To be fair, most of the “cooking” I’ve been doing has been heating pre-made stuff. However, I was including the whole procedure including cleanup in my rant. At some point it becomes overwhelming to be the only one who can make it to the kitchen. End rant.

The good news, and it’s good only in that it’s a possible cause, is that we think Lion’s sleepiness is a side effect of some new medications he’s been taking. The bad news is that he can’t not take these medications. I’m hoping he eventually gets used to the drugs so he can stay awake. He’s reported that he’s stayed awake this morning so maybe that’s a step in the right direction.

We did snuggle finally last night. I was going to ask if he wanted to snuggle but he was snoozing so I waited. I really think right now we need to concentrate on being close. Sex and/or play will happen in time. Of course I don’t intend to let things drag out. He needs attention. I just think things need to normalize a bit in terms of how we feel. If he’s falling asleep and I’m coughing it’s not really conducive to sex.

Lion asked to be spared from playing our game while watching football. Fair enough. The only problem with letting him off the hook is that we’re running out of football season. We do have a lot of college bowl games coming up so there are some opportunities there. We may be reduced to Zapardy! unless I can come up with something else. Not that Zapardy! isn’t exciting. We could potentially play it every night and we could alter the rules a bit every so often. Maybe it doesn’t have to be just zaps. There’s no reason we couldn’t throw some swats in there.