One thing I am sure of, after nearly 2000 posts and three years, is that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m still fumbling around like it’s my first day. Sure I’ve gotten better at unlocking and relocking Lion. Yes, I’ve been consistent with respect to playing with him. Yeah, I may be getting a handle on FLR. But overall I feel like I’m failing.

Yesterday, I told you about the Magic Wand losing its charge again in a short time. Without it, I wasn’t able to edge Lion. I said I’d have to use some clothespins or Velcro to get him in the mood. Well, last night the Magic Wand was fully charged. Lion asked if we were doing anything. He said it was almost 9 o’clock. We’ve been trying to play earlier in case that’s a factor in his being “broken”.

I unlocked him and grabbed the Magic Wand. It usually does the trick. It did and didn’t last night. I got him really close once and then sort of close another time. And then he was done. Afterwards he said he was definitely broken. We both know his horniness goes in cycles. I don’t doubt he feels like he’s broken forever. He isn’t, but I can’t convince him. Then he reminded me that I was going to use clothespins rather than just “going for it”.

I thought the Magic Wand was better than clothespins. It usually gets him going. Perhaps I didn’t do as much of a lead up as I should have, but I did not just “go for it”. Maybe he was just grumbly because he’s feeling broken. He said he wasn’t coughing as bad yesterday, but maybe he’s still sicker than he thinks. Maybe he was trying to get me to punish him. I was on the fence about punishing him for his comment, but now I’ve decided a few well-placed swats might correct the problem. He should not be allowed to make me feel bad, especially when I’m trying to play with him. I’m doing a “service” for him and he’s making comments? Nope. No bueno. I can’t allow that.