One thing I am sure of, after nearly 2000 posts and three years, is that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m still fumbling around like it’s my first day. Sure I’ve gotten better at unlocking and relocking Lion. Yes, I’ve been consistent with respect to playing with him. Yeah, I may be getting a handle on FLR. But overall I feel like I’m failing.

Yesterday, I told you about the Magic Wand losing its charge again in a short time. Without it, I wasn’t able to edge Lion. I said I’d have to use some clothespins or Velcro to get him in the mood. Well, last night the Magic Wand was fully charged. Lion asked if we were doing anything. He said it was almost 9 o’clock. We’ve been trying to play earlier in case that’s a factor in his being “broken”.

I unlocked him and grabbed the Magic Wand. It usually does the trick. It did and didn’t last night. I got him really close once and then sort of close another time. And then he was done. Afterwards he said he was definitely broken. We both know his horniness goes in cycles. I don’t doubt he feels like he’s broken forever. He isn’t, but I can’t convince him. Then he reminded me that I was going to use clothespins rather than just “going for it”.

I thought the Magic Wand was better than clothespins. It usually gets him going. Perhaps I didn’t do as much of a lead up as I should have, but I did not just “go for it”. Maybe he was just grumbly because he’s feeling broken. He said he wasn’t coughing as bad yesterday, but maybe he’s still sicker than he thinks. Maybe he was trying to get me to punish him. I was on the fence about punishing him for his comment, but now I’ve decided a few well-placed swats might correct the problem. He should not be allowed to make me feel bad, especially when I’m trying to play with him. I’m doing a “service” for him and he’s making comments? Nope. No bueno. I can’t allow that.

We get a regular flow of comments and requests from guys who say their partners aren’t interested in enforced chastity or FLR. Generally they actually have no idea if they are interested or not. They just assume it. When you read our posts it’s easy to assume that Mrs. Lion just loved the idea of doing all this with me when I asked her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t believe me? Read her posts from early 2014.

Want to ask us a question? Leave a comment. We will both answer in our 2000th post next week.

She wasn’t against any of this. She just didn’t see it fitting into her life. I’m very lucky. Mrs. Lion is almost always willing to try anything I suggest. When I asked her to lock my penis (it was mine then) in a little cage and only let me out for teasing, she rolled her eyes and agreed.

Let me be completely clear. I didn’t ask her to start a new lifestyle that centers around enforced chastity and domestic discipline. I asked her to do a very small list of things:

  1. Lock my penis in a male chastity device. I had one I bought online.
  2. Take me out every so often for teasing and edging.
  3. Make me come when she feels I deserve it.

That’s it; no fantasies, stories, or expectations about how she will behave or dress. Of course she asked me what this was all about. So I told her my fantasy about being made to wait until I was so horny I would explode if I didn’t get off. I could tell she thought that was a bit silly, but she agreed anyway.

That’s exactly what happened. She locked me in and hid the key. Every couple of days she teased me; sometimes to the edge of orgasm. That’s not entirely true. The first few days she unlocked me and masturbated me to orgasm every day. I objected. She said that I told her that she controlled how much I get to come. I had to agree, but I begged her not do it that often. She was wearing me out.

After that I got the every-other-day edging and an orgasm every week or so. The rest is history, as they say. You can read the entire story if you go back and read our older posts.

My point is that even though I had some rich chastity fantasies, I didn’t share them right away. What I wanted to do was experience enforced chastity. My three requests assured that I would. If your wife is generally willing to give you a hand job when you request one, she is probably going to be willing to do the three things I asked of Mrs. Lion.

Invariably  her curiosity will drive her to ask questions. Who knows? She may even be willing to read some of our beginner articles aimed at new keyholders (Just click “Caging Your Man” at the top of this page). Curiosity is a good thing. Try to resist blurting out your fantasies at her first question. Instead, just answer the specific question she asked. Let her discover enforced chastity her own way.

If you get this far, you are almost there. A great many guys sabotage things at this point. She may not interpret enforced chastity the way you do. She may have her own ideas how your lockup should go. Guess what? Don’t object and try to correct her. Be a good boy and go along with whatever she wants. Isn’t that why you wanted to be locked up in the first place?

Bear in mind that in the early phase of any new and essentially-alien activity, it doesn’t take much to discourage her and end the experiment. If you are locked up, you got what you wanted. Now it’s her turn. Let her do it all her way.

Lion is home for the rest of the week. He’d planned on Friday. I have Friday off as well. However, when Lion got to work yesterday it was like a ghost town. Everyone is on vacation. There’s no need for him to be there. Anyone who needs him can get him on his phone. Unfortunately, I have to be at work. I’d rather be home snoozing with Lion and the dog. We’re both still sick. Lion can’t shake his cough and I thought I was better yesterday, only to have a cough settle in again. I guess the cough just wants to keep my yucky sinuses company.

