There’s a little corner of BDSM that is occupied by activities most of us would never consider. Every so often, a blogger will promote one of these activities and I will cringe. No, I’m not disgusted, I’m worried that readers might actually try them. In this case the blogger claims to be a “femdom”. He/she writes about activities with “her” husband. This is nothing particularly unique. The Web is full of this stuff. A lot of guys have masturbatory fun reading these accounts.

In this case, the blogger writes about her husband consuming her urine. She calls it “nectar”. Pee drinking isn’t new. It’s a practice that some people of both sexes find very hot. Like many BDSM activities, there are risks involved in this activity. These risks can be minimized if you understand them.

There are two basic urine-based activities: peeing on someone and consuming urine. The first, peeing on someone, actually has value in the vanilla world. Urine is nearly sterile. It also has some useful properties. One is that it can ease the misery of jellyfish stings. Peeing on someone who is freshly stung will reduce the agony. It’s also been used in situations where there is no source of clean water. Urine can be used to clean a wound in that case.

Recreational spraying of your partner is the BDSM version of this. There are a few considerations before giving a golden shower. The first is to be sure the recipient has eye protection. Urine in the eyes is unpleasant and not very safe. Either confine the shower below the neck or provide goggles. Assure your urine is safe; more on that in a bit.

There’s no special technique to this. Males have lots of practice aiming their stream and can provide good coverage. Females generally scooch over their victims and let go. Of course, it’s very important to wash off afterward. Urine decomposes quickly into noxious-smelling stuff. Ammonia is one component. That’s not very good for you. A post-golden-shower shower will wash that risk away.

Drinking pee, on the other hand, isn’t simple at all. There are important considerations to guard the health of the consumer. Let’s run down the list:

  • Medications Many drugs are excreted via the kidneys. That means urine will contain the drug that’s been filtered. If you’ve taken penicillin, you’ve smelled it when you pee. It is dangerous-to-potentially-deadly to consume urine provided by someone taking meds.
  • Diseases UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) can be spread via urine. This includes yeast infections. Got a UTI? No nectar from you!
  • Quantity The so-called femdom blogger writes about making her husband consume all her pee, particularly when she is under the weather. Consider what that does to him. Any liquids you consume are eventually filtered by your kidneys. Pee, yours or someone else’s, is the waste that person’s kidneys filtered out. By consuming it,  you are making you kidneys work much harder to remove that extra toxin. That suggests you should limit your pee consumption. Each bladder voiding is generally between 8 and 16 ounces of pee. Consuming 4 ounces or so, limits the load on your kidneys and sends you the submissive message you want. Right?
  • Don’t recycle If you consume urine, let your pee go where it belongs; down the toilet. Consuming your pee after drinking pee, further concentrates the toxins you are forcing your kidneys to process. It’s really dangerous to do this.

If you are wondering how I know so much about this, it’s because I was safety director of a very large BDSM organization and over the years have taught play safety. Pee play is one of the subjects that gets little attention outside the uninformed fantasy writing of people it turns on. I haven’t given workshops in a long time and I see very little accurate safety information on the Web. This is my attempt to help make your kinky fun safer.


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