Lead with the Left

hairless and hairy legs
Lion’s left leg is hairless and the right is hairy. Right now, I prefer the hairy leg.

I set out to wax Lion yesterday. I decided, since he’s been hairless above the waist longer than below, I’d start at the top and work my way down. I was fine doing his chest. By the time I got to his legs, my neck and back were hurting. I only managed to wax the front of his left leg. I told him he’d need to enter a room with his left leg first. Today I’ll finish his legs, back and shoulders.

As I was attempting to edge him last night, I noticed his legs. He does have fairly hairy legs, but I don’t notice it so much because it looks normal. His bare leg didn’t. I guess it’s all what you’re used to. Once both legs are waxed and I get used to seeing no hair, I guess it will look normal to me. I just don’t think I really like him with bare legs. This, of course, will go the same way the cage discussion went yesterday. He likes it and hopes I’ll keep doing it.

Actually, what I said about the cage was that he could do it so I didn’t have to jam him into it, but that got turned around to my not wanting him to wear it. I didn’t say that. I also didn’t say I prefer him hairless anywhere. I see the need for no hair where play or the cage is involved. It does tend to get caught up in things. If there was no necessity for hair removal, I can go either way. As far as other guys are concerned, I don’t think I’d mind if they were bare or natural. Of course, I’m not looking, but I assume however they were when I first saw them would be fine because I’d have no other frame of reference.

Lion forgot it was punishment day. Again. Apparently Mondays and Thursdays are ingrained in his mind but Saturday escapes him. And that was the point of adding it. Actually, he said he remembered it was punishment day but didn’t remember to tell me. Aha! I remembered it was punishment day and forgot once it became punishable at 8:30. What a pair!

Tonight, Lion will start round one of punishments for forgetting. I’m wondering how many days of swats he should get. He’s forgotten quite a few times now. It seems I should up the ante. But does that mean more days, harder swats, more swats, adding dessert or what? Yes. Not all, but some combination. Maybe one day he’ll get more swats. Another he could have a dessert added on. It all depend how evil I feel at the time.

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  1. I have been keeping my pubic area and ass crack shaved for about 5 years now. For the last three years my wife has shaved my legs in the fall and has me keep them like that through the winter until she tells me in the spring that it is time to let it grow.
    I don’t mind shaving and love the look of my smooth legs. My wife prefers them hairy.
    I don’t have any chest hair so being hairless is reasonable for me.

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