less pain I’ll have to suffer. She’s provided me with a very good incentive to push myself as hard as I can. Essentially, it’s no skin off her nose if it takes a month or year. It’s a lot of skin off my butt. Clearly, my ass is on the line. This is as it should be. Maybe other dominant women should consider offering spanking lessons to their men. Why should I be the only one to suffer?

Perhaps Mrs. Lion can come up with an experiment designed to increase her interest in sex. I imagine it would have a painful component for me if she doesn’t feel her progress is adequate. This is potentially the sexual equivalent of our football game.

The reason I’m thinking this way is that apparently the most powerful incentive for me is to minimize damage to my hindquarters. The sooner I learn to take 300 rapid swats, the sooner the every-other-day spankings will stop. Similarly, perhaps painful spanking will result if I can’t help Mrs. Lion make sexual progress.

By that, I mean if she fails to get aroused, I get a sore butt. Once again my incentive is to help her reach her goal. I have the positive incentive of wanting to see her act of sexually and the equally powerful negative incentive wanting to be able to sit down without pain.

Doesn’t it seem to you that we both are comfortable using spanking as a motivator for me? I’m fine with that. Time and again it’s proven an effective way to condition me. Each time I’m spanked, I think Mrs. Lion’s confidence increases. It’s a real win-win for us.

I don’t think it would work if I simply hated to be spanked. I do feel a sexual component with the idea my butt being warmed. Of course, that nice sexual feeling goes away almost immediately when the paddle starts working on me. That doesn’t matter. The sexual interest, no matter how fleeting, motivates me to put myself in harm’s way.

I don’t know if this would work for other people. It requires both giver and receiver to be willing to engage in spanking anytime the agreed activity prescribes it. It has to be an unavoidable consequence to work. It has to be sufficiently painful to be a meaningful motivator. Starting to sound a bit like punishment, isn’t it? Of course it’s not, but it’s not play either.

Mrs. Lion’s spanking experiment isn’t just a game. It’s a commitment with a stated goal. We both know the goal and I know the beatings will continue until I reach it. If we apply the same rules to sex, the spankings will go on until Mrs. Lion actually wants to have an orgasm.

Maybe it’s too much to spank me if I can’t get her aroused at the same time I’m being spanked as part of my training. I hesitate to say it, but the head of my penis is also a valid spanking target. I really hate being hit there. A nasty number of swats to the head of my penis is every bit as strong a motivator as 300 swats to my ass. I’m pretty sure I can’t hold still for very many penis swats. Of course, Mrs. Lion knows how to overcome that. I’m not suggesting she start another experiment on my penis similar to the one on my ass. But she could administer the prescribed number of penis swats in groups as a way to keep me in position.

There’s a sort of irony in using penis swats to motivate me to work on getting her aroused. In a way it’s saying that if she can’t get excited she’s going to do something to make sure I can’t either.

Anyway, just an idea. In the meantime I’m only up to 15 swats in a row in her spanking experiment. Getting to 300 is quite a few sore bottoms away.