Sex and discipline are back in the lions’ den
hairless lion butt
After Mrs. Lion’s waxing, I am clean and hairless all over. Horny too, but you can’t see the proof on the other side of me :).

Things have certainly heated up here in the Lions’ den. Mrs. Lion seems to be back to her old, feisty self. On Sunday afternoon she waxed my chest, shoulders, pits, and some of my legs. She also touched up the Lionzilian where some hair had grown back.

That’s not all. After her shower, we were in bed together chatting. I interrupted her. She immediately told me what I did. I asked her if this was a spankable offense. She gave me an arch look and said, “Of course.”

A little while later she got her heavy, spanking spoon and told me to get in position. She then gave me a sound spanking that had to stop a bit prematurely because the heavy paddle broke some skin and blood was getting in the way.

After she cleaned me up, Mrs. Lion told me to go into the bathroom, which of course, I did. She proceeded to soap my mouth thoroughly with her hands and then inserted the bar of soap in my mouth and instructed me to bite down. I stood in front of the sink, a pathetic figure, foaming at the mouth, soap and saliva dripping down my hairless chest.

I stood there soapy saliva dripping from my mouth for what felt like an eternity. Finally, she came back and told me I could take the soap out of my mouth and rinse. It’s a good thing we use hypoallergenic Dove soap. It doesn’t taste good, but it also doesn’t have a very strong flavor. I think I will be getting a lot of experience tasting that soap. It’s going to become Mrs. Lion’s go to funishment. It does the trick. I thoroughly dislike it and it isn’t anywhere near as harsh as a disciplinary spanking.

Anyway, after my mouth had a chance to recover, Mrs. Lion snuggled over to me in bed. She began rubbing the inside of my thigh — that feels so good. I not-so-subtly hinted that I would like more penile attention. She rolled over, played with my penis a little and then put the tip in her mouth running her tongue over that sensitive spot under the head. She stopped. I asked her if she liked that. She said she likes it when I get hard in her mouth. I told her that I like that too. Agreeable aren’t I?

She then asked me to scoot up in bed and she moved to the bottom of the bed and knelt between my open legs. I pulled my knees up to make more room for her and she settled in with my cock in her mouth. That is the best feeling! She spent some time sucking it making me thoroughly aroused and then simply stopped. Bummer! She told me that she liked making me horny. I told her that she did a very good job.

What she did is different from our traditional teasing. In the past, she would work on me until I got right to the edge of orgasm and then stop. She would rinse and repeat. I would be left a sweating, quivering mass of desire. More recently, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting to the edge. Most of our sessions ended with Mrs. Lion being more frustrated than me.

Her approach last night was very different. She worked hard to get me as excited as she could. She didn’t worry about getting me to the edge. She just tried to turn me on as much as she could with the energy she had for the time she wanted to spend. It was very effective. Our original pattern of edging as teasing has to change unless I learn to get there more quickly. In the meantime, Mrs. Lion has figured out how to make me tree-humping horny without working up a sweat and exhausting herself.

mrs lion removed all of lion's body hair
I am a hairless lion again!

As I wrote last week, I ordered an electronic assistant to help Mrs. Lion. This device is the F1 male pleasure machine. It has an internal computer with 10 sensors (I have no idea where they go) and a silicone sleeve in which the penis is inserted. It is then supposed to create strong sensations without numbing the cock. The idea is that Mrs. Lion can use this device to do the hard work of getting me close to the edge. Then she can take over with her hand and do her usual magic. We should have it in about a week. I look forward to reviewing it for you.

I am very happy that Mrs. Lion is adjusting to my physical change. I’m even happier that she’s back in lioness 3.0 mode. She’s let me know (by email yesterday) that she expects I will be needing spanking fairly soon. Of course, that’s up to me. Clearly, I have to watch my behavior.

I’m taking this change to mean that Mrs. Lion is feeling much more in control with non-Lion issues around here. She’s done a good job opening up our living room. I think she has a better sense of how the rest of our unpacking will go. In any case, I’m happy that she has decided to normalize our life.

Activities like waxing my body represent effort that is usually low priority for Mrs. Lion. I don’t think she particularly enjoys doing it and can come up with a lot of other things that are more important. The same is probably true of our misdemeanor punishments. Or, let’s face it, our entire disciplinary relationship.

You’ll note that enforced male chastity isn’t on that list of things that might be less important. I don’t think it’s a statement that Mrs. Lion prioritizes it above other things. It’s just that we’ve been so consistent with it, it’s an ingrained part of our marriage. This is our sex life. The other stuff is comparatively new and hasn’t been as consistently followed.

We both believe that once Mrs. Lion sets her mind and consistently enforces both rules and spankable offenses, those activities will join enforced male chastity as an almost-unconscious component of the way we relate.

Things like waxing, do fall into a different category. It’s really a nice service for me that she provides. It makes me feel more important to her. I know that she is largely indifferent to whether or not I have body hair. I think it looks better when I don’t. In any case, I really like that she takes the time and energy to keep me hairless. It’s arousing to me to see how I look when she’s done. I’ve always removed pubic hair. So seeing that I have no hair down there is just normal to me. However, seeing no hair on my chest, under my arms, or on my legs is always a little visually surprising. It feels different too. I’m very happy that Mrs. Lion has taken the time to clean me up.

I realize that resuming these activities chew into time Mrs. Lion could use for other things. All I can say is that even though it feels a little selfish of me, I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. Thank you Mrs. Lion!