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Lion always seems to have an idea for a post. He’ll say he has no idea but then he pulls one out at the last minute. He’s got years of experience with BDSM and, let’s face it, he’s got his fantasies. I’m sure there are women out there who have fantasies about locking up a guy’s penis or whomping him with a paddle. I’m not one of them. I’m not denying that enforced chastity and FLR have helped us. I’m merely saying it isn’t my fantasy.

Now Lion thinks he’s broken and I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix him. Last night he said he was horny, but I’ve been in no shape to play with him. I’m hoping I can tonight. However, we still have the problem of his being broken. How can we play if he’s broken? How can I fix him if we can’t play?

In his post this morning, Lion says he wants to fix me. He wants to figure out why I’m broken. He wants me to want sex again. Otherwise, he thinks, we’ll both be broken and neither of us will want sex. I agree that most of our brokenness is between our ears. I have no idea how to fix me. Are we at an impasse? Nope. I’m okay being broken. I want to fix Lion.

Lion says he wants to spice things up – mostly for me. I wonder how many people think we don’t already have a spicy enough sex life. Even if I was interested in sex, it wouldn’t be spicy. I mean, I’m not missionary all the way, but I’m not very spicy either. How much spicier does Lion want it? I guess we’ll find out.


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    I am not sure what Lion means by “broken,” in another comment I suggested it might be “as a horse, not physically.”

    If by broken he means there might be a physical problem, then perhaps as another suggested, a physician’s visit might be in order. It could also be the recent illnesses you have both suffered.

    Dr. Susan Block suggests that some of such a problem might be the controversial subject of sperm wars (the idea that men become aroused when they have or perceive themselves having competition from another man).

    Said competition does not need to be actual: Imagination can be enough (and might be part of the reason porn is so popular).

    If you are interested you can read her essay on the subject here:

    (You could also look at my sweetie’s last post on what happens when we acted on this for real and how that turned out for us – hint, yum, but you have to have a relationship that would not be tainted by jealousy or mistrust for that to work.)

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      We are both fiercely monogamous. I hope my problem is just the result of my bad cold. Sadly, I gave it to my lioness. She is starting to recover. I’ve been locked in my cage since last weekend. That’s the longest without being out for a short (1/2 hour or less for teasing)break since we started three years ago. For all I know I am better now. I’ll find out perhaps this weekend.

      By the way, if you provide a consistent email address, your comments won’t need moderation.

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        Hmm, I thought I was providing a consistent E-mail address. I only have one. (scratches head)

        As for fierce monogamy, my wife and I are too. We never trade marriage licenses or anything. Oh wait, you meant about sex. We are monogamous there too (our outing was the first time we were not).

        The rules are simple: no lying. She owns my parts, she owns her parts.

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          We have the same rules about who owns parts. But we have a non-negotiable ban on sex with others.

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    I’m sorry you think your broken I’m shore your not. These things just take time. You both been very unwell and it can take some time to recover fully. So just hang in there.

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      Thanks. I am pretty sure my condition isn’t permanent. I appreciate your concern.

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    We all have our ups and downs (well some of us just think about sex 98% of the time), especially when you have been ill.
    I can relate to Mrs. Lion feeling like she really is not into sex. As we age, my wife often makes comments about how her sex drive has and continues to decline. This is certainly worrisome to me. I want her to have enjoyment too and not be doing things only to please me. Of course, I do appreciate when she does things to please me and my sexual proclivities.

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