Post 2,000: The next step

This is our 2,000th post. It’s also only a few days until my third year locked in a chastity device ends. When I started this blog, I never considered that we would have enough to write about to fill 1,000,000 words and 2,000 posts. Truth is, I didn’t think I would be still doing enforced chastity this long. I’m proud of us for both accomplishments. I’m also very proud that our readership has steadily grown each year. It feels good knowing that we are able to provide useful and interesting content for you.

We were going to do a he said, she said today answering questions from our readers. We didn’t get much response when we asked for questions. If it weren’t for our web analytics I would think that no one reads us. But I get it; very few people who read blogs join the conversation; much the pity.

I’ve been reflecting on the last three years. One thing I said yesterday was that before enforced chastity, almost all my sex came from my left hand . Yes, that’s the one I use to masturbate. Mrs. Lion commented nothing has changed there except now it is her hand instead of mine. I got a chuckle out of that. Then, yesterday morning it stopped being funny.

What’s really changed for me sexually since enforced chastity began? The biggest change and the one I truly love is that Mrs. Lion is not only part of my sex life, she is my sex life. But my sex life is still almost entirely masturbation. Recently, my lioness has used her mouth to tease me a few times. That is certainly a nice change. I love that. Is my problem that I get hand jobs over 99% of the time? Am I bored with them? Maybe a little.

Mrs. Lion jerks me off better than I ever could. I have a good time being edged. There are only a limited number of ways to get me off. Notably absent is intercourse. Sex is only for me. Fucking is just another way for Mrs. Lion to get me off; a way that is much harder work than a hand job. Oral sex is less effort than fucking, but still much more difficult than a wank. Probably the easiest way to get me off is with the Magic Wand.

Don’t get me wrong. I love all those methods. I do! But there is something missing. A hand job compared with intercourse is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. A hand job isn’t as intimate. Obviously, it would be impossible for Mrs. Lion to provide intercourse or oral sex every time we are sexual. The good, ol’ hand job has to remain the workhorse of my edging and ejaculations.

When we first started posting, Mrs. Lion mentioned that her loss of interest in sex was due to the fact that I don’t initiate. She backed off that position and later claimed it was just some change in her. Then, about a month ago, I gave her an orgasm, then a week later, another. She liked them but cautioned me that she wasn’t sure how often she would like to repeat this. She did say she thought I should continue.

Then, a few weeks ago we were talking about her orgasms. She mentioned very casually that she liked that I initiated the most recent ones. At the time the light bulb didn’t go on. But when I was thinking about her hand job comment in my post, those other words came up in my mind. Put my thoughts about hand jobs together with her comment about me initiating sex and we have something we need to handle.

It may seem odd that a caged male is ruminating about what amounts to vanilla sex. But that’s me: odd. It seems that if I were to initiate giving Mrs. Lion orgasms, her interest in sex would begin to return. Conversely, if I stopped initiating, it would recede again. This seems to be the case now. Ok, you say, the answer is simple. Just regularly get Mrs. Lion off.

Brilliant idea! Oh, wait, my lack of initiation is what caused the problem in the first place. Are we back to where we were three years ago? The only difference now is that I get orgasms regularly? Could be. We’ve been really good about working out enforced chastity and domestic discipline. I wonder if the same techniques would apply here as well. They might.

There is one big difference: I figured out how to make things work that affected me. Mrs. Lion used my suggestions to get things going. If I do the same thing again, this time for Mrs.Lion as the target, will it work? I initiated my own demise, so to speak. I taught Mrs. Lion how to tame me. I think I have been waiting for Mrs. Lion to work out how to train me to initiate her pleasure.

I suggested basing my orgasms on her coming a certain number of times. That didn’t appeal at all. The reason, I think, is that she would be indirectly initiating her own orgasms. That’s something she seems incapable of doing. Another thought I had is similar. What if Saturday, for example, is my orgasm day. What if Mrs. Lion has to have an orgasm before I am eligible for one myself. It doesn’t mean that if she gets one, I will. But if she doesn’t have one by Saturday, I will have to wait another week. Sort of a lion incentive plan. That might be too much pressure for her. But what if I only had to initiate. She could decide she didn’t want one. That could count too.

There is one very big barrier to me initiating with Mrs. Lion: she’s always busy. We often relax together in bed. Invariably, she is deeply involved with her iPad, either reading or playing games. I always feel I am interrupting her. She says that she feels the same way when I am watching TV. I keep reminding her that nothing would make me happier than have her reach over to the remote and hit “Pause”. She never does that. She usually waits for me to signal I want to be teased.

We have a communication issue. It’s time for a signal that indicates interest. In my case, given my status as submissive to her, pausing my TV show is perfect. Maybe she can put down her iPad and signal me. It may be all she wants is a snuggle, but if I get a signal I can try to see if she wants more.

It’s very difficult for me to interrupt her to give her sex. I don’t know why, but it is. I think I have to learn initiating the same way she learned spanking. We need a somewhat artificial situation that serves to teach me and encourage me. If my gentle, sweet lioness learned to bruise my bottom. I can certainly learn to just go for the gold with her. I need help getting started.

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