The Urinal Challenge

cock head in chastity cage
You can see that my urethra instead of nicely centered for a spray-free pee, is trying to bit the bar on the left. This guarantees a messy spray. (We generally use black-and-white images here, but my urethra is invisible without color. I hope this image won’t offend anyone.)

I’m still working out the mechanics of wearing my JB (Jail Bird) and peeing. On the surface, that seems simple. The JB has a square opening on the front of the cage. One (me) would assume that since my penis generally sits at the end of the cage, the urethra would line up nicely with that square. As you can see, it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s above the square, other times it’s in the square but to the right or left biting the bars. This makes standing up to pee a risky venture. When I first started wearing the cage, I tried to line things up and use the urinal at work. About two out of ten tries, I soaked my pants, sprayed the floor, and otherwise made a mess. Twice I had to go home because my pants were soaked. Things can be made worse if it is cold. Then my balls tighten up and make a tight package with my cage. I’m like that in the picture.

I think that all caged males have this challenge.  Different cages offer different challenges. Some have trouble draining and by day’s end the caged male can have a nasty pee scent going under his shorts. One reason I wanted the Jail Bird is the open design that allows air in and pee out. After my messy experiences, I finally gave in and began peeing sitting down. My keyholder accused me of doing this as a further demonstration of my submission. It isn’t. I just didn’t want to have to keep leaving work early because I can’t control my spray.

You’d think that was the end of my problems. It wasn’t. It turns out that if the urethra is positioned like the photo, I still spray and manage to cover my balls with pee. So, I have to stand up and do a quick pee-pee wipe dance in the stall to keep from dripping into my pants and from smelling like a urinal the rest of the day.  I’ve learned to do some early adjustments. I stand up, pull my cage up so I can see the tip and then try to prod the head so that the urethra is more-or-less aimed through the square. Most of the time I get that right, at least I think I do. My balls remain dry.

So, today, when lioness and I were out shopping I needed to pee. I went to the men’s room and headed for a stall. I was lucky and got the handicap stall; lots of extra room. The seat was up. So I dropped trou and underpants, did my little wiggle and adjust move, and considered what to do next. Do I dare stand and give it a try again? Lioness will laugh if my jeans are wet. Oh well, I’m sick of sitting to pee all the time! So, I screwed up my courage, faced the bowl, and started to pee. I’d like to say that I shot for the bulls-eye and hit it. I didn’t. I hooked to the right and missed the bowl entirely. Quickly, I corrected. My penis was now aimed at the stall to my left, but the pee was going straight and true into the bowl. Success! Sorta. I managed to empty my bladder without flooding the men’s room.

This is just one of the many adjustments wearing a cage forces on me. It’s the one I find most bothersome. In the beginning I worried that everyone could see the outline of the cage in my jeans. They can’t. I also get the occasional pinch mid-meeting and have to adjust discreetly and quickly. I’m getting very good at that quick move. I know that none of this is exactly earth-shaking, but it causes me to pause and think before doing things that required no thought before. Some new things to adapt to.

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    At home, I learned to pee into s wide mouthed cup, like you might get with a super sized soda. Not at home, I didn’t fight it, I just sat down.

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