More Waxing Practice

waxing man's chest
This isn’t us, but it’s exactly what we were doing yesterday.

My office has been invaded by a loud-mouthed coworker. There’s training going on and she was bounced off the computer she normally uses on Monday. Hurray! I dislike this woman under normal circumstances. Having her sitting next to me is excruciating. OK. Deep breath.

I waxed the rest of Lion yesterday. He’s completely bare (minus the random spots I missed) except for his arms and head. His back was surprisingly easy. For one thing, he doesn’t have much hair on his back but his shoulders are/were quite furry. I’m not sure if the ease of waxing was due to my getting used to doing it or the fact that his back and shoulders have tauter skin. I also had different wax. It was easier to apply and easier to remove. Whatever the case, Lion is smooth as a baby’s butt over 90% of his body. We’re both still trying to decide if we like it.

My idea for blindfolding Lion last night didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Initially it did but then I guess the novelty wore off. When I questioned it he said a little oral sex never hurt anyone. (I’ve heard horror stories of women biting men, but why mention that last night?) So I decided to oblige him.

As I was sucking on him I was debating whether I should allow him to come or not. I said I wasn’t going to until he achieved beautiful penis status. He hadn’t. But I still want to keep the statistics somewhat even between oral orgasms and hand jobs. And he has been waiting for a week for a real orgasm. I figured he should get one. I didn’t figure it would take quite as long as it did. He really wasn’t that excited by the blindfold. But I overcame…and he did too.

Yesterday I told Lion I owed him a spanking. He didn’t thank me for his last punishment. I realized it the other day and kept forgetting to tell him. I didn’t want to do it last night because we’d already done waxing and I wanted to play with him. Tonight is punishment night anyway so it all works out. He just needs to remember to thank me or he’ll get more swats.

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