I’ve annoyed my knee somehow. It started as a strain type feeling and, by the time we were done in Costco and running up and down stairs putting groceries away, it was really pissed off. I definitely overdid it yesterday. This morning I can walk relatively pain free. It’s just not happy being bent too far. I have no idea what I did to annoy it but that’s the way my other knee was for months too.

The good news is that we raised the height of the waxing table yesterday, so maybe my back won’t hurt when I go to remove those pesky hairs from Lion today. He wondered the other day if I’ll do his armpits. I hadn’t thought about it. I hadn’t thought about his chest either. I’m not even sure I like his legs hairless. He likes his thighs hairless at least. But, he says, he’ll be happy with whatever I decide. I call BS!

If he was happy with what I decided to do, I wouldn’t be doing his chest today. Or his legs last week. I’ve told him in the past I didn’t care if he had hair. He likes the clean look and hairless means nothing will get caught in the cage. The only thing I object to is stubble. And that isn’t even a strong objection. But I will make Lion into a hairless cat if that’s what he likes. At least he doesn’t look as weird when he’s hairless as a hairless cat does. To each his own.

As I predicted, our late dinner reservation left us overstuffed and not the least bit in the mood for play and/or sex. My blindfold shenanigans will wait for tonight. Lion loves the blindfold. I have mixed emotions about it. I like him to see what I’m doing so he can anticipate how much it will hurt. I also like to take out the tiny clothespins and tease him that I’ll be using them. He gets a pleading look on his face. Terror? I don’t think so. Just an oh-please-no-I-hate-those look. Tonight, what he can’t see might hurt him.

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  1. Thank you for posting about your “adventures”.
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