Unmistakable Signs Of Her Control

Mrs. Lion waxed both legs. These are my legs. Click to enlarge.

Friday was a diaper day. I wasn’t having much fun with it. We do have a very large supply of them. I used four by the time Mrs. Lion released. me. Part of the time she let me change it after I peed instead of making me stay in a wet diaper. That was a big improvement. Clearly Mrs. Lion has turned a new leaf in the big book of lion management. We went out to dinner on Friday. For the first time, she had me dress and go out while diapered. I think this is a reasonable thing for her to require. The diapers don’t leak and are invisible under my jeans.

We don’t have a lot to do this weekend. At some point Mrs. Lion will continue waxing me. She said she will wax my chest and back. There is a small area of hair on my inner thighs. I imagine that will get picked up. I wonder if she will do under my arms. When she did my pubic hair, I was erect. Hair removal is exciting for me. I guess it is another form of control that is undeniable.

I like that part. Undeniable control is hot. I think it is a big reason that I like wearing a chastity device. It’s solid, real, and locked over my penis. I can’t ignore its presence. Wearing a diaper is also in that category. Yes, I can take it off, but I won’t. Mrs. Lion knows this. Like wearing a chastity device, it’s not something I would do on my own.

In the case of hair removal, I did keep the pubic hair and chest hair off on my own. The other areas — my legs and potentially pits — were denuded for the first time by Mrs. Lion. I see my bald state as a particularly undeniable sign of her control. I like how it looks too.



  1. The times when control is exercised are so hot for me too! We are in Mexico and for two days I was only allowed to drink water—no alcohol or pop. While that wasn’t my choice it was still hot!! Because it wasn’t my choice. Since then I just let her order whatever I’m drinking. Saves me being corrected if I order something she doesn’t want me to have at that moment!!

    1. Author

      Water in Mexico???? Brave! Mrs. Lion sometimes orders for me but it is always what I said I want. I often just order for myself.

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