lab wash bottle
An inexpensive lab bottle with a soap solution will make cleaning your chastity tube much easier. Click image for purchase link.

Wearing a male chastity device full time is challenging for any male. Leading the challenges is getting a device comfortable enough for full-time wear. Our page, Getting A Good Fit shares my experience in achieving this. Once you’ve got a device you can wear continuously, other issues invariably crop up. I’m in my fourth year of enforced male chastity. I’ve had almost two months off from wearing a device while I recover from shoulder surgery. It’s very close to the time I will be locked up again. I thought I would share what I’ve learned about living with a chastity device.

One of my greatest challenges is dealing with peeing. My device is properly fitted, so my urethra peeks out from the center hole. This often makes using a urinal clean and easy. Unfortunately, even in a properly fitted device the urethra can wander, even bite one of the bars. If I don’t notice this condition before starting, the result is a spray that backfires and wets my pants as well as the floor below the urinal. Every caged male experiences this from time to time.  The only cure is to remember to check before firing.

Another, particularly annoying experience is dripping. Any pee that gets trapped in or on your device will drip into your underwear. This is unpleasant and can cause bad odors. Tube devices, in particular will drip as they slowly attempt to drain. Unfortunately, they retain some urine. Over time, you will really start to smell bad.

incontenence pad
This is a male pad. It glues inside your underwear. It will catch and deodorize any drips. It’s inexpensive and also serves to further hide your device. It’s invisible to others. (Click image for purchase link)

There are two problems to solve: dripping, and retained urine. I expect to be back in my cage soon. I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and handle the dripping problem with an absorbent shield. When Mrs. Lion locks me up again, I will begin wearing one.  This is new to me. I think it will help hide the device and protect me. I find I do drip a while after peeing.

Keeping a tube-type device clean isn’t easy. I wore one when I was testing devices. The biggest issue is that a properly sized tube fits like a glove. The penis is in full contact with the walls and tip at all times. That makes getting dried urine out of the device while you are wearing it, quite a challenge. I found a partial solution. A lab wash bottle (see image, left) provides an ideal way to wash and rinse a tight tube while you wear it. Put a little liquid soap or ultrasonic cleaner solution in the bottle, fill with water and shake. Now you can comfortably insert the cleaning nozzle into your chastity device and thoroughly soap up both your penis and cage.  Leave it there for a minute or two to allow solids to dissolve. Then, you can either empty the bottle, or use a new bottle filled with warm water and rinse. Use the entire contents of the wash bottle.

You may also want to use a shower massager to further rinse. but due to the close fit in the tube, the wash bottle is necessary. Every month or so, if you can be unlocked, a 15 minute cleaning in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will remove every trace of body oils and urine. I use this model.

urethra in chastity device
My urethra is nicely centered and poking out of the cage. That doesn’t mean I can accurately predict where the stream will go. To avoid cleanups at home, I sit to pee.

At home, I sit to pee. Even with my urethra in the right place (Image, right), the exact direction of spray is very random. I don’t like wiping up pee when I miss.

Even with a cage model, smell can build up too. Washing is easy in the shower. A daily shower is critical to maintain a pleasant, odor-free cage. I find the shower massager invaluable. The cage builds up body oils mixed with urine. Regular deep cleaning is essential. I use the ultrasonic cleaner for this.

Like most things in life, wearing a chastity device isn’t as simple as it looks. I’ve had to make changes to accommodate it. I don’t regret the extra work at all. After all this time, the cleaning and other changes are just a normal part of my life.


  1. Author

    All sound advice! I’m lucky enough to have a keyholder who allows me to unlock @ relock to clean each day. Its become almost ritualistic for us and a great time for her to re-affirm her control.

  2. Author

    I always sit into pee. At work it’s the best way to avoid issues. But using a urinal would be pleasant. However if I’m misaligned, it might look strange to others as I fix it. Therefore I go into the stall and sit.

    1. Author

      I figure the other guys won’t be looking at my penis when I’m at the urinal. I ordered the pads to deal with the smelly, drips and leaks using a urinal sometimes causes. The pads are coming tomorrow. I’ll find out how they work later this week. Stay tuned.

      1. Author

        I don’t need the aggravation of someone glancing over. Nor do I need the spray. I’ve sprayed at times when I thought I was well centered. I’ll watch for your post on the pads.

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