I was surprised at Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday. I do remember the demo we watched where pee was everywhere. I wasn’t disgusted but couldn’t see the point. Being the target for urine is a very sexually submissive act. It’s obviously sexual. The people receiving it in the demo admitted it. I don’t remember drinking Mrs. Lion’s pee, but it sounds like something I might have wanted to try when trying on my role as a bottom. When I was a top, I had more than one woman who wanted me to pee on them. It didn’t turn me on, but it certainly did something for them. Once they took a shower, not the golden kind, they wanted hot sex.

In case you wondered, urine is nearly sterile. It is useful to clean wounds when nothing else is available. Peeing on someone stung by a jellyfish will help reduce the pain. Mrs. Lion wrote that you could safely drink your own urine for a day. That’s not entirely correct. It’s safe to drink urine if the donor doesn’t have a UTI. However, it isn’t safe to recycle your own pee. If you are so inclined, you can drink it once, but not the next time it comes out. Toxins concentrate in it.

I’m sure that’s more than you wanted to know. The thing is that this sort of knowledge is useful if you have that fetish. In my past life, I was in charge of safety for a BDSM organization. It was my job to understand how to play safely. Some of the activities were disturbing, even to me, but it was my job to understand the safest way to practice them. Some, like eating poop, are unsafe at any time. If it can be done, someone is going to want to do it. I learned that in my years in the scene.

One of my biggest complaints about people pairing up for BDSM activities after being “online” players is that they don’t know what they don’t know. The most important service that real-life BDSM groups offer is safety training and skilled dungeon monitors at play parties. If you visit any of the online BDSM boards, you will find “experienced” “masters” who have been doing BDSM for ten years–on their computers. These people are dangerous. They may be nice men and women with good intentions, but it takes training to do much more than light bondage and spanking.

Speaking of spanking, it’s probably the safest BDSM practice around. If blows are kept below the tailbone and above the knees, a paddling will hurt but won’t wound. Of course, common sense is needed too. But as painful practices go, as a bottom, I would feel safer being spanked than most anything else. Mrs. Lion and I have been playing for a long time. She is a safe and skilled player. She is also a very effective spanker.

It’s too easy to say “yuck” when presented with an unappealing practice. I am very sure that our anal play would draw a yuck from many vanilla people. I’m equally sure that most of them would be aroused if we talked about spanking. How do I know? Several studies have found that more than 85% of both men and women have spanking fantasies.

Any interest I might have had in drinking pee was purely experimental curiosity. I have no desire whatsoever to do it again. If Mrs. Lion insisted that I do it again, I guess I would. I have to obey her, after all. I would most certainly hate it. She knows that.