And now Lion thinks he’s broken again. It’s been difficult to edge him the past few nights. He does respond when I give him oral attention. Last night we were going to try the Magic Wand, but it was dead again. My theory is that it discharges when it is upright, hanging on the back of the door. Lion charged it and it’s on the bathroom counter. We’ll see if it holds a charge this time.

My thoughts on the broken Lion are that he’s still sick and still tired. That takes a lot out of him. Plus he does go through cycles with his horniness. We’ve talked about this before. No one can be “on” all the time. I also think I’m not doing enough to turn him on. Sure he says he’s horny, but if I played with him more he might have a better shot. I’ll pull out some clothespins or Velcro tonight to see if I can help the situation.

Lion tells me he’s serious when he says he might be broken. I know he’s serious. He wonders what will happen if he really is broken. There won’t be any need for a cage. He probably thinks there won’t be any more domestic discipline. What about snuggling? I guess I’ll ignore him completely.

Nope. First of all, he’s not broken. And even if he was, he’d go to a doctor to see if there’s a reason for it. If there was, then we’d do whatever we need to do to fix it. If there isn’t, we’d discuss whether the cage is needed. We’d discuss if we want to continue domestic discipline. We’ll definitely still snuggle. I won’t ignore him. I’m not abandoning him if he’s broken.

Maybe the cage did get me in the habit of unlocking him and playing with him, but he’s been wild for weeks on end and I still play with him. If he’s irreparably broken, I can’t really play with him anymore, but I can still be near him. It doesn’t mean I can’t touch him. He says it still feels good when I fondle him, even if he doesn’t stay hard. I’m assuming it would still feel good if he’s broken.

The bottom line is that I’m not going anywhere, broken Lion or not. He’s stuck with me.

lexan spanking paddle
This is the Lexan paddle Mrs. Lion used along with some of the damage it did. (Picture taken on Tuesday evening) [click image to view larger]
Monday is Punishment Day in the Lions’ den. The holiday threw me off and I didn’t remind Mrs. Lion of it. That’s a standing rule. I have to let her know by 8:30 PM on the day in question. Monday night at 8:35 I was asked if I forgot anything.

“Oh shit! It’s punishment day.”

“That’s right.”

“Are you going to punish me for forgetting?”

“Of course.”

I was not in the mood to be spanked. Well, lately I’m never in the mood to be punished. Mrs. Lion went to her paddle collection and picked out a Lexan model with holes drilled in it. She told me to roll over onto my stomach. I did.

She then began paddling me. She was hitting very hard. I looked at her. She said,

“I don’t want you telling me that I didn’t do a good job.”

Last time she spanked me, I commented that she was going easy on me. This time she was certainly not going to be accused of that. As is her practice, she swatted me and then paused. I yelped in pain. She repeated this for some time.

Afterward, I reached back and felt a spot that seemed rough. I asked her about it. She told me that there was a little blood. I asked her to put a Band Aid on it so I wouldn’t bleed on the bed. She did. The dark red area in the upper right of the photo is that spot.

Apparently, that’s a spot she says bruises and now bleeds first. She said she tried to avoid it. But, oh well. After a while, I was feeling fine with a bit of a twinge when I sat.

At this time we don’t have any post-spanking routine. In my reading I’ve seen that pretty much all disciplining wives forbid butt rubbing or other touching a freshly spanked bottom. Many require corner time post spanking.

We haven’t discussed these “extras” in the punishment department. I’m happy where we are now, but since I am still Mrs. Lion’s source of domestic discipline information, I feel that I should mention this.

She’s been getting creative on her own. Last week she decided that if I forget to put the training collar on when we go out, when we get home I have to put it on and she will zap me a few times as punishment. This is the first non-spanking punishment she’s decided to use.

That in itself isn’t a giant change. But combined with consistent monitoring of my behavior and truly disciplinary spankings, it appears 2.0 is in full time residence now. Yes, that means I am getting exactly what I asked for. Monday night I muttered that I am a stupid lion. But I don’t think I am.

There’s one more component in my wish for domestic discipline. That’s for Mrs. Lion to let me know when I do anything that upsets or annoys her and then punish me for it. That’s the big reason I want it.

It’s really important to me that she does this. I want her to know that I want her to be happy with me in every way. It means a lot to me that I can be secure in knowing that if my behavior bothers her, she will let me know and punish me.

If this sounds odd, please consider that FLR, domestic discipline, and enforced chastity are all almost always introduced by the male. These are all fully consensual activities. We both need to get value out of these practices or we shouldn’t do them. I am convinced that in our case these power exchanges are helping us as individuals and as a couple. I am very happy my lioness has adopted them. Just don’t ask me if I’m happy about it when she spanks me